William Lewis 1790s- pre 1837

1802. William Lewis, cordwainer, married Catherine Hughes, on 20/6/1802 in St Peters Liverpool -FMP

1814. A Marriage of William Lewis, shoemaker, to Jane Edwards 17/2/1814 Liverpool . Marriage by License- image on Ancestry, but no further information Which marriage is our William??

Lots of baptisms Liverpool -FS - to 2 William & Catherine Lewis couples: only a few of these give the mother's maiden name, these being Hughes / Jones

Baptisms specifically to Catherine Hughes are: Catherine 1810 & Sarah 1805 ; to Catherine Jones just William 1809.

Baptisms to an unspecified Catherine are: William 1813, Margaret 1814, Robert 1818, Esther 1822, Mary 1823, Harriett 1825, Elizabeth 1826 & William 1828,

So, from 1841C & 1851C with Catherine, Robert & Mary in, I deduced that a William, shoemaker, married Catherine Hughes

In FS, many children baptised to a William & Jane Lewis 1790-1830, some of these-John 1806, William 1811- specifically to William Lewis & Jane Watson, who married 1806 Liverpool . Other children to a William & Jane were Ann Jane 1814, Mary 1815, Margaret 1819, Thomas 1819, John 1822, Joseph Watson 1825, William Fallon 1828: the latter was baptised 1828 to William, mariner, & Jane- so unlikely to have been a brother!!,

~1815 Mary Jane Lewis was born Liverpool Lancashire to William, bootmaker-from her 1837 m.c.- and Jane/ Catharine . No definitive baptism found although at least 3 of her siblings were baptised . But have found 1814 baptism of Ann Jane Lewis and 1815 baptism of Mary to William & Jane: one of these 2, more likely the second, could be she, and certainly with a name like Mary Jane, her mother is more likely to be Jane Edwards than Catherine Hughes!!


1841C. No William Lewis, shoemaker, widowed or with Jane Lewis, or a Jane Lewis widow ~ correct ages in Liverpool- so assume this couple have died pre 1841. No death for William nor Catherine 1837-1841 on Bmd . No burials on FMP- suspect they do not have many!

Following almost certainly irrelevant!

1841C. A William Lewis 55, Butler/baster, Catherine 65 living Liverpool

1841C. William Lewis , 60, bootmaker, is living with wife Catharine at Mill Place Liverpool

William Lewis Male 60 1781 Lancashire, England  
Catherine Lewis Female 63 1778 Lancashire, England  
Robert Lewis Male 23 1818 Lancashire, England  
Mary Lewis Female 19 1822 Lancashire, England  
John Lewis Male 0 1841 Lancashire, England

William & Catherine had Sarah 1805, Catherine 1810, ? Mary Jane ~1815? , no baptism found, Robert 1818 & Mary 1823. Maybe others flown the nest by 1841C.

1851C. William Lewis , 70, bootmaker, is living with wife Catharine at Mill Place Liverpool

William Lewis Head Married Male 70 1781 Boot And Shoe Maker Liverpool, Lancashire, England  
Catharine Lewis Wife Married Female 73 1778 - Liverpool, Lancashire, England  
Catharine Lewis Daughter Unmarried Female 40 1811 House Keeper Liverpool, Lancashire, England  
Robert Lewis Son Unmarried Male 33 1818 Iron?? Buisiness Liverpool, Lancashire, England  
John Lewis Grand Son Unmarried Male 10 1841 Scholar Liverpool, Lancashire, England

Robert's occupation looks like 'jn no business[insane]' - only the 1st 2 letters being unclear!

Both seem dead by 1861C.

William could die 1853 or any year between 1856-1861!!

Catherine could die any year between 1851-1853, or 1855 or 1857!! No Burials for either on Liverpool Burials - FMP

Gut feeling is that Mary Jane was born to Jane Edwards

Mary Jane Lewis