Alexander Thomas Tulloh 1798-1885

1798. Alexander Thos Tulloch was baptised 0n 7/9/1798 St Alfege Kent to Lieut.Gen Alexander Tulloch & Maria -Ancestry, image exists

General Tulloh was born in Blackheath in London in 1799 and had a long career in the Army. He was in India for many years I believe and in 1862-63 he was a Director of Ordnance. According to his obituary in the local newspaper of 2nd May 1885:

"This gentleman's military career commenced at the West Indies. Subsequently he was appointed to the control of the powder magazine at Waltham Abbey, Essex and later principal of the carriage department at Woolwich Arsenal. It should further be stated that his disciplinary ability and scientific attainments were considerable and that he was promoted to the post of Inspector General of the Ordnance Board, which appointment, however, ill health compelled him to resign."- Diana Walker, present owner of Tannachie

He lived in Dominica at one point and married the daughter of an english doctor Margaret Isabella Bremner, daughter of the Hon William Bremner, President of HM Council of Dominica. : Margaret Isabella Tulloch died 11/9/1826 aged 23 and is buried at the Savannah, Roseau in Dominica. " We hope to have sufficient time ashore there to visit the burial ground and see whether we can find her grave but I understand that site is in a very poor condition."- Diana ch.6d.& an email . Henry Bowyer Tulloch , 21, colonial secretary and 2nd son of Lieut. Col Tulloch of the RA - likely brother to Alexander - died in 1823 and Margaret is buried alongside him . .gives Bremner genealogy

1841C. Alexander Tulloh,40, army, is lining Sewardstone Road, Waltham Holy Cross, Edmonton, Essex

Alexander Tulloh Male 40 1801 -army. Not born Essex  
James Cockburn Male 25 1816 -army  
William Cockburn Male 15 1826 -clerk ordnance  
Enoch Bates Male 35 1806 -med officer  
Katherine Bates Female 35 1806 b. Ireland  
Katherine Bates Female 7 1834 -  
James Bates Male 4 1837 -  
Robert Bates Male 2 1839 -  
Sarah Bates Female 0 1841 b. Essex
1843. The Reading Mercury of April 22, 1843 has a lengthy article detailing an explosion at the Waltham Abbey Powder Mills
that resulted in seven deaths. Alexander Tulloh was the previous superintendent of the facility. It's interesting to note that
there is mention of Colonel James Cockburn, director of the Royal Laboratory at Woolwich. It is likely that this is either
the same man shown in the 1841 census (or his father, given his age/rank)


1843 Alexander Thomas Tulloch, widower, Captain of the Royal Artillery, married Mary Louisa West on 11/5/1843 in Leckhampton.Cheltenham Jun 1843. His father Alexander Tulloch , C.B & K T ? , Lieut. Colonel Royal Artillery, hers James West Esquire . Several West & Tulloch witnesses


1851C Alen Thos Tulloh[illegible!] 50, b. Blackheath, Captain of Royal Artillery, Inspector of Gunpowder, is living High Bridge Street,Waltham Holy Cross, Edmonton, with Mary Louisa, 30, b.Oxford, and 3 servants

Alen Thos Fellows Head Married Male 50 1801 Inspector Of Gun Powder Captain Of Royal Artillery Black Heath, Kent, England  
Mary Louisa Fellows Wife Married Female 31 1820 - Oxfordshire, England  
Frances Miller Servant Unmarried Female 28 1823 House Servant Chelsea, Middlesex, England  
Mather Quiltor Servant Unmarried Female 39 1812 House Servant Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, England  
Ellen Eliza Karnan Servant Unmarried Female 14 1837 House Servant Woolwich, Kent, England


~1853. Adopted his niece, Ada Goldsmith West, born 1848 in Nova Scotia, after she had been put into a Washington Orphanage, her mother dying, her parents having been destitute & living on charity in Washington, seemingly too fond of drink. She the daughter of James Fletcher West & Frances Goldsmith - Details on her page - James Fletcher West the brother of his wife .

1861C Cannot find him- abroad? Have done an exhaustive search on Ancestry too

1862. Ada and her aunt Mary Tulloh were visited by a Rebecca Stirling/Spurling - Diana, ch. 6d. Ada then 14

Rebecca Spurling was a lady who visited Malvern and her great granddaughter, Christina, contacted me several years ago as Rebecca was staying with the West family in Malvern and from there visited General Tulloh who was building Tannachie in West Malvern in 1864-5.  Diana had a letter one day addressed to ‘The Owner of Tannachie’ : she has never met her but they correspond from time to time.


1865. He built Tannachie, situated just to the W of Malvern. The house is High Victorian.  It has the Tulloh coat of arms above the front door, but this has a bishop’s mitre to which the family is apparently not entitled.  There was a thirteenth century Tulloh who was a bishop and the coat of arms has been used by the Tullohs since then.

William FALCONAR married Elizabeth TULLOCH, eldest daughter of Minister Alexander TULLOCH of
Tannachie, 29 APR 1765. Tannachy, now known as Invererne, is an estate near Forres, Morayshire. Purchased in 1574 from
the Abbey of Kinloss by Robert TULLOCH, who was the first Laird of Tannachy, the seventh Laird, Alexander
TULLOCH sold the estate in 1772 to Alexander URQUHART for just over 100 pounds, valued at 1.9 million pounds today
In 1817 the estate was sold to General William GRANT, who built the current structure, Invererne House

After his death in 1832, the estate was sold to Colonel Peter GRANT, who married Mary Ann PETERKIN of Grange, taking the name GRANT PETERKIN.

tannachie1 tannachie2 tannachie3    
Tannachie ~1922 , then a school
Tannachie ~1922 , very similar now
Drawing room 1922, same today

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tannachie .tannachie4

Tannachie- owned today by Diana & Roger Morgan -Ancestry message boards

I sent a message to Diana-3/10/2015. Now, 20/11/2015, in contact with her and have three attachments from her on an email of 21/10/2015 giving me lots more information on Alexander, Ada & Reginald Hatchett

1870 His wife, Mary Louisa Tulloh, 53, died Ledbury Mar 1870- gravestone 157213 at end of page

1871C. Ada G Tulloh, 22, b. Canada, is living with her uncle Alexander T. Tulloh, 72, ?general, retired, at Tannachie, written Tanacia on census, Mathon, Ledbury, Worcester . Plus 2 servants . Mistranscription

Alexander P Pullok Head - Male 72 1799 - Blackheath, Kent  
Ada G Pullok Daughter - Female 22 1849 - Canada  
Charlotte Steel Servant - Female 37 1834 - Worcestershire, England  
Elizabeth Mabury Servant - Female 25 1846 - Worcestershire, England


1881C. Ada G Tulloh, 32, b. Nova Scotia, is living with her uncle Alexander T. Tulloh at Tannachie, Mathon, Worcester . Plus 3 servants

Alexander T Tulloh Head Widower Male 80 1801 Lieut Gen Royal Artillery Retired Blackheath, Worcestershire, England  
Ada G Tulloh Niece Single Female 32 1849 - -Nova Scotia  
John Day Servant Widower Male 53 1828 Gardener & Pensioner Royal Art (Dom) Sigglesthorne, Yorkshire, England  
Ann Watts Servant Widow Female 77 1804 Dom Serv Cook Kidlington, Oxfordshire, England  
Florence A A Day Servant Single Female 16 1865 Dom Serv Parlour Maid West Malvern, Worcestershire, England

1881. June. He made a Will - shown below

1881. October. His adopted daughter, Ada Tulloh, marries John Hatchett

1885. Alexander Tulloh, 86, dies 25/4/1885 at Tannachie. Probate to Ada Goldsmith Hatchett. Personal estate of just £367 . His Will is shown below



tulloh-alex-grave1 . tulloh-alex-grave2

Grave of Mary Louisa Tulloh 1870 & Alexander Tulloh 1885 in St James Cemetery, Malvern - photo courtesy of Gravestone Photographic Resource website GPR grave number 157213. His grandson, Rex Tulloch-Hatchett, has GPR grave number 157214 - does this mean the graves are adjacent?: can not see the plaque for Rex in this photo

Ada Goldsmith West/Tulloh

LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF ALEXANDER FRANCIS TANNACHIE TULLOH [ do not know why Francis Tannachie appears here!]

This is the last Will and Testament of Alexander Thomas Tulloh of Tannachie, West Malvern in the County of Worcester, a Lieutenant-General in Her Majesty’s Royal Artillery CB.  I bequeath the following legacies namely:  to my servant John Day (provided he shall be in my service at the time of my decease, the sum of fifty pounds free of legacy duty.  I direct the said legacy to be paid within three calendar months next after my decease and to my Godson R Godfrey Lye now residing at the Cape of Good Hope the sum of nineteen guineas, all my real estate of whatever description and wherever situate (if any) and all the residue of my personal estate and effects whatsoever and wheresoever I give, devise and bequeath unto and to the use of Ada Goldsmith West, otherwise Tulloh, Spinster (niece of my late wife and daughter of the Reverend James Fletcher West deceased) and which said Ada Goldsmith West otherwise Tulloh has resided with me since she was five years of age and still continues to reside with me and who in consequence of the adoption of her by me as my daughter has assumed and now bears the name of and is commonly called and known as Ada Goldsmith Tulloh, her heirs, executors, administrators and assigns absolutely according to the nature and tenure thereof respectively for her sole and separate use and I appoint the said Ada Goldsmith West otherwise Tulloh and my friends Major John Leslie Toke, the Reverend Charles Macdowell and William Castle Smith of No 6 New Broad Street, London, esquire Executrix and Executors of this my last will hereby revoking all other will and codicils by me at any time heretofore made I declare that my executrix and executors shall be responsible only for her and their and each of their own acts, deeds and deaults and I direct my said executrix and executors to deduct and allow to each other all disbursements and expenses incident to the execution of the trusts of this my will including and with respect to any trustee who may be engaged in any profession or business his professional costs and charges for work done and time employed in or about the execution of the trusts of or in connection with this my last Will dated this fourteenth day of June one thousand eight hundred and eighty one – Alexander Thomas Tulloh – signed by the testator Alexander Thomas Tulloh as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us present at the same time who at his request in his presence and in the presence of each other have submitted our names as witnessess H Hartland, Fern Hill, West Malvern.  J H Toke, Tannachie, West Malvern.

Interesting that Major Toke seems to be resident at Tannachie