Henry Lewis Ormrod/Osmond 1872-1936 - referred to by me as HLO

Lancashire Archives would be interesting to search - for Blackpool/Bipsham Rates - these records held in Preston


~1917. HLO in pantomine with his 3rd 'wife' Ethel Glyde

1872. Henry Lewis Ormrod was born to parents Henry Hopwood Ormrod and Mary Ann Murphy in Mississippi , USA - this from 1901C. But 1921C has his birth as S.America!!: very dubious. His parents had married in Mississippi in 1871

- the Lewis came from his grandmother Mary Jane Lewis who had married Henry Marsden Ormrod in 1837

The family returned to England likely anytime 1872-1880

1881C. Henry L Ormrod, 9, b. Mississippi US , is living 2 Lloyd Street, Everton, W. Derby, Lancs with his parents . His mother´s place of birth suspect!!

Henry H Ormrod Head Married Male 35 1846 Cabinet Maker Employing 1 Man (Master) Burnley, Lancashire, England  
Mary A Ormrod Wife Married Female 35 1846 - Ireland  
Henry L Ormrod Son Single Male 9 1872 - United States

1890-1932. More detailed Timeline for HLO regarding his work in the theatre, his relationships and the births of his children

1891C. Henry L Ormond, 19, tight rope walker, b. Liverpool-incorrect , is living Castlereagh Street Barnsley. Ormond could read Osmond in original entry He seems to have adopted the stage name of Osmond around 1890.

Mary A Thompson Head Married Female 35 1856 Boarding House Keeper Sibsey, Lincolnshire, England  
Edith Thompson Daughter Single Female 13 1878 Scholar Barnsley, Yorkshire, England  
Harry L Ormond Boarder Single Male 19 1872 Light Rope Walker Liverpool, Lancashire, England  
Cecil Croft Boarder Single Male 20 1871 Circus Comedian Mummer Scotland  
Tommy Hope Boarder Married Male 31 1860 Circus Comedian Scotland

From the ~time he became a Theatre Manager he had liaisons with his principal actresses - Summary of his Liaisons and children born

1892. A notice appears in the Yorkshire Gazette that Henry L Osmond of Mr Hallatt's Dangers of London Company had married Florence Bannister on 7/11/1892 at Manchester Registrar Office . BUT, no such record on bmd or Ancestry!!

so, he would appear to be with this company by 1892 & until 1895 at least

1894. First known child born: Marjory Ormrod born on 6/11/1894 Old Thackley, N. Bierley Dec 1894 to Henry Lewis Ormrod & Florence Bannister -b.c.on Marjory's page

1895.Artgur Lewis Ormrod was born to Henry Lewis Ormrod & Florence Bannister N.Bierley Sep1895. He died the same quarter

1896. Dorothy May Ormrod was born to Henry Lewis Ormrod & Florence Bannister Bradford Sep 1896. She died the same quarter

1901C. Henry L Osmond, 29, b. Mississippi US , is living 18 Albert Street, Fleetwood, Fylde , Lancs with his parents, a 'wife' and daughter, Marjory Ormrod born N. Bierley Dec 1894 to Florence Bannister - No m.c of Henry to Florence

Henry H Osmond Head Married Male 56 1845 Electrician Burnley, Lancashire, England  
Mary A Osmond Wife Married Female 55 1846 - Crook, Durham, England  
Henry L Osmond Son Married Male 29 1872 Theatre Manager -Mississippi,United States  
Florence Osmond Daughter-In-Law Married Female 26 1875 - London, Middlesex, England  
Margery F Osmond Grand Daughter Single Female 6 1895 - Thackley, Yorkshire, England  
John A Ottley Visitor Single Male 24 1877 Musician Hoyland, Yorkshire, England

1901. A daughter May Osmond is born on 9/4/1901at 18 Albert Street Fleetwood to Henry L Osmond & Florence Bannister Fylde Jun 1901 - rshe appears in 1911C as Agnes M Osmond with her paternal grandparents .[ Agda's d.c gives 4/4/1902 as her birth date, but this was obviously wrong]

1901-1903. Florence disappears from his life, but she is still acting up until early 1904

1902. Henry Lewis Ormrod/Osmond, late of 29, Pleasant Street, now of 30 Clywd Street, New Brighton, Cheshire, was declared bankrupt in Novenber . New Brighton NW of Liverpool on map- due W of Bootle, N of Wallesey . This 60 k due S of Fleetwood, his 1901 home, as the crow flies, >100 k by road!

1903. Henry Lewis Ormrod , 31, actor, married Alys Winifred Partridge , 26 on 18/6/1903 in Cardiff Registry Office Cardiff Jun 1903 . No Catholic ceremony!. Both living 37 Tudor Road, Cardiff . Fathers are Henry Hopwood Ormrod, Engineers Draughtsman, and Charles Partridge, Vicar of Moulton St James. Have not heard of either of the witnesses . Why Cardiff??


1908. 20/10/1908 He applied for discharge from his bankruptcy- this suspended for 2 years, until 1910


Address given as late of 29 Pleasant Street & 20 Clwyd Street, both in New Brighton, Cheshire but now of Ashton's farm, Moss Lane, Burscough, Lancashire . Burscough just N of Ormskirk -map . Henry was living Moss Lane Burscough August 1908-August 1909 - his daughter Agda 1901 being registered in a Methodist School there

1909. Leslie Arthur W Ormrod is born Pancras Jun 1909. He is the son of Alice Winifred Ormrod & Henry Lewis Osmond -have b.c. . No baptism on Ancestry . Henry not present at the birth, but is still with Alys in December 1910 when another son is born to them up in Leigh

1910. His theatre company, Houghton Players, run with 2 other partners,- Henry Hall & J.Ainsley - based Houghton le Spring, Durham, was dissolved in January - maybe as a result of him then being freed from bankruptcy status ? & he could thus have his own Company again. No mention of these Houghton Players on FMP Newspapers

1910. Gerald Henry Ormrod is baptised 14/12/1910 in Leigh to Henry Lewis, actor, and Alice Winifred May Ormrod of 42, Wilkinson Street, Leigh . Gerald dies the same month- no burial on Ancestry . Leigh ~ 20k W of Manchester -map

1911C. Yet to find him. Have searched very thoroughly in Ancestry with wildcards. Also in Scotland with wildcards .Also the 1911 Irish census. Have also looked through the list of people in Bispham . His wife Alys, actress, with son Leslie, is living Birmingham

His daughters Marjory & Agda are being brought up by his parents, living in Houghton le Spring near Durham in 1911C, but later they seem to move to Bispham, Blackpool , where future daughter Irene also grows up from 1916 . His legal wife, A Winifred Partridge/Ormrod/Osmond, is living in Wednesbury Staffs with son Leslie and a nurse maid, She an actress, employer- food for thought!, was she also a producer, maybe with the stage name/alias Winifred Chalmers??

1911-1912. He starts a liaison with Ethel Glyde - in reality Ethel Sarah Beard . She was in a production by Fred Osmond as far back as 1908

1912. His company, with Ethel Glyde, is performing in Gloucester in June & July

1912. His daughter Doris Ethel Osmond was born 3/12/1912. The mother was Ethel Beard, who by this time was known by her stage name of Ethel Glyde. She was one of the star attractions of his theatre company. He left Doris in the care of a boarding house owner- Catherine Bird - in Pontypridd and continued touring with Ethel. . No m.c of Henry to Ethel.

1912-1915. Likely acquired property in Bipsham, 'Rock Mount' in Red Bank Road and 2 cottages in Church Road, including number 6. . Wendy has said he lived in Rock Mount before Irene was born 1916, but then lived at 6 Church Road with his parents .

He disposed of these properties 1925-1927 for one of three reasons or, more likely a combination of these reasons: 1. After his father´s 1922 death, maybe his mother went to live with his daughter, Marjory, who had married Albert H Balmer in Houghton in 1916- thus no one there to look after Irene when he was on tour: 2.Financial difficulties or 3. The council made a compulsory purchase of the cottages in order to widen the road [ now All Hallows Road]- the cottages still stand but without their gardens

1913. His company, with he as the Major, Ethel Glyde as the Major's niece, was performing in Gloucester in April

1915. Ethel was starring in "Miss Plaster of Paris" in Barry - H L Osmond´s production

1916. Henry & Ethel had another daughter, Irene May Osmond, born in Alexandria, Scotland 1/7/1916. On this b.c. it states that Henry & Ethel were married Cardiff June 1907- Ethel would have been 14+ then had it been true!

1916. Staging a pantomime, Goody Two Shoes, in Derry, Ireland, in December . Had taken over the running of the Vale Empire, Leven, Dumbarton in April 1916- Alexandria just 4k N of Leven . He held this lease for one year

1917. His company was performing "Goody Two Shoes" in Kirkcaldy, with Ethel as Boy Blue in January. Photo - top of page - found in Doris' belongings could be of this

His shows were documented in "The Stage" . Wendy has some of these but cannot find them

1918. Ethel died during an abortion in Leigh, Lancashire - her death was related in the family as being due to Spanish flu. She had been living 6 Church Road, Bipsham with her "parents in law" before the abortion. She was buried in All Hallows, Bispham, Lancs as Ethel Sarah Ormrod- no photo of this grave although Wendy has seen it and Irene used to visit it daily in the 1920s. d.c on Ethel's page . Henry is stated as being present at the death. Wendy was told he was devastated by it

1919-1921. Henry took up with another actress, May Wood Brownlee . Certainly she was in the theatrical profession. . No m.c of Henry to May

1921C .Henry Lewis Osmond Ormrod, 49 theatre manager, employer, no fixed place of work, , claiming to have been born in S. America!!, is living with his, of the moment ,leading lady, May Wood Brownlee, to whom he is not married, 2 of his 4 daughters, his parents & his wardrobe manager at 12 Church Road Bipsham. He has 3 children under the age of 16 ages 12, 8 and 4( these ages shown over to the right of the page ), of whom just the youngest, Irene 4, is living with him.


1922. Living 6 Church Lane, Bipsham on 23/4/1922 when his father dies. He owns 3 properties there - from Irene's memoirs

Henry & May had 2 daughters:

Luna Ormrod born 10/4/1923 - Blackpool and Patressia Enid Franks Ormrod born 20/5/1927 - Middlesborough, N. Yorkshire.

~1922-1927. Henry became licensee of the Gosford Arms, Middlesborough and left May to run it whilst he was away on tour


Portrait from the Balmer photo collection

In 1927, just before the May birth of his last daughter Patressia, Henry left May, accusing her of stealing from him - Brownlee family- and went to his 'woman in Wales': she ,seemingly, Alice/Elsie May Davies, but as she is not the informant on his 1936 dc. I do not know how we know her name!!

Daughter Irene was at a Catholic boarding school 1921-~1923, then briefly at a terrible school in Liverpool, then at Red Banks Council School, Bipsham until ~ 1927, when Henry sold his Bipsham properties and Irene joined him on tour & she briefly joined Gertie Girtana's stage act .

1927. Henry would appear to have a home in Ripon : court case there

1927-1928. Henry was still producing, up to Oct 1928.

By late 1928 Henry was in Haverford West, running a fish & chip shop up until, maybe, early 1932 .

1929-1931. No mention of him in the theatre world.



Wendy dates this photo of HLO ~1930-1932. But more likely 1928 before he went to Haverford West. But could be in a local 'fiesta' there . He drove a Bullnose Morris - these produced 1913-1926, picture of one above. Could the other lady be daughter Marjorie 1894?

1932. Opened a cinema in Matlock, his address being given as Penarth, Wales. Penarth ~4 k S of Cardiff, ~20 k SSE of Rhydefelin, Pontypridd, where he dies 4 years later See his Timeline

1936 . Henry L Osmond, 61, died on 4/1/1936 in Llwynpia Hospital, this in Tonypandy around where his daughter Doris had lived , living at 1 Acacia Street, Rhydefelin, Glamorgan Pontypridd Mar 1936 Rhydefelin is ~2k SSE of Pontypridd, . Informant was Agda Tulloh-Hatchett of the same address . Alice/Elsie May Davies was the owner of his grave and seemingly the owner of 1 Acacia Street?? - How do we know the latter?? - probably Wendy enquired at the cemetery- No probate


death1 .death2. death3

In "The Stage": 9/1/1936 and 16/1/1936 . And who was "Pegs"?? - maybe his Welsh lady ??

So, Aggie, Madge and Irene were seemingly at his funeral- but had already lost touch with Doris by this time

Irene's children, Wendy & Ted, found Henry's unmarked grave in Rhydfellin  cemetery,  Pontyfridd?  & got permission 
to put up a monument and they did this in  2007. Rhydfellin  cemetery would appear to be Glyn Taf cemetery- this is very large :
an episode in  Dr Who was shot there ~2010 
hlo-grave1 hlo-grave2 hlo-grave2
Glyn Taf Crematorium & Cemetery, Rhydefelin 
Acacia Street runs NS just to the left of Cardinal Newman RC School 
Henry L Osmond was in theatre management, but he also found time to compose the music for the two musicals Miss Plaster-of-Paris (1910) and Miss Lamb of Canterbury (1914) both of which had provincial tours.


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