Joseph Sparrow 1790-1836


Images of all Allesley baptisms- but with a page missing! - exist on Ancestry

Allesley ~5k NW of Coventry

1790. Joseph Sparrow born. No baptism on FMP, FS. But there are Allesley baptisms of Thomas 1784, John 1787, William 1789 to William & Mary Sparrow and a page of baptisms Dec 1790-April 1791 seem to be missing from the records on Ancestry, so a good probability that he was indeed born to William Sparrow & Mary Hanson

He does call his first son William in 1817

1795. A William Sparrow, no age given, was buried Allesley - FMP

1797. A Joseph Sparrow, no age given, was buried Allesley - FMP- this seemingly irrelevant, but could have been a brother

1813. Joseph Sparrow of Coventry married Elizabeth Turner of Allesley on 21/6/1813 in Allesley - Ancestry

Joseph & Elizabeth had the following 6 children baptised in Allesley - last 3 in Coventry: Ann 1813, Sarah 1815, William 1817, Mary 1819, Susannah 1824-1838, Joseph 1826, Jane 1828, Ellen 1831,& Frances 1833

Also 1821. Elizabeth Sparrow was baptised Allesley to Joseph Sparrow & Elizabeth on 6/11/1821-FS

1830. William Sparrow, 79, was buried 5/4/1830 in Allesley - FMP: this likely his father

1836. Joseph Sparrow, 46, is buried in Holy Trinity Coventry on 26/4/1836 - FMP. Dies 22 Apr 1836 • Allesley, Warwickshire, England. Age 47 lived at The Smithy Brownshill Lane, Keresely, Allesley - See Bone Ancestry family tree


In 1861C his widow, Elizabeth, is described as Blacksmith's widow . At least 3 of his sons become blacksmiths too