Florence Bannister??, about 1874,

. Adam had a theory that she could be a Jane Harrison, but neither of us now think this theory i splausible, but have kept it just in case

As well as the 2 birth registrations below, there is one of Florence Emma Bannister, West Ham Dec 1878, mother Chapman - this surely too late for her to starring as Pepita in May 1891

And a Florence Bannister Fulham Dec 1877 , mother Hesp

1881C. Possbility in Mile end Old town . The birth of Florence Elizabeth Bannister is registered in Mile End Mar 1877 and her mother was Ada Wortley . Cannot find this family in 1891C & 1901C ( Adam has found them in the Mile End Workhouse in 1888 & then In 1911C living with sister in Limehouse, London, then dies in 1928 )

Charles Bannister
Married Male 42 1839 Seaman now at home dock laborer Malden, Essex, England
Ada Bannister
Married Female 27 1854 Housewife Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Frederick Bannister
Single Male 6 1875 Scholar Stepney, Middlesex, England
Florence Bannister
Single Female 4 1877 - Stepney, Middlesex, England
Charles Bannister
Single Male 2 1879 - Stepney, Middlesex, England

1891C. A possibility St James, Westminster. Maybe the Florence Banister registered Westminster Sep 1876 . Spellingof the surname consistent, no mother given.

Henry Banister
Married Male 58 1833 Dairy man London, Middlesex, England
Elizabeth Banister
Married Female 55 1836 - London, Middlesex, England
Elizabeth Banister
Single Female 29 1862 - London, Middlesex, England
Ann Banister
Single Female 27 1864 - London, Middlesex, England
Louie Banister
Single Female 24 1867 - London, Middlesex, England
Emily Banister
Single Female 21 1870 - London, Middlesex, England
Florence Banister
Single Female 14 1877 Scholar London, Middlesex, England

1891C. Camberwell

James Bannister
Married Male 50 1841 General labourer Essex, England
Mary A Bannister
Married Female 46 1845 Laundress London, Middlesex, England
Florence E Bannister
Single Female 17 1874 Enamell works London, Middlesex, England
James F Bannister
- Male 14 1877 Van guard London, Middlesex, England
Jessie E Bannister
- Female 13 1878 Scholar London, Middlesex, England
Henry W Bannister
- Male 9 1882 Scholar London, Middlesex, England
Ethel T Bannister
- Female 8 1883 Scholar London, Middlesex, England
Ernest A Bannister
- Male 6 1885 Scholar London, Middlesex, England

1901C A Flornce Bannister, 25, born Hammersmith, a visitor in the Monteith household . And another one, aged 24, a barmaid,b.New Cross,this around Lewisham

1891C. Possibly Florence Bannister, actress, 16, b. Marylebone in Wolverhampton. . Who is Charles Bannister 1827 - Ancestry trees exist & his wife dies 1887. No birth for a Florence Bannister born Marylebone

Charles Bannister Boarder Married Male 64 1827 Retired Solicitor Braunton, Devon, England  
Jane Bannister Boarder Married Female 43 1848 Theatrical Wardrobe Mistress Calcutta India  
Florence Bannister Boarder Single Female 16 1875 Actress Marylebone, Middlesex, England  
Edward Fielding Lodger Married Male 40 1851 Vocalist & Comedian Hackney, Middlesex, England
Frances Fielding Wife Married Female 38 1853 Vocalist & Comedian Finsbury, Middlesex, England


Charles, 55, in 1881C wiith wife Jane Chappel Bannister, 54, & children Edith Maud 15 & William Walter 17. . His wife dies in 1887. . Thus the above Jane, 43, is a newwoman, and not his daughter Elizabeth Jane either

So MAYBE Jane Unknown has just adopted the name Bannister for respectability, and her daughter Florence has done likewise

No Ancestry London baptism for a Florence born to mother Jane 1873-75. And cannot find a Jane ?? born Calcutta 1846-50

Seemingly no death on Bmd for Charles 1891-1928 . Have looked for probate too on Ancestry

18 May 1891 at Greenwich  Theatre Florence Bannister is playing in Pepita

1892. A notice appears in the Yorkshire Gazette that Henry L Osmond of Mr Hallatt's Dangers of London Company had married Florence Bannister on 7/11/1892 at Manchester Registrar Office . BUT, no such record on bmd or Ancestry!!No m.c.on BMD for Florence Harrison or Henry Ormrod either!


16 Jun 1894 . Miss Florence Bannister's Company is playing ' Villainy's Victim' at Middleton .- she and Henry Lewis Osmond in the cast - See Press Cuttings

3 Jul 1894 Miss Florence Bannister's Company is playing 'My Sweetheart' at Rotherham

13 Oct 1894 Miss Florence Bannister plays in 'A Noble Brother' at Warrington as Flo Bannister with Henry Lewis Osmond
& just 23 days later she has a daughter!

1894 Marjory Ormrod born on 6/11/1894 Old Thackley, N. Bierley Dec 1894 to Henry Lewis Ormrod & Florence Bannister



1895. Miss Florence Bannister plays in 'Nurse Charity' with Henry L Osmond in Rotherham 6 April

flo1 flo2 flo3  
Photos found in the Balmer photo collection . No year specified


1895.Arthur Lewis Ormrod was born to Henry Lewis Ormrod & Florence Bannister N.Bierley Sep 1895. He died the same quarter

1895 Playing Maude Charteris (in the Era, I know not where) 27 July

1896. Dorothy May Ormrod was born to Henry Lewis Ormrod & Florence Bannister Bradford Sep 1896. She died the same quarter

1898. Appears in Leeds in "A Woman's Revenge" October as Flo Bannister with Henry Lewis Osmond

1899. Workington Dec19th Appears as Flo Bannister in a play" the Union Jack" with Henry Lewis Osmond

1900 Jan 29. At Prince's Theatre, Preston HL & Gilbert Osmonds production of Robinson Crusoe. Flo Bannister.

1901C. Henry L Osmond, 29, b. Mississippi US , is living 18 Albert Street, Fleetwood, Fylde , Lancs with his parents, a 'wife' Florence 26, and daughter, Marjory F Osmond- born as Marjory Ormrod. No m.c of Henry to Florence

Henry H Osmond Head Married Male 56 1845 Electrician Burnley, Lancashire, England  
Mary A Osmond Wife Married Female 55 1846 - Crook, Durham, England  
Henry L Osmond Son Married Male 29 1872 Theatre Manager -USA Mississippi  
Florence Osmond Daughter-In-Law Married Female 26 1875 - London, Middlesex, England  
Margery F Osmond Grand Daughter Single Female 6 1895 - Thackley, Yorkshire, England  
John A Ottley Visitor Single Male 24 1877 Musician Hoyland, Yorkshire, England


1901. May Ormrod - later to be known as Agnes M Osmond/Agda M Osmond- born on 9/4/1901 to Florence Bannister & Henry Lewis Ormrod , theatre proprietor, at 18 Albert Street, Fleetwood -

1901 Sunderland Dec 24 . Henry Osmond is playing opposite Winifred Chalmers in 'Black Vampire'. Flo Bannister also in this

1900-1904. Flo Bannister appears as an actress all over the country , to start with in HLO's Theatre Company , but not in his company 1903 & 1904- but does his company still exist after his bankruptcy . No mention of her after this year . What happens to Florence after March 1904 ?? Could she emigrate- she is then ~32

BUT in

1903. Henry Lewis Ormrod , 31, actor, bachelor, married Alys Winifred Partridge , 26 on 18/6/1903 in Cardiff Registry Office

By 1911, her daughter Marjory is still living with the paternal grand parents, but Florence has vanished. I cannot find her in 1911C, nor a death for her-Wendy thinks she might have remarried ~1903?? : too many Florence Bannisters on BMD, but there is a Florence Louise Bannister marrying Arthur C Frost/Arthur J Palmer St Geo H Sq Sep 1909 . Marriage not on London Ancestry marriages 1754 -1921

1911C. Henry H Osmond, 66, joiner & carpenter, b.Burnley, is living 9 Sunderland Street, Houghton le Spring, Durham with his wife, 2 grandchildren, Marjorie F & Agnes M and a boarder, a music hall professional . Think original is written as Osmond. Houghton le Spring ~15 k NE of Durham, in Tyne & Wear today. Henry Lewis Osmond had a theatre company, Houghton Players, in Houghton, dissolved in 1910

Henry H Osmand Head Married Male Joiner And Carpenter 66 1845 Lanc Burnley  
Mary A Osmand Wife Married Female - 66 1845 Co Durham Not Known  
Marjorie F Osmand Granddaughter Single Female Book Keeper 16 1895 Thackley Yorks  
Agnes M Osmand Granddaughter - Female School 10 1901 Lanc Fleetwood  
Sam France Boarder Single Male Music Hall Professional 25 1886 Cardiff Wales

Daughter Marjory was known as Madge and was seemingly brought up by her grandparents, as were Agnes/Agda 1902- or 1901?? - and half sister Irene May 1916




1909. Possibly Florence L Bannister could have married Arthur James Palmer St G H Sq Sep 1909.- not on London marriages Ancestry .An Arthur J Palmer, 39, dies Marylebone Mar 1911 &

1911C. Florence Palmer, widow, 35, domestic nurse, is living Streatham, Wandsworth. Would need 1909 mc to vaguely prove this!

Arthur Markes Head Married Male Traveller Electrical 35 1876 London Taver Hill  
Jeannie Markes Wife Married Female - 37 1874 Ulcombe Kent  
Vera Markes Daughter - Female - 4 1907 London Brixton  
Robert Newman Visitor Widower Male Retired Farmer 93 1818 London Bloomsbury  
Florence Palmer Servant Widow Female Nurse Domestic 35 1876 London Regents PK

This just supposition!!

1914 Florence L Palmer could marry George Randall 1914 Southwark- NO, her father was Wlliam A Palmer or 1912 could remarry Ernest Hogg 1912 Fulham Nothing for her on London marriages as Florence L Palmer/Bannister

1940 Florence L Palmer could die, aged 66, Hartismere, Suffolk


Another option - disproved!

1908 a Florence Osmond marries Edgar Thompson Pontypridd Dec

1911C . Treherbert, Rhondda

Edgar Thompson Head Married Male Dispenser 28 1883 Glamorgan Ferndale  
Florence Thompson Wife Married Female - 25 1886 Glamorgan Treforest

and a Florence Antoria Osmond was born 1886 Pontypridd - so this not our Florence