Reginald John Tulloh Hatchett 1888-1973



Reg was an equestrian artist and excelled at scizzor cuttings and cartoons which he nearly always signed "JON".- cannot find any ref. to this
I beleive Reg inherited his mothers estate on her death and started business as a stable owner and hacking school. When this business failed during the wallstreet crash he turned [ actually returned] to the theatre and he and my aunt were known as Sackville and West.- he was an actor from the early 1900s!
I beleive that she and Reg spent alot of time entertaining in South Africa after the war.-yet to find any ref. to this
I have some documentation that belonged to Reg. There is also a connection with the Mellons as I know Reg and Agda received an allowance from Paul Mellon up to her death in 1979. I remember meeting him-Reg- as a child about 1946.Wendy 2009

1888. Reginald John T Hatchett was born 16/2/1888 to John Hatchett & Ada Goldsmith West/Tulloh Barnstable Swimbridge Devon . Seemingly in Donnington Hall- Diana doc. Birthday from bmd death record. Baptised ,as Reginald John Tullock Hatchett, 1/4/1888 in Swimbridge- FMP

1891C.Reginald Hatchett,3, is living with his parents, sister & 2 servants at St Katherines, Sand Pits, Cradley, Bromyard, Herefordshire

John Hatchett Head Married Male 38 1853 Living On Own Means Bognor Sussex, England  
Ada G Hatchett Wife Married Female 42 1849 Living On Own Means Nova Scotia Canada  
Elenor M Hatchett Daughter - Female 7 1884 - West Malvern, Worcestershire, England  
Reginold Hatchett Son - Male 3 1888 - Swenbridge, North Devon  
Jane Carter Servant Single Female 29 1862 General Servant Domestic Bredon, Worcestershire, England  
Elizabeth Hoore Servant Single Female 25 1866 Nurse Domestic Worcester

1901C. Reginald J T Hatchett , aged 13, is with his mother & sister in Painswick Lawn 2, Cheltenham, yet his father, John, correct age & birthplace, would appear to be in Swansea, as a timekeeper in a Copper works!!- Tim Hatchett Ancestry family tree .

Ada G Hatchett Head Married Female 53 1848 Living On Own Means Belgium? maybe Bolquim  
Eleanor M J Hatchett Daughter Single Female 17 1884 - Malvern, Worcestershire, England  
Reginald J T Hatchett Son - Male 13 1888 - Swimbridge, Devon, England  
Mary Shortel Servant Single Female 27 1874 Hospital Nurse Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, tells Reginald's story of how he got into acting, likely around 1904- have copied this onto Cuttings. I do not think he was really famous - just well known in that line of work at the time

1909. Reginald John T Hatchett 21 married Winifred Martha U Whur 21 in Herne Kent Blean Jun 1909. Blean in Kent . Winifred b 27 Sep 1887 Prittlewell, Essex



Winifred Martha Whur in 1891C & 1901C

She seemingly dies, born 27/9/1887, as Winifred M U Hatchett, aged 82, in 1969.. Her father was a decorator called Ernest Whur(r); she was described
in the 1911Census as being Anglo-Spanish but her mother was called Ada and was born in
Danbury, Essex so any Spanish connection is uncertain.
. Could look her up in 1939 register.

But meanwhile she might remarry, 1932, an Edmund J Allen, as Winifred A M Whurr

There was a large legal case involving an aristocratic Sackville-West in 1909 and I suspect Reginald decided to adopt the name for free publicity- and his mother had been born a West.

1911C. Reginald Sackville-West 23, visitor, actor, theatrical proprietor, b. Barnstable, is living with his wife of 2 years, no children, Winifred, 23, actress, b. Prittlewell, Anglo Spanish, at 21 Cartwright Gdns, a dwelling house with 25 lodgers in it, St Pancras. Winifred died in Southend 1969 (wonder if/when they divorced). His mother is in Cheltenham with his sister- cannot find his father, who likely does not die until 1934.

Reginald married Winifred Martha U Whurr at Blean, Kent in June 1909; both were aged 21.
In 1911 he was living in Cartwright Gardens, Bloomsbury under the name of Reginald
Sackville-West, Actor, Theatrical Profession with Winifred who was described as an actress,
Theatrical Profession. Her father was a decorator called Ernest Whur(r); she was described
in the Census as being Anglo-Spanish but her mother was called Ada and was born in
Danbury, Essex so any Spanish connection is uncertain.- Diana

No seeming mention of him in FMP newspapers 1909-1916.

1912. In Kelly’s Directory of 1912, John Hatchett was listed as living at Camp House Public House, Grimley, Worcestershire and was apparently still there in 1924 so the couple appear to have definitely parted company before 1901

1917. Appears as Reginald Sackville-West in A "Special Note" in Glasgow.

1918.Reginald John Tulloch Hatchett is called up to the army- as a mere private- in September 1918. On his service record his address then 1 Church Street Morecambe, his next of kin is his mother Ada Golsdsmith Hatchett,of Mill House Malvern, C of E, his profession stage actor, his marriage status has both Yes & No crossed out and something indescipherable in its place! - it would appear that his marriage is over . He is demobilised as a private by March 1919, his address being 23, Skelton Road, Forest Gate, EC.

1919. A Pamela Priscilla H Hatchett was born 9/5/1919 Horsham Sep 1919, mother Whur. Could she have been a daughter of his, seemingly ex, wife Winifred Whur?? She died, unmarried, in 2003 Southend on Sea Dec 2003

1920. Reginald Sackville-West appears in Fred Karnos company in a production of 'A Little Bit of Fluff' in Derby, 8/5/1920

1921. Reginald Sackville-West appears in 'The Whirligig' in Gloucester 19/11/1921.

1921. His mother, Ada Goldsmith Hatchett, dies 27/11/1921. Leaves just £567. But, according to an article in the Hobart Mercury of 1938, Rex
inherited £68,000 in 1921 from his mother and lost it all seven [ actually goes bankrupt in 6 years] years later.

Rex then left the stage to settle in the country He .started business as a stable owner and hacking school But he lost money in the ill-fated enterprises of his friend Jimmy White and was almost penniless by 1928/1927.

1927. 25/11/1927. Reginald Tulloh-Hatchett of The Little Place, Charminster Road Bournemouth, but late of the Four Gables Quorn, Leicester, riding master, was declared bankrupt - Edinburgh Gazette & London Gazette

1929. He, riding master, was residing at The Little Place, Charminster Road Bournemouth, but late of the Four Gables Quorn, Leicester, when his bankruptcy was released on 17/11/1929 - London Gazette

1930 . Reginald Tulloh-Hatchett, 42, married Agda M Ormrod/Osmond, aged 29, on 30/6/1930 Lambeth - , she using 2 names, he 4, a lot of entries for one marriage!! Reginald Sackville-West was his stage name! The other surnames he used were West and Hatchett . . Linda has this m.c.- I wonder what lies he tells?? The witnesses at Reginald's marriage to Agda were Leslie and Louisa Karno the son and daughter-in-law of the famous Fred Karno.- Diana Ancestry message board 2009

As an actor, his most distinctive trait was a deep, incredibly gravelly voice. In a 1965 radio
interview, he told the story of how he took lodgings in London and began his long and
celebrated career in the theatre. In the Bodega pub in Bedford Street he met Mrs Johnson,
an elderly lady who invited him to join her as ‘stage manager’ for a sketch called Sexton
Blake. Reginald was in charge of the props but one night he was given a line to speak: ‘At
the Rats’ Roost, Wapping!’. She was pleased with his performance and, when the sketch
was turned into a complete show, he walked the stage of the Old Sadlers Wells. From there
he worked his way up and finally got into repertory at the Elephant and Castle.
He seems to have started travelling in about 1922 and appears on a number of passenger
lists. It has been suggested that he was an entertainer on the liners. In 1922 he sailed from
Sydney to London on the Manua and in July he left London for Gibraltar on the Naldera, both
of these ships being owned by the Peninsula and Orient Steam Navigation Company Ltd
(P&O). For the voyage to Gibraltar he lists his profession as pilot. In 1925 he travelled from
London to Gibraltar accompanied by his ‘wife’ Anita and later that year, again accompanied
by Anita he travelled from Montreal to Plymouth. She was still with him in 1931 when they left
East Africa on the Llandaff Castle for Southampton although his marriage to Agda took place
a year earlier.

Several cuttings of his appearances in FMP Newspapers

1939. Reginald appears in the 1939 Register in Boston Lincs, as an actor & variety artist, with his wife Agnes M, described in the same way

r. Agnes M Tulloh-Hatchett, actress & variety artist, is living with her husband in the Box household at 75 Granville Street, Boston, Lincoln. Reginald's name is crossed out and it says "see page 10" - but cannot find this nor any page numbers!

Reginald Tulloh-Hatchett 16 Feb 1888 Male Actor & Variety Artiste Married 417 4
William Box 16 Mar 1889 Male Railway Porter Married 417 1
Alice Box 15 Feb 1886 Female Housewife Unpaid Married 417 2
Leonard J Biggadike 19 Feb 1919 Male Railway Engine Clea Single 417 3
Agnes M Tulloh-Hatchett 02 Apr 1902 Female Actress & Variety Artist Married

His 1st wife,Winifred M Hatchett, widowed!!, is living 34, Hamlet Road, Southend in 1939 Register- 3 others in the household, including Pamela Priscilla Hatchett, her 1919 daughter?? and an Ada P Whur, likely her mother?, : Ada P Whur, 82, dies Southend Sep 1948

Winifred M Hatchett 27 Sep 1887 Female Unpaid Domestic Duties Widowed 10 2
Ada P Whur 02 Dec 1865 Female Reitred Nurse Widowed 10 1
Martha E Porter 30 Apr 1871 Female Incapacitated Single 10 3
Pamela ? Hatchett 09 May 1919 Female Shortland - Typist Single


There is a gap during the war years but he travelled from Durban to Liverpool in 1940 on the
Capetown Castle accompanied by his wife Agda. The next record appears to be in 1948
when he travelled unaccompanied from Cape Town to Southampton on the Winchester
Castle. However, in 1954 he travelled from Buenos Aires to London again accompanied by
Anita Carolina ‘Hatchett’ who was 13 years younger than Rex and described as a ‘housewife’: Agda was in fact 13 years younger than Rex - could Agda and Anita be one and the same?? - Diana

His life thereafter described on his second wife's page - probably mainly here now!

1951. Fined for obscene language in a railway car! - Hatchett/Agda Cuttings

1964. Reputedly living in Lymington, Hampshire - from Tim Hatchett Ancestry tree

In 1964, Rex Tulloh-Hatchett took part in a BBC radio programme called Home This
Afternoon. It is described as ‘a magazine of interest to all with older listeners specially in
mind, including: Memories of the Turf: Joe Childs, Royal Jockey, as recalled by Rex Tulloh-
Hatchett.’- Diana



1973. Reginald Tulloh-Hatchett dies Worthing . On his grave??/memorial plaque only ?? in St James, Malvern, supposedly the family grave: it does comtain the grave of his great-uncle & aunt, Alexander & Mary Louisa Tulloh, the adoptive parents of his mother Ada, but, curiously not the grave of his mother, the words read: My Dearest Husband. Rex Tulloh-Hatchett 1888-1973 . This seemingly erected by his 2nd wife Agda Ormrod/Osmond

Newspaper Cuttings on Rex . His wife in 1938 was Agda Ormrod 1901

The Mercury (Hobart, Tas. : 1860 - 1954)
Man Who Lost Fortune Still Philosophical
Mr. R. J. Tulloh-Hatchett who inherited £68,000 in 1921 from his mother and lost it
all seven years later, is now almost penniless, working as a "barker" at the Empire
Exhibition at Glasgow. His wife is an attendant at a shooting range.
He lost his fortune in the crash of someone else's enterprises, but. in spite of the
change he remains philo- sophical. "It was sheer bad luck." he told a "Dally Mail"
reporter. "If my investments had been more secure. 1 should have been still hunting
with the Ledbury. racing my horses at Deauville and Chantilly, dining in fashionable
places, and entertaining rich and influential people, many of whom I can yet call my
friends. But I am not crying over spilt milk. Here I am more or less penniless, but
earning an honest living.
"Once, in my 'palmy' days, I won £5,000 in a single day at Ascot-I backed all six
winners. Today I have 1/1 to come back from a quid each-way bet. And mighty glad
I am to be getting the extra coppers.
"I won thousands on the course, and when I was declared bankrupt, two sums of £20
and £32 which were due to me by bookmakers were handed over to my creditors."
Mr. Tulloh-Hatchett, who was born at Donnington Hall, Swimbridge, near Barnstaple,
was educated at Malvern College, and Brasenose. He was a captain in the Lancers
during the war, and a few years ago paid £3,800 for a Devon house

The Ottawa Journal » 1935 » November » 16 Nov 1935, Sat » Page 37
Fourteen years ago R.J. Tulloh-­‐Hatchett'smother died and left him £68,000. Today hes penniless,out of work, reduced to sleeping often on the park benches of London; His moneywas gone in years. He was educated at a famous public school and went on the stage -

When his inheritance camehe he left the stage to settle in the country. But he lost money on the stock exchange, thousands went in the ill-fated enterprises of Jimmy White who was his friend . He paid him for a house in Devonshire but he could not live in it for no servants would work there. The house was reputed to be haunted. He once made 3000 pounds a day at Ascot.



Agda May Osmond