Alice/Alys Winifred May Partridge , seemingly HLO's only legal wife - 1872-1933

Daughter of a Vicar

1872 . Alice Winifred May Partridge was baptised 5/5/1872 to Charles & Emma Partridge Mitcham Surrey- Ancestry. Birth registered Croyden Mar 1872 Charles Partridge likely married Emma Honora Grogan Chelsea Mar1870

Childhood in Birmingham

1881C. Alice W M Partridge, 9, was living 8 Varna Road, Edgbaston, Kings Norton

Charles Partridge Head Married Male 45 1836 Curate At St Davids Birmingham, Warwickshire, England  
Emma Partridge Wife Married Female 45 1836 - Birmingham, Warwickshire, England  
Alice N M Partridge Daughter Single Female 9 1872 Scholar Surrey, England  
Earnest E Partridge Son Single Male 5 1876 Scholar West Indies


1891C. Parents in Moulton, Spalding Lincs - just them and a servant. Charles, 55, a clerk in Holy Orders

1891C.Alice W Partridge, 19, b. Mitcham, a Governess in a private ladies school, is living with an uncle, in Richmond Road, Solihull ~ 5 k SE of Birmingham

Ann Wicks Head Widow Female 59 1832 Electro Plate Manufacturer Birmingham, Warwickshire, England  
Charles H Wicks Son Single Male 30 1861 Electro Plate Manager Birmingham, Warwickshire, England  
Annie B Wicks Daughter Single Female 21 1870 Clerk Electro Plate Trade Birmingham, Warwickshire, England  
Harry A Wicks Son Single Male 19 1872 ? Worker Electro Plate Trade Birmingham, Warwickshire, England  
Arthur H Wicks Son - Male 13 1878 Scholar Birmingham, Warwickshire, England  
Alice W Parbridge Niece Single Female 19 1872 Governess Private Ladies School Mitcham, Surrey, England  
Lilian Hand Servant Single Female 16 1875 General Servant Cheshire, England

1901C. Cannot find her as xxx Partridge, born ~1872. Could she already be calling herself Ormrod/Esmonde- her stage name ??? Have searched exhaustively without a surname under Alice & Winifred/Freda with variations - both in Ancestry & FMP

Parents still in Moulton, Lincs, Charles Partridge, 65, Clergyman C Of E . Charles Partridge, 71,dies Spalding Sep 1907- Spalding includes Moulton .

Her father,Reverend Charles Partridge, dies 2/9/1907, clerk, of Moulton, leaving effects of £452 , administration to Emma, his widow - Ancestry probate .

Her mother is likely living Aston, aged 77, 2 living children, b. Warwicks, in 1911C : she dies 14/3/1916, aged 82, effects £265, administration to Ernest Erskine Partridge, private 10th Canadian Infantry Battalion

Alice could receive an annuity from either her father's or mother's Wills

1903. Alys Winifred May Partridge, 26, married Henry Lewis Ormrod, 31, actor, in Cardiff Register Office on 18/6/1903 .


Both living 37 Tudor Road, Cardiff . Fathers are Henry Hopwood Ormrod, Engineers Draughtsman, and Charles Partridge, Vicar of Moulton St James. Have not heard of either of the witnesses

1909. Leslie Arthur W Ormrod is born Pancras Jun 1909. A son of Alice Winifred Ormrod - sent for b.c.10/9/2015- this on his page. No baptism on Ancestry

1910. Gerald Henry Ormrod is baptised 14/12/1910 in Leigh St Mary, Lancs to Henry Lewis, actor, and Alice Winifred May Ormrod of 42, Wilkinson Street, Leigh . Gerald dies the same month- no burial on Ancestry . Leigh ~ 20k W of Manchester

Son Leslie likely lived with her in Pancras until 1929, althouh he was almost certainly attended a boarding school in East Ashford, Kent, when he went to Canada, via Jamaica,

1911C. Winifred Osmond, 34, married, actress, employer, is living in 3 rooms at 27 Bridge Street Wednesbury Staffordshire with son Leslie 2. She has been married 8 years, has had 2 children, of whom 1 has died . Nurse maid is actually an Ethel Brown- mistranscription ! I would think she had already separated from her husband, but report of her 1933 suicide suggests ~ 1915 as maybe the year of separation . So, as an employer, is she producing?? Wednesbury only~ 12k NW of Birmingham

Winifred Osmond Wife Married Female Actress 34 1877 Mitcham Surrey  
Leslie Osmond Son - Male - 2 1909 London  
Ethel Osmond Servant Single Female Nurse Maid Domestic 21 1890 Pastwood Notts

Her brother, Ernest Edward Partridge 1871 could appear as a servant in Bispham !!- small world- but probably not, her brother was Ernest Erskine Partridge 1876 !!

1921C. Alice Winifred May Partridge, 49, married, separated, was living alone at 10 Upper Westbourne Terrace, Paddington on 19/6/1921. Her son, Leslie, appears in the census in East Ashford, Kent : almost certainly at a boarding school


1933. Alice Osmond committed suicide in a flat in Westbourne Grove, London, 25/3/1933 .

.suicide2 .suicide3 . suicide-4


The last article suggests that she had been living apart from her husband for 18+ years, that is at least from 1915.. Also gives a stage name- a charming & talented actress- of Freda Esmonde and connects her to the play "East Lynne". She had an annuity for about £106- this could have come from her parents who died 1907 and 1916. Her brother Ernest E Partridge might die Birmingham, aged 81, in 1958- in which case no probate

I can find no reference to Freda Esmonde in FMP Newspapers . But Mrs Fred Osmond's Repertory/London Company did produce East Lynne, in 1921, Grantham & Chesterfield, - FMP newspapers - I searched aain in July 2021, - no success. Thought Fred Osmond could be the name HLO used 1902-1910( when he was bankrupt) but Glenville and Osmond already existed in 1900!

1933. Alice W M Ormrode, 61, died Kensington Mar 1933 . One day I might buy this d.c.!