Henry Marsden Ormrod 1816-1877

Clerk. A fervent Methodist

1816. Henry Marsden Ormerod was born in 1816, Burnley. He was baptised, as plain Henry Ormroid, 13/6/1816 to John Ormroid & Margaret Hopwood in Padiham Wesleylan Chapel - FS . Padiham only~ 3 k W of Burnley but well N of Bury .

I cannot find the origen of the name Marsden in his ancestors- did he just adopt this for some reason during his youth: his 1837 marriage was probably the first mention of it - have investigated on FS back to 1680!. Also on Ancestry marriages

From a History of Wesleyan Methodism in Burnley and East Lancashire by B Moore, published 1899

He was born on methodist premises, where for forty-eight years he was afterwards a trustworthy.- this could be construed as 48 years after he started as office boy, aged 13, to his 1877 death . A diligent and methodical servant in St. James' Row, near the Craven bank. At the age of thirteen he went as an office boy or writer to the place referred to, which was then occupied by Messrs. Alcock & Machonochie ; and subsequently he became clerk to Messrs. Alcock & Dixon, Alcock & Holmes, Holmes & Son, and afterwards Holmes & Holmes. By his steady business habits and unblemished character, he rose to be general managing clerk, and was much esteemed by his employers. His long connection with all the details of the business made him a valuable servant, in whom great confidence was placed. In consequence of the alterations then about to be made by the corporation in St. James' Row, Messrs. Holmes & Holmes were obliged to remove to Grimshaw Street ; and it was only natural that a person like Mr. Ormerod, who had been in one office so long, should deeply regret having to change. Strange to say he did not change, for upon the very day of the removal of the business Mr. Ormerod died. Before the erection of Fulledge chapel he attended Wesley. His secretarial books were models of neatness and accuracy. To the best of his ability he did all he could to help the good work in his native town, and held almost every office in the church. When Fulledge chapel was in course of erection, he and Mr. James Howorth were amongst the most frequent visitors to see how the work was progressing; and it might be said of them, " They counted the stones thereof."

The first report of the schools, of which the superintendents were Messrs. John Butterworth, H. M. Ormrod, George Howorth, and John Howorth, shewed that there were 559 scholars with an average attendance of 261, or 46.69 per cent. In 1865, there were 395 scholars with an average attendance of 234, or 59.24 per cent., shewing a decrease during the first twelve months of 64 scholars. This was no doubt owing to the fact that, these being new schools, scholars flocked from others, remained a short time, and then returned to the schools they attended previously.

1837. Henry Marsden Ormrod married Mary Jane Lewis on 13/7/1837 in Liverpool- England & Wales Marriages, Ancestry . Parish given as St. Michaels & both aged 21P. HMO was of Burnley, his wife resident in 52 Plumber Street, Liverpool. Fathers: John Ormrod ,gentleman, and William Lewis, Bootmaker . Witnesses William Lewis & Sarah Margaret Wood


1838. John Lewis Ormrod was born to them Burnley Jun 1838 . John Lewis Ormrod lived 1838-1910 but is not obvious in 1871C, 1881C & 1901C : just in the 1891C where, a clerk, he is living Liverpool.

1841C . Henry Ormored, 25, article clerk, is living Yorkshire Street Whalley Union, Burnley with his wife and son John and likely a servant.

Henry Ormored Male 25 1816 Lancashire, England  
Mary Ormored Female 26 1815 Lancashire, England  
John Ormored Male 3 1838 Lancashire, England  
Sarah Jones Female 12 1829 Lancashire, England


1845. Henry Hopwood Ormrod was born Burnley Sep 1845 to them. Hopwood comes from the mother of Henry Marsden Ormrod- she was Margaret Frances Hopwood. A different theory for the use of Hopwood as a middle name for a son is: a William Hopwood, died 1838, and wife Jenny Wood were other notable members of this church. Henry Marsden Ormrod maybe named his second son, Henry Hopwood Ormrod, after him, but much more likely the name came from his, Henry Marsden's, mother, Margaret Hopwood!

1850. James Dixon Ormrod was born to them Burnley Dec 1850 . I wonder where the Dixon came from??- thought it might be the mother of Mary Jane Lewis, but cannot find her . He died Birkenhead Dec 1917, . His wife, Eliza, 48, died in 10'' at Pendleholme, New Brighton. James´sgreat niece, Marjory Ormrod, named her Houghton-le-Spring house Pendleholme in the early 1920s: this surely not a coincidence?? James D Ormrod was at the Wesleyan School, Red Lion Street, Burnley in 1864- FMP . He was a Steamship Manager in the 1911C . He had, at least, 3 sons and 3 daughters with his wife, Eliza Mottershead . His youngest daughter married in December 1917, he being dead by then . James Dixon Ormrod, steamship manager, died at Pendleholme, 12 Fort Street, New Brighton, Walleseyon 24/11/1917. Left 1714 pounds- probate. There is an Ancestry tree with his descendants on it . He is buried in Rake Lane cemetery, Wallesy. -Picture of his grave implies he remarried- 1911-1917???. His second wife was Alice Evans Ormskirk Jun 1911

1851C. Henry M Omrod, 34, solicitors managing clerk, is living South Parade, Hagerham East, Burnley with his wife and 3 sons and a servant . Original could well read Ormrod

Henry M Omrod Head Married Male 34 1817 Slaters Managing Clerk Burnley, Lancashire, England  
Mary Kaae Omrod Wife Married Female 36 1815 - Liverpool, Lancashire, England  
John F Omrod Son - Male 12 1839 Scholar Burnley, Lancashire, England  
Henry H Omrod Son - Male 5 1846 - Burnley, Lancashire, England  
James D Omrod Son - Male 0 1851 - Burnley, Lancashire, England  
Betty Sanderson Servant Unmarried Female 38 1813 House Servant Waddington, Yorkshire, England

1861C Henry Marsden Osmend, 44, solicitors managing clerk, is living 9 Eliza Street Burnley with his wife, 4 children and a servant . Original could well read Ormrod

Henry Marsden Osmend Head Married Male 44 1817 Solicitors Many Of Clerk Burnley, Lancashire, England  
Mary Jane Osmend Wife Married Female 46 1815 - Burnley, Lancashire, England  
John Lewis Osmend Son Unmarried Male 22 1839 Solicitors Articlier Clerk Burnley, Lancashire, England  
Henry Hopwood Osmend Son Unmarried Male 15 1846 Ironmongers Apprentice Burnley, Lancashire, England  
James Dyon Osmend Son - Male 10 1851 Scholar Burnley, Lancashire, England  
Agnes Maria Osmend Daughter - Female 8 1853 Scholar Burnley, Lancashire, England  
Ann Oddie Servant Unmarried Female 23 1838 House Servant Whalley, Lancashire, England

1864. His wife, Mary Jane Ormrod dies Fylde Sep 1864

1871C. Henry M Ormerod, 54, widower, solicitors managing clerk, is living Smalley Street, Habergam Eaves, Burnley with his daughter

Henry M Ormerod Head - Male 54 1817 - Lancashire, England
Agnes M Ormerod Daughter - Female 18 1853 - Lancashire, England

1877. Henry Marsden Ormrod ,61, a solicitors clerk, dies 30/10/1877 in Smalley Street, Hagergham Burnley Dec 1877. Informant was James D Ormrod, his 3rd son . Cause of death: ? of brain.?? paralysisof 3 dyas


Burial: 2 Nov 1877 St Peter, Burnley, Lancs.
Henry Marsden Ormerod -
    Age: 61
    Abode: Smalley Street
    Buried by: A. Townley Parker
    Register: Burials 1866 - 1896, Page 355, Entry 2835
    Source: LDS Film 1517795

He leaves Probate, effects of under £300. Proved by John Thornton, bank manager, of Burnley, the sole executor . When he died, his son, Henry Hopwood Ormrod, might still have been in the States still, but John Lewis Ormrod was certainly still alive, but where? Also daughter Agnes M Ormrod 1853?

And James Dixon Ormrod marries Eliza Ann Mottershead West Derby 1876. Living 20 Durell St Liverpool in 1877, death of his father . Is in 1881C, & a widower in Liscard Cheshire by 1901C. Dies Birkenhead Dec 1917 . Sons Francis Herbert Ormrod 1877, Ernest Mottershead Ormrod 1879 and Frederick James Ormrod 1885.

Ernest Mottershead Ormrod married Sarah Beatrice Cowie Birkenhead Jun 1914, They had Beatrice E Ormrod 1916, Hazel M Ormrod 1920, James Henry Ormrod 1922 & Ernest J Ormrod 1924 . James Henry Ormrod died, aged 21, pilot in the RAF, over France on 4/5/1944, his parents then living Wallesey, Cheshire . He would have been a 2nd cousin of Marjory Ormrod 1894 ^ of Doris Osmond 1912, and of several others

Frederick James Ormrod, 1885, became a ship's captain. Believed drowned in the Mersey 19/4/1946. Probate to widow Bertha Mary Ormrod of £1506, his address Lacombe Tryddin Mold - another 2nd cousin of Doris Osmond