Patressia Edith Franks Ormrod 1927- >2012, I think she is still living in 2015 -Whitepages

we believe the Franks name was from her God Father the comedian Frankie Franks

1927. Patressia E F Ormrod was born Middlesborough Jun 20/5/1927 Grangetown to Henry Lewis Ormrod & May Wood Brownlee- does anyone have the bc??. ?. She was May's second, and last ,child with HLO and his 8th child with 4 different women . her sister, Luna Osmond Ormrod was born 1923

1927. HLO walked out on her mother before her birth- likely around April, and she was born at her uncle's, John & Nellie Brownlee's,- Also great if any house . So likely she never met her father. But she certainly knew her niece, Agda M Osmond/Pitchford 1924, born illegitimately to her half sister Agda May Osmond 1901 but raised by Thomas & Charlotte Pitchford, parents of her aunt by marriage, Nellie Pitchford/Brownlee - thus making Agda M Osmond/Pitchford her aunt by adoption!!!


Photo ~1945

1947 .Patressia Edith Franks Ormrod married Frederick A Edmondson 1947 Morecambe

She had 5 children: Peter J Edmondson 1949, Frederick G Edmondson 1950, Julie M Edmondson 1954, Anthony J Edmondson 1956 & George A Edmondson 1959, all Morecambe .

Last contact the Brownlee family had with Pat was 2013- from Babs . Would be great if any of the Brownlees could contact her . Also great if any of her 5 children were to contact me,