Henry Hopwood Ormrod 1845-1922

1845. Henry Hopwood Ormrod was born on 9/9/1845 at Chancery Street, Burnley Burnley Sep 1845 to Henry Marsden Ormrod & Mary Jane Lewis . His father an Attorney's Clerk


1851C. Henry H Ormrod, 5, is living South Parade, Hagerham East, Burnley., with his parents and 2 brothers, plus a servant . Original could well read Ormrod

Henry M Omrod Head Married Male 34 1817 Slaters Managing Clerk Burnley, Lancashire, England  
Mary Kaae Omrod Wife Married Female 36 1815 - Liverpool, Lancashire, England  
John F Omrod Son - Male 12 1839 Scholar Burnley, Lancashire, England  
Henry H Omrod Son - Male 5 1846 - Burnley, Lancashire, England  
James D Omrod Son - Male 0 1851 - Burnley, Lancashire, England  
Betty Sanderson Servant Unmarried Female 38 1813 House Servant Waddington, Yorkshire, England

1861C. Henry Hopwood Ormrod, 15, ironmongers apprentice, is living 19 Eliza Street Burnley, with his parents, 2 brothers & a sister, plus servant . Original could well read Ormrod . Also reads James Dixon

Henry Marsden Osmend Head Married Male 44 1817 Solicitors Many Of Clerk Burnley, Lancashire, England  
Mary Jane Osmend Wife Married Female 46 1815 - Burnley, Lancashire, England  
John Lewis Osmend Son Unmarried Male 22 1839 Solicitors Articlier Clerk Burnley, Lancashire, England  
Henry Hopwood Osmend Son Unmarried Male 15 1846 Ironmongers Apprentice Burnley, Lancashire, England  
James Dyon Osmend Son - Male 10 1851 Scholar Burnley, Lancashire, England  
Agnes Maria Osmend Daughter - Female 8 1853 Scholar Burnley, Lancashire, England  
Ann Oddie Servant Unmarried Female 23 1838 House Servant Whalley, Lancashire, England

Likely 1865-1870. Henry Hopwood Ormrod, goes out to Mississippi to work on the reconstruction of the railway after the American Civil War. Historians say that workers were recruited from the north of England for this work - see end of page

1867. Henry Ormand (I'm sure he is our Henry H Ormrod- the birth dates are right) immigrated to New York from Liverpool onboard the Denmark. Arrival 4 May 1867.-Babs

1870AC. Henry H Ormrad, 24, b.England, boarder, is a stationary engineer, living Township 4, Hinds County, Mississippi . Census taken August - Ancestry


An engineer who operates industrial machinery and equipment that provide energy in various forms

I think he would have met Mary Murphy in Mississippi : Adam thinks they eloped from Burnley and Durham to evade Henry´s father disapproval of an Irish bride!!

1871. Henry Hopwood Ormrod married Mary Murphy in Copiah County, Mississippi on 22/4/1871


~1872. Henry Lewis Ormrod was born to Henry & Mary in Mississippi - the Lewis came from his grandmother Mary Jane Lewis who had married Henry Marsden Ormrod in 1837 . No births recorded in Copiah until 1912!

1872-1881. Came back to Lancashire

1881C. Henry H Ormrod, 35, cabinet maker, b. Burnley, is living 2 Lloyd Street, Everton, W. Derby, Lancs with his wife and son . Everton is part of Liverpool .-map . His wife's birthplace would seem to be fiction, in comparison to the other 3 censuses she appears in

Henry H Ormrod Head Married Male 35 1846 Cabinet Maker Employing 1 Man (Master) Burnley, Lancashire, England  
Mary A Ormrod Wife Married Female 35 1846 - Ireland  
Henry L Ormrod Son Single Male 9 1872 - United States

1891C. Henry H Ormond, 45,lodger, electrical engineer, b.Burnley, is living Crampton Street, Horton, Bradford with his wife, 46, given as born Newcastle upon Tyne . Ormond is a mistranscription on FMP - entry clearly states Ormrod!

John Wm Mellor Head Married Male 25 1866 Teamer Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England  
Annie Mellor Wife Married Female 25 1866 - Haxby, Yorkshire, England  
Henry H Ormond Lodger Married Male 45 1846 Electrical Engineer Burnley, Lancashire, England  
Mary Hannah Ormond Wife Married Female 46 1845 Upholstress Newcastle on Tyne

Likely still around Bradford in 1894 when their 'daughter in law' Florence Bannister/Ormrod gives birth in Thackley-map

1901C. Henry H Osmond, 56, electrician, b.Burnley, is living 18 Albert Street, Fleetwood, Fylde , Lancs with his wife, son and son's 'wife' and child , Marjory born N. Bierley Yorks Dec 1894 : seemingly Thackley,~6-8 k N of Bradford . He has adopted his son's stage name of Osmond- probably made life simpler!

Henry H Osmond Head Married Male 56 1845 Electrician Burnley, Lancashire, England  
Mary A Osmond Wife Married Female 55 1846 - Crook, Durham, England  
Henry L Osmond Son Married Male 29 1872 Theatre Manager -  
Florence Osmond Daughter-In-Law Married Female 26 1875 - London, Middlesex, England  
Margery F Osmond Grand Daughter Single Female 6 1895 - Thackley, Yorkshire, England  
John A Ottley Visitor Single Male 24 1877 Musician Hoyland, Yorkshire, England

1911C. Henry H Osmond, 66, joiner & carpenter, b.Burnley, is living 9 Sunderland Street, Houghton le Spring, Durham with his wife, 2 grandchildren, Marjorie F & Agnes M and a boarder, a music hall professional . Think original is written as Osmond . Houghton le Spring ~15 k NE of Durham, in Tyne & Wear today

His son, Henry Lewis Osmond, had had a theatre company in Houghton le Spring which had been dissolved in January 1910

Henry H Osmand Head Married Male Joiner And Carpenter 66 1845 Lanc Burnley  
Mary A Osmand Wife Married Female - 66 1845 Co Durham Not Known  
Marjorie F Osmand Granddaughter Single Female Book Keeper 16 1895 Thackley Yorks  
Agnes M Osmand Granddaughter - Female School 10 1901 Lanc Fleetwood  
Sam France Boarder Single Male Music Hall Professional 25 1886 Cardiff Wales

1912. Another grandchild is born, Doris Ethel Osmond, Why did Henry and his wife not take her in alog with Marjory & Agnes??

1916. His son gives them another child to take care of - Irene May Osmond, born 1916

1918. Seems to have been living at Bipsham when "daughter in law" Ethel Osmond/Beard died . This is also where his granddaughter, Irene Osmond 1916, was thought to have lived 1916-~1925, being brought up by him and his wife

1921C. H H Ormrod, 76, no occupation, born Burnley, is living with his wife in his son´s unorthodox! family at 12 Church Road Bipsham


1922. Henry Hopwood Ormerod, 77, Architect!, dies 23/4/1922 Fylde Jun 1922 at 6 Church Lane,Blackpool . Informant Henry Lewis O Ormerod, same address. No grave on Findagrave or on Gravestone photos. No probate


His wife died in 1932, having moved to Houghton le Spring to live with their granddaughter Marjory in 1928 or earlier.

P.S. ~1865-1870

I was talking to a friend who is very interested in USA history and asked the question about why Henry would go and come back from the US. He explained that the Railroad companies actively recruited craftsman (as well as labourers) particularly from the North of England for the continuation of railroad building after the civil war (I guess the war reduced the available manpower). This would tie in with Henry's dates in Mississippi and his return. Based on this I found the following websites that actually agree with this theory- Babs