John Rigg Owen 1904-1985. Known as Jack

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1904. John Rigg Owen was born Caernarvon on 14/3/1904 to parents John Owen & Mabel Hancox. He was the last child of eight, one of his siblings dying in infancy/childhood

An Ancestry Mugglestone tree- 7900 people- has him on it, but no seeming relation!

1911C. John Rigg Owen, 7, b.Wales, is living Portroe Town, Castletown, Tipperary with his parents, father a Quarry manager, and 4 of his siblings . His parents had been married 24 years, 8 children, one dead

Owen John Rigg 7 Male Son Church of Ireland
Owen Tom 13 Male Son Church of Ireland
Owen John 55 Male Head of Family Church of Ireland
Owen Mabel 47 Female Wife Church of Ireland
Owen Emily 16 Female Daughter Church of Ireland
Owen Herbert K 12 Male Son Church of Ireland


The family stayed in Ireland until ~ 1920 when they returned to Wales due to the troubles

1921C. John Pigg Owen, 17 yrs 3mths, clerk at Barclays Bank,, was living alone at 7 St Nicholas Road, Barry . His parents and sister, Bessie, are in Llandillo

First name(s)  John Pigg
Full address as transcribed  7 St Nicholas Rd, Barry
Last name  Owen
Parish  Barry
Sex  Male
Registration district  Cardiff
Birth year  1904
Registration district number  588
Census date  19 June 1921
Sub-district  Barry
Age in years  17
Sub-district number  6
Age in months  3
Enumeration district number  18
Age as transcribed  17 y 3 m
County  Glamorganshire
Relationship to head  Head
Country  Wales
Marital status  Single
Archive  The National Archives
Birth place  -
Archive series  RG 15
Transcribed birth place  Carnarvonshire,Carnavon
Piece number  26543
Occupation  Clerk & Barclays Bank Ltd
Schedule number  280
Occupation code  939
Schedule type code  W
Occupation code with suffix  939/6
Schedule type  Wales household, English language, single page, 10 entries
Employer  W P Phillips Bank Manager Tresment
District reference  RD 588 RS 6 ED 18
Employer code  684
Other household member's first name(s)  -
Place of work  1 Broad St, Barry
Other household member's last name  -
Language used to complete form  English
Record set  1921 Census Of England & Wales
Person making return  Mr Owen
Category  Census, land & surveys
House number  7
Subcategory  Census
Street  St Nicholas Road
Collections from  Great Britain, Wales
Address  7 St Nicholas Road


Herbert Kitchener Owen , 1899, is at Rhondda, Pontypridd, Glamorgan with a David, an Andrew, & 2 others


1925. John Rigg Owen, 20, bank clerk, married Pamela Gertrude Luen [ born 1901 Cardiff Dec ] on 23/2/1925 in Barry. His address 7 St Nicholas road, Barry ( where he was living in 1921) . She was known as Nancy and was soon carrying on with the local band leader, leading to a divorce,. There was a child, Jennifer S L Owen born Barry Cardiff Mar 1933 , who John never acknowledged as his, though he did support her, even sending her money occasionally in the 1950s. Jennifer Owen married a Canadian, prone to alcohol, and had 2 children . Jennifer Owen put a message on Bacheche, Looking for lost relatives, & another on Ancestry, in August 2001- I only discovered this in July 2016!- wanting to link up with Pat & Gaynor. She was then still living in South Wales : she has no tree on Ancestry nor on Genes Reunited. Have answered her post but do not think she is any longer a member of Ancestry .


In 1939 Register, Pamela G Owen, divorced, caterer, born 19/9/1901 is living with her, likely, mother, Rebecca Luen, caterer, and twin brother, Dudley Luen, shop keeper, at Cold Krap Farm Way , Barry M.B., Glamorganshire, Wales : there is one closed record, presumably her daughter, Jennifer Owen .Pamela G Owen died 18/10/1942- from Shears Ancestry tree with her on it

Jennifer S L Owen married Patrick J Reynolds East Glamorgan Mar 1953 . They likely had Juliet J Reynolds E.Glam Dec 1955 and a son: 'my son and daughter emigrated to Vancouver,and Northern Alberta. I visit each year . '

1927-1933 John Rigg Owen divorced Pamela - any idea when?? Cannot find any newspaper reference to it

1931-1933. John, who worked in Barclays Bank, Barry, met Doris Ethel Williams/Osmond. . The Bank Manager found out that he was seeing a married lady - George Williams refused to give her a divorce - and told him it must stop: John told him where to stuff his job and he and Doris moved down to London.

1933. Patricia Owen was born Hounslow Staines Dec 1933. Doris thought it better to register her as Patricia Williams but John refused and insisted on Patricia carrying his name of Owen.

1936. W George Williams, aged 51?? West Glamorgan Jun 1936?? died of a hernia and within 3 months Doris and John Rigg Owen were married.

John Rigg Owen, 32, journalist, divorced husband of Pamela Gertrude Owen, formerly Luen , Spinster , married Doris Ethel Williams, 23, widow on 11/6/1936 . Both living at 75 Clifford Road, Hounslow. Fathers given as John Owen, quarry proprietor, retired, and Henry Lewis Osmond, deceased, theatrical producer - he had just died on 4/1/1936


Her former husband,W George Williams, left his money to his housekeeper,- NO Probate! - but Doris contested the Will, and an agreement was settled out of court, she receiving a considerable sum of money

1939 Register. John R Owen, Scientific Instrument Making , is living 43 Lampton Road, Heston & Isleworth with his wife, & the 1 Officially Closed record will be that of daughter Patricia.

Doris E Owen 03 Dec 1912 Female Unpaid Domestic Duties Married 67 2
John R Owen 14 Mar 1904 Male Scientific Instrument Making ??? Married

1947. Gaynor Owen was born 23/2/1947

John Rigg Owen wrote several books on Accountancy. He was also very interested in Astrology and gave talks on the subject

owen-book1 .owen-book2

Gaynor typed the above for him during her lunch hours ~1967/8. Unfortunately decimilization arrived in 1970 when it was published

He always spoke of Ireland very affectionately. It is thought he matriculated there

Pictures of Pat and Gaynor growing up ??

1954. Sheffield Dec .Patricia Owen married Peter C Clarke, who she had met at Sheffield University where she was studying Philosophy? They then emigrated to Canada, on an assisted passage, soon after Pat had completed her degree.

1982 John & Doris moved to Canada - their daughter Pat was already living there

1985. John Rigg Owen, almost 81, died 1/2/1985 Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada. His wife survived him until 2003   


Gaynor, left, with sister Pat & Pat's son