David Owens ~1790- likely 1851-1861

No baptism on FMP to a Robert 1793-1803

1822. David Owens , of Llandegai , married Mary Thomas, of Llanddeiniolen, in Llanddeiniolen on 8/11/1822 -FMP, no image available

A Jane Owens is baptised 8 days later, 16/11/1822, to a David & Mary, in Llangelynin-FS

1824 . Robert Owens was baptised Llangelynin on 11/4/1824 to David, labourer, & Mary : address Parlour?? -FMP. Date is 11/4/1826 on FS! Birthplace of Robert is Llanllechid on all censuses except 1891, but his m.c. gives Llangelynin . Robert calls his first son David, & his 1849 mc gives his father as David Owens. Llangelynin is ~16k E of Tal-y-Bont, S of Conwy. Trouble is there is also a Tal-y-bont S of Llangelynin and of Conwy!

1833. Margaret Owen baptised 31/3/1833 Llangelynin to David, labourer, & Mary . Abode Parlwr- as for Robert 1824- FMP

1835. Owen Owen baptised 20/7/1835 Llangelynin to David, labourer, & Mary . Abode Parlor- as for Robert 1824- FMP

These seem to be the only baptisms in Llangelynin to David & Mary on FMP & FS

1841C. Possibly in Llangelynin - older children- like Robert- having already left home. Ages rounded down

David Owen Male 45 1796 Caernarvonshire, Wales  
Mary Owen Female 40 1801 Caernarvonshire, Wales  
Mary Owen Female 10 1831 Caernarvonshire, Wales  
Margaret Owen Female 5 1836 Caernarvonshire, Wales  
Owen Owen Male 5 1836 Caernarvonshire, Wales

1851C. Possibly, in Llanllechid . Birthplaces correct for David & Mary

David Ouen Head Married Male 50 1801 Quarry Man Llandegai, Caernarvonshire, Wales  
Mary Ouen Wife Married Female 48 1803 Quarry Man's Wife Llanddeinolen Caernarvonshire,  
David Ouen Son - Male 11 1840 Quarry Man same  
Griffith Ouen Son - Male 9 1842 Scholar same  
Owen Ouen Son - Male 4 1847 - Llandegai, Caernarvonshire, Wale


Looked for burials 1824-1854

Cannot find either of them in 1861C Ancestry, nor in FMP. so 2 deaths below unlikely to be theirs! Must have probably died 1851-1861

1867.A David Owen, 77, died. Buried Llandegai 13/3/1867 - seems a trifle old -FMP

1870. A Mary Owen, 67, died. Buried Llandegai 28/7/1870 - correct age



Robert Owens