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This website has been constructed to explore the ancestors of Gaynor Owen. In researching these I discovered a first cousin that she had never heard of: namely Wendy Chapman, nee Watson. Gaynor and Wendy are the respective daughters of sisters Doris Ethel Osmond 1912 and Irene May Osmond 1916

I am also still discovering the many lives/relationships of her peripatetic grandfather, Henry Lewis Ormrod/Osmond , a theatre manager He used Osmond as his stage name


HLO in his prime , maybe around 1900- Balmer collection

hlo. . . . . . .. hlo-family . . .. . . . . .. .pitchfords

HLO and Doris, maybe around 1928 . . . . . . . Irene, Agda, b.1924, Charlotte Pitchford, Henry & Doris-1928 - but Babs says it is NOT Agda & Charlotte - But RH picture is Agda, Charlotte & HLO

The date on the card stamped is 19th June 1928- but maybe this when photo sent?? My thoughts are that it was taken 19/6/1928. Then it could be Irene- then aged 12 ( similarity with her schoolgirl photo) &, from similarities with photo on the right!, I WAS confident the child is Agda 1924, HLO's grandaughter, and her adoptive mother, Charlotte Pitchford

A wondrous summary of his life is to be found as the Black Sheep of the family

Many thanks to Wendy for all her help. She had researched her family history ~ 2006-~2014 . Also many thanks to Australian Linda McIntosh, granddaughter of Agnes M Ormrod 1901, she the daughter of Henry Lewis Ormrod & Florence Bannister, and her cousin Babs Nicholls. who helped with the detective work. Also to husband, David, luckily also intrigued by Henry Lewis Osmond and a more persistant researcher then I am! And, more recently, from Adam Balmer, the ggrandson of Marjory Ormrod/Balmer

To see the life of anyone on the above chart, click on their blue name in the list below.

Gaynor Owen 1947 . . .John Rigg Owen 1904-1985 . . . John Owen ~1854- 1936 . .Robert Owens 1824-1898 . . David Owens

Children of John Owen & Mabel Hancox.

Wife of John Owen was Mabel Hancox 1859-1946 . .Thomas Hancox 1823-1904 . . Thomas Hancox Snr 1789-1843 . Nathaniel Handcox 1764-1838

Wife of Robert Owens was Mary Jones 1827-1862 . . John Edward Jones

Wife of David Owens was Mary Thomas ~1792->1851

Wife of Thomas Hancox was Elizabeth Sparrow 1821-1895 . .Joseph Sparrow 1790-1836 . .William Sparrow 1751-1830

Wife of Thomas Hancox Snr was Verney Woodfield 1799-1830 . . Richard Woodfield 1771-1830

Wife of Nathaniel Handcox was Martha Webb 1762-1837

Wife of Richard Woodfield was Elizabeth Bishop ~1767-1824

Wife of Joseph Sparrow was Elizabeth Turner 1790-1862 . . Francis Turner

Wife of William Sparrow was Mary Hanson 1749-1815

Wife of . Francis Turner was Sarah Sanders

Maternal Side

Doris Ethel Osmond 1912-2003 . .Henry Lewis Ormrod/Osmond 1872-1936 . .Henry Hopwood Ormrod 1845-1922 . .Henry Marsden Ormrod 1816-1877 . .John Ormrod

Surrogate parents to Doris Ethel Osmond, raised in their house in Gelli, Pentre, Pontypridd, Catherine Bird and Lizzie

3rd "Wife" of Henry Lewis Osmond was Ethel Sarah Beard 1894-1918. . Richard Beard 1861-1925 . . Richard Beard Snr 1830-1890 . . John Beard ~1793-1871

1st "wife" of Henry Lewis Osmond was Florence Bannister. His 2nd, legal, wife was Alys Winifred May Partridge 1872-1933 & his 4th "wife"May Wood Brownlee 1899-1981

2nd daughter of Ethel Beard & Henry Lewis Osmond was Irene May Osmond 1916-2005

Daughters of Florence Bannister & Henry Lewis Ormrod were Marjory Ormrod 1894-1967 and May Osmond later known as Agda M.Ormrod 1901-1979 . Also the latter's illegitimate daughter, Agda M Ormrod 1924-still alive 2015 - and her adoptive parents Thomas & Charlotte Pitchford

Husband of Agda M Ormrod 1901 was Reginald Hatchett 1888-1973 . .John Hatchett . Ada G West/Tulloh 1848-1921 . Alexander Tulloh 1799-1877

Known children- legitimate of Alice W M Partridge & Henry Lewis Ormrod were Leslie Arthur Wyn Ormrod 1909 & Gerald H Ormrod 1910-1910

Children of May Wood Brownlee & Henry Lewis Osmond were Luna Ormrod born 10/4/1923 - Blackpool & Patressia Enid Franks Ormrod born 20/5/1927 - Middlesborough, N. Yorkshire

Wife of Henry Hopwood Ormrod was Mary A Murphy 1846-1932. . . John Murphy

Wife of Henry Marsden Ormrod was Mary Jane Lewis 1815-1864 . . William Lewis ~ 1790-<1838

Likely Wife of William Lewis was Jane Edwardes ~1790-<1838

Wife of John Ormrod was Margaret Frances Hopwood 1783-1850 . . John Hopwood 17xx-17xx & Frances Hinchcliff 1752-1830

Wife of John Murphy was Ann Loughran

Wife of Richard Beard was Anne Watkins 1862-1926 . . William Watkins 1833-1898 . . John Watkins

Wife of Richard Beard Snr was Jane Ann Young 1840-1902 . . James Young 1805-1868

Wife of John Beard was Elizabeth Hooper ~1793-1870

Wife of William Watkins was Ann Rowland 1833-1919 . .Richard Rowland ~1810-1886

Wife of Richard Rowland was Mary Upton 1812-1895

Wife of James Young was Mary Naomi Burgess 1818-1877

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