Mary Hanson 1749-1815

1749. . Mary Hanson maybe baptised Coventry to William & Mary Hanson- but other Mary Hansons born elsewhere in Warwickshire- FS

1775. Mary Hanson marries William Sparrow in Stivichall .Stivichall to the S of Coventry, only 4-5 k SE of Allesley .

1790. Joseph Sparrow born Allesley. No baptism on FMP, FS. But there are Allesley baptisms of Thomas 1784, John 1787, William 1789 to William & Mary Sparrow and a page of baptisms Dec 1790-April 1791 seem to be missing from the records on Ancestry, so a good probability that he was indeed born to William & Mary Sparrow

1797. Mary Sparrow, no age given , buried in Allesley -FS

1815, Mary Sparrow, aged 65, buried in Allesley 30/12/1815 - FS: this could well be Mary Hanson baptised 1749