Marjory Ormrod 1894-1967

Book keeper. Known as Madge and also, according to the Balmers, as Frances


1894 Marjory Ormrod born on 6/11/1894 Old Hall Thackley. Idle, N. Bierley Dec 1894 to Henry Lewis Ormrod & Florence Bannister - Thackley 3 k E of Shipley,~8 k N of Bradford where Henry H Ormrod was living 1891C . HLO and Florence seemingly were never legally married - but there was an announcement in the Yorkshire Gazette in 1892 to the effect that they had married 7/11/1892 in Manchester Registrar Office!!. She was likely his first child, he ~22 at the time On the 1939 Register her birth is given as 1895/ this must be wrong!


Have failed to find what exactly Thackley Old Hall was

1901C. Henry L Osmond, 29, b. Mississippi US , is living 18 Albert Street, Fleetwood, Fylde , Lancs with his parents, a 'wife' Florence 26, and daughter, Marjory F Osmond- born as Marjory Ormrod. No m.c seems to exist of Henry to Florence

Henry H Osmond Head Married Male 56 1845 Electrician Burnley, Lancashire, England  
Mary A Osmond Wife Married Female 55 1846 - Crook, Durham, England  
Henry L Osmond Son Married Male 29 1872 Theatre Manager -  
Florence Osmond Daughter-In-Law Married Female 26 1875 - London, Middlesex, England  
Margery F Osmond Grand Daughter Single Female 6 1895 - Thackley, Yorkshire, England  
John A Ottley Visitor Single Male 24 1877 Musician Hoyland, Yorkshire, England

By 1911, daughter Marjory is still living with the paternal grand parents, but mother Florence has vanished. I cannot find her in 1911C, nor a death for her-Wendy thinks she might have remarried ~1903: too many Florence Bannisters on BMD, but there is a Florence Louise Bannister marrying Arthur C Frost/Arthur J Palmer- almost certainly the latter St Geo H Sq Sep 1909

1911C. Henry H Osmond, 66, joiner & carpenter, b.Burnley, is living 9 Sunderland Street, Houghton le Spring, Durham with his wife, 2 grandchildren, Marjorie F & Agnes M and a boarder, a music hall professional . Think original is actually written as Osmond. Houghton le Spring ~15 k NE of Durham, in Tyne & Wear today. Henry Lewis Osmond had a theatre company, Houghton Players, in Houghton, dissolved in 1910 - which is when his bankruptcy was discharged

Henry H Osmand Head Married Male Joiner And Carpenter 66 1845 Lanc Burnley  
Mary A Osmand Wife Married Female - 66 1845 Co Durham Not Known  
Marjorie F Osmand Granddaughter Single Female Book Keeper 16 1895 Thackley Yorks  
Agnes M Osmand Granddaughter - Female School 10 1901 Lanc Fleetwood  
Sam France Boarder Single Male Music Hall Professional 25 1886 Cardiff Wales

Marjory was known as Madge and was seemingly brought up by her grandparents, as were Agnes/Agda 1901 and half sister Irene May 1916 . She was the only one of HLO's first 4 daughters , 1894-1916, not to follow him on to the stage

Marjory (Madge), was later to become a great friend of Ethel's as they were about the same age"- Wendy .


1916. Marjorie Osmond, b.1894 - so aged ~22, father Henry Lewis Osmond, married Albert Henry Balmer on 14/11/1916 in Houghton le Spring - Ancestry Select Marriages. Also Houghton Dec 1916. His father was a Builder, he a Mason in 1911C. . No mention of Frances- given her on Cooper Ancestry tree - as a middle name on this marriage, nor on her dc!! & in my opinion, her middle name more likely to have been Florence!!Albert Henry Balmer was in the Durhan Light Infantry during WW1: as was his brother, Pringle Balmer, who was killed on 27/5/1918 in WW1 in the third battle of Aisne in Picardie,France.  He was serving in the 5th Battalion of the Durham Light Infantry.. Pictures of his grave exist

Did Madge keep up with Ethel after her marriage ?

1918.Henry L Balmer was the only child born to Marjory Balmer- 25/8/1918 Houghton Sep 1918. COOPER Family Tree-Ancestry



Marjory with her son Henry Lewis Balmer, in 1918


1919. Living 2 Ironside Street, Houghton le Spring - COOPER Family Tree-Ancestry gives her husband's medal card

1921C. Marjorie Frances Balmer , 26 yrs 7 mths, is living??? with her husband and son Henry Lewis Balmer .



1928. Her husband then built Pendleholme, Houghton , where their grandson, David Balmer 1947, still lives today, 2021 . So Pendleholme has been the family home for almost a century . At this stage, or maybe even earlier, Marjory´s grandmother, Mary Ormrod/Murphy , came to live with them

Pendle is a region just north of Burnley, where her grandfather, Henry Hopwood Ormrod, was born and lived at times

( A strange coincidence. On 5/2/1900 an Eliza, 48, wife of James D Ormrod,died at Pendleholme, Upper Brighton. Funeral at Wallesey Cemetery -FMP. And in fact James Dixon Ormrod was born 1850 to Henry Marsden Ormrod, thus an uncle of HLO )



Albert, son Henry Lewis and Marjory Balmer. around 1922

Her grandmother, Mary Ann Ormrod/Murphy, seemed to have lived with them . after the death of Marjory´s grandfather in 1922, but likely not until around 1925 - see Irene´s Memoirs . Mary Ann Ormrod/Murphy died, reportedly aged 90?, at Pendleholme, in 1932


1938. Mrs Balmer of Pendleholme, Hetton Road, Houghton won 3pounds of ardening goods in a Sunday Mirror competition, hers being one of the 1st 4 entries opened - FMP

1939. 20/3/1939 in the Sunderland Daily Echo, an Austen 7 DeLuxe Ruby Saloon, one owner, mileage 20000, 1935-6, was offered for sale:contact Balmer,Pendleholme, Hetton Road, Houghton - FMP

1939 Register. Pendelholme, Hetton Road, Hetton . Her husband a Builder

Albert H Balmer 04 Feb 1891 Male Builder Heavy Worker Married 196 1
Marjorie F Margery Balmer 06 Nov 1895 Female Unpaid Domestic Duties Married



Marjory with her son - in the late 1930s?

1944. Henry L Balmer married Lily Lane Durham N Mar 1944. They had Henry R Balmer 1945- 2019, David P Balmer 1947, Mary R Balmer 1948 & Peter L Balmer 1959 . Henry R Balmer married Elizabeth Price Jun 1968 Wallesey Sons were Adam Balmer & Daniel Balmer

Adam has a family tree on including the Balmer family photos.  This is a public tree called ‘Balmer Family Tree’ under the profile name ‘Adam Balmer’.  The tree is fully viewable, except living people are hidden. To access you do have to be an Ancestry subscriber.  Adam has asked interested Ormrod family descendants to contact him through the Ancestry website or via Facebook.


David Balmer 1947said Marjory was close to Agda but didn't hear or know anything about the half-sisters.  Reg Tulloh-Hatchett was a notorious character who lost his money on ill fated enterprises and was penniless.  David said stage actors were at a loose end in the day and Reg was a bit of a drinker, so frequented pubs in the day.

In 1947, Marjory Balmer/Ormrod 1894 got a telegram from Agda saying that they had run out of money and needed help to get to the next town for the next theatre show.  She asked if Albert Balmer( Marjory´s husband) would send £5.  He sent it to help them out.

Then a month later, they received a second telegram with the same story, asking for another £5.  Albert sent the £5 a second time.  (Adam assumes this could have been under pressure by Marjory.)

Then on a third occasion another telegram arrived, again the same story.  Albert refused this time to send them money.  Note £5 in 1947 is equivalent to approx £200 today.  Albert was very hard working - 6 days a week, so probably took a dim view of all this. 

Albert died in 1961.  Marjory inherited his estate.  Then in 1963 a letter arrived at Marjory´s son´s Henry Lewis Balmer's shop (he was a shopkeeper).  Agda must have lost the Pendleholme address and got hold of the shop address instead.

Agda said that Reg T-H was in poor health and gave a sob story for Marjory to send money.  HLB knew about Agda asking for money in the past and thought it was a try-on, so didn't tell his mother.  (Adam assumes Marjory would have been more sympathetic to their request.)  

The Balmers kept more photos of Agda, than HLO, Marjory or Florence so I think that it shows a fondness for Agda despite parting company over asking for money.



Henry Lewis Balmer 1918, his wife, & 3 of their children, Henry 1945, Mary 1948 & David 1947. Around 1952

1961. Her husband, Albert H Balmer, 69, died Durham N Mar 1961

1967. Marjory Balmer, 73, died Sunderland Dec 1967/ Does David Balmerhave this d.c.?

1995. Her son, Henry Lewis Balmer died Sunderland Nov 1995. He was a Sergeant -4454630- in the Durhan Light Infantry during WW2.

I wonder if any of her 4 grandchildren will ever research her and find this!!

Eureka! 25/5/2021 Adam Balmer has just emailed me :

I am the eldest grandson of Henry Lewis Balmer, so a great great grandson to HLO. I'm seeing my uncle David in August, and he has the family photos, which I know include HLO.



COOPER Family Tree-Ancestry has 3000 people on it and no descendants for Henry Lewis Balmer .
 Gives Marjory as Marjory Frances Osmond - but not sure why?, but they do have erroneous parents 
for her mother Florence Bannister/ Osmond!!!