William Sparrow 1751-1830


Map of area around Coventry needed

Allesley ~5k NW of Coventry

~1751 . William Sparrow born . Baptisms on FS to a William & Sarah 1751 & in 1752 to a William & Mary, both in Coventry

1775. William Sparrow marries Mary Hanson Stivichall, 27/12/1775. William was of Stoneleigh parish, Mary of Stivichall. Mary seemed to be able to sign her name .Stivichall is to the S of Coventry, only 4-5 k SE of Allesley .Stoneleigh~8k S of Coventry, only a couple of k W of Bubbenhall , 5 k S of Stivichall



1789 . Thomas Richard Sparrow is indentured Allesley to William Sparrow, carpenter

1790. Joseph Sparrow born. No baptism on FMP, FS. But there are Allesley baptisms of Thomas 1784, John 1787, William 1789 to William & Mary Sparrow and a page of baptisms Dec1790-April 1791 seem to be missing from the records on Ancestry, so a good probability that he was indeed born to William & Mary Sparrow

1795. A William Sparrow, no age given, was buried Allesley - FMP. Maybe his 1789 son or could be his father

1830. William Sparrow, 79, was buried 5/4/1830 in Allesley - FMP