Thomas Hancox Snr 1789-1843

Agricultural Labourer

1789, Thomas Hancox was baptised to Nathaniel Handcox and Martha Webb on 3/5/1789 in Bubbenhall. Register shows pauper by the baptism- meaning that the parents did not pay for it - Ancestry

1819 Thomas Hancox married Verney Woodfield on 12/10/1819 in Bubbenhall. He of Bubbenhall, she of Hunningham, Warwickshire. Elizabeth Woodfield a witness. All made their mark. Hunningham~10 k SSE of Coventry . Bubbenhall~6 k SSE of Coventry- so only ~4 k apart.


Thomas & Verney/Varney had the following 6 children baptised in Bubbenhall: Nathaniel 1820, Mary1821, Thomas 1823, Mabel 1825, Sarah 1826 and Hannah 1828

1823. Thomas Hancox was baptised 5/6/1823 to Thomas Snr, labourer, and Verney in Bubbenhall

1830. His wife dies aged 31, buried 8/6/1830 in St Giles Bubbenhall -FMP

1831. Thomas Hancox marries again, to Letitia Gilbert on 3/1/1831- FS. 2 more children are born and baptised in Bubbenhall: William 1831 & Catherine 1835

1841C.Thomas Hancox,51,ag. labourer, b. Warwickshire, is living Bubbenhall with his 2nd wife and 4 children, 2 each from his 2 marriages. Several of the older children have left home

Thomas Hancox Male 51 1790 Warwickshire, England  
Lettia Hancox Female 51 1790 Warwickshire, England  
Sarah Hancox Female 15 1826 Warwickshire, England  
Hannah Hancox Female 13 1828 Warwickshire, England  
William Hancox Male 10 1831 Warwickshire, England  
Catherine Hancox Female 6 1835 Warwickshire, England

1843. Thomas Hancox likely dies Coventry Mar 1843

1851C. His widow, pauper field woman, and 2 youngest children are living Village, Bubbenhall

Letticia Hancox Head Widow Female 63 1788 Pauper Field Woman Warwickshire, England  
William Hancox Son Unmarried Male 19 1832 Ag Lab Bubbenhall, Warwickshire, England  
Catherine Hancox Daughter Unmarried Female 15 1836 Field Woman Bubbenhall, Warwickshire, England

1856. His widow, Letitia Hancox dies Warwick Jun 1856