Thomas Pitchford 1875-

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1900. Thomas Pitchford married Charlotte Povey W.Bromwich Dec 1900

1901. Thomas Pitchford ,26, engine driver stationary, b.West Bromwich, is living with his wife Charlotte, 24 & James Povey 18, in Oxford Street, Wednesbury, West Bromwich, Staffs

Thomas Pitchford Head Married Male 26 1875 Engine Driver Stationery West Bromwich, Staffordshire, England  
Charlotte Pitchford Wife Married Female 24 1877 - Bilston, Staffordshire, England  
James Povey Boarder Single Male 18 1883 Stoker Stationery Boilers Wednesbury, Staffordshire, England


1911. Thomas Pitchford, 36, steel smelter, is living 51 Bright Street, Middlesborough with wife Charlotte, and chilldren Thomas Herbert 9, Nellie Gwendoline 7, & Marion Maud 4 and a lodger

Thomas Pitchford Head Married Male Steel Smelters 36 1875 Staffordshire Bilston  
Charlotte Pitchford Wife Married Female - 34 1877 Staffordshire West Bromwich  
Thomas Herbert Pitchford Son - Male - 9 1902 Staffordshire Wednesbury  
Nellie Gwendoline Pitchford Daughter - Female - 7 1904 Staffordshire Wednesbury  
Marion Maud Pitchford Daughter - Female - 4 1907 Durham Haverton Hill  
Frederick Hilton Boarder Married Male Steel Smelters 32 1879 Lancs Ince

1924. Nellie Pitchford marries John Brownlee. He is the brother of May Wood Brownlee

1924. Thomas & Charlotte began looking after Agda M Osmond

She was cared for from a baby, then adopted, legally ,~1929, becoming known as Mame Pitchford. When this 1924 arrangement was reached, Henry Lewis Osmond was still living with May Brownlee- so it suited all sides . When Henry run into financial difficulties/quarelled with May, around 1927, he left May Brownwood and presumably the Brownlees and the Pitchfords felt miffed! , and the formal adoption followed in 1930, just days before Agda's birth mother married Reg Tulloh-Hatchett- and might thus have been able to reclaim her daughter, having a suitable home for her

1958. Agda's mother by adoption, Charlotte Pitchford did not die until 1958, Middlesborough, aged 81.

When did Thomas die?? Maybe 1940 Cleveland or 1956 Durham central - both given as born 1874 . Or 1937 from an Ancestry tree -gedcomjan12- but this not borne out on Bmd