Mary Jane Lewis ~1815- 1864

1802. A Marriage of William Lewis ,cordwainer, to Catherine Hughes 20/6/1802 Liverpool

1814. A Marriage of William Lewis ,shoemaker, to Jane Edwards 17/2/1814 Liverpool

As a son of hers is named James Dixon Ormrod in 1850 I would have expected her mother to have the surname Dixon!

~1815 Born Liverpool Lancashire to William Lewis, bootmaker-from her 1837 m.c..Briefly looked in 1841C for him, seemingly 3 in Liverpool,- looking both on Ancestry & FMP - just one a bootmaker and he is the William who married in 1802, but then her mother more likely to be a Jane . But her father, William , could well have died pre 1837

She is highly likely to have been baptised just as Mary Lewis on 3/2/1815 to William Lewis & Jane Edwards- FS. No baptisms on Ancestry or FMP for Liverpool about this year

In FS, many children baptised to a William & Jane Lewis 1790-1830, some of these-John 1806, William 1811- specifically to William Lewis & Jane Watson, who married 1806 Liverpool . Other children to a William & Jane were Ann Jane 1814, Mary 1815, Margaret 1819, Thomas 1819, John 1822, Joseph Watson 1825, William Fallon 1828: the latter was baptised 1828 to William, mariner, & Jane- so unlikely to have been a brother!!,

Also Edward John 1790, Edward John 1792 , Jane 1796, William 1798 & James 1800 - the last 2 to a Jane Hannah

1837. Mary Jane Lewis, governess, married Henry Marsden Ormrod, attorney clerk,on 13/7/1837 in St Michaels, Liverpool- England & Wales Marriages, Ancestry


The groom, HMO, was of Burnley, his wife resident in 52 Plumber Street, Liverpool. Fathers: John Ormrod, gentleman, and William Lewis, Bootmaker - both seemingly alive, but I think John Ormrod likely died 1831! . Witnesses William Lewis - the father??, unlikely to be William Fallon Lewis 1828 - & Sarah Margaret Wood

1838. John Lewis Ormrod was born to them Burnley Jun 1838

1841C. Henry Ormored, 25, article clerk, is living Yorkshire Street Whalley Union, Burnley with his wife, Mary 26, and son John and likely a servant.

Henry Ormored Male 25 1816 Lancashire, England  
Mary Ormored Female 26 1815 Lancashire, England  
John Ormored Male 3 1838 Lancashire, England  
Sarah Jones Female 12 1829 Lancashire, England

1845. Henry Hopwood Ormrod was born Burnley Sep 1845 to them

1851C. Mary Jane Ormrod, 36, is living South Parade, Hagerham East, Burnley with her husband and 3 sons, plus a servant . Original could well read Ormrod

Henry M Omrod Head Married Male 34 1817 Slaters Managing Clerk Burnley, Lancashire, England  
Mary Kaae Omrod Wife Married Female 36 1815 - Liverpool, Lancashire, England  
John F Omrod Son - Male 12 1839 Scholar Burnley, Lancashire, England  
Henry H Omrod Son - Male 5 1846 - Burnley, Lancashire, England  
James D Omrod Son - Male 0 1851 - Burnley, Lancashire, England  
Betty Sanderson Servant Unmarried Female 38 1813 House Servant Waddington, Yorkshire, England

1850. James Dixon Ormrod was born to them Burnley Dec 1850 . I wonder where the Dixon came from??

1861C. Mary Jane Ormrod, 46, is living 19 Eliza Street, Burnley with her husband, 3 sons & daughter, plus a servant. Original could well read Ormrod

Henry Marsden Osmend Head Married Male 44 1817 Solicitors Many Of Clerk Burnley, Lancashire, England  
Mary Jane Osmend Wife Married Female 46 1815 - Burnley, Lancashire, England  
John Lewis Osmend Son Unmarried Male 22 1839 Solicitors Articlier Clerk Burnley, Lancashire, England  
Henry Hopwood Osmend Son Unmarried Male 15 1846 Ironmongers Apprentice Burnley, Lancashire, England  
James Dyon Osmend Son - Male 10 1851 Scholar Burnley, Lancashire, England  
Agnes Maria Osmend Daughter - Female 8 1853 Scholar Burnley, Lancashire, England  
Ann Oddie Servant Unmarried Female 23 1838 House Servant Whalley, Lancashire, England

1864. Mary Jane Ormrod dies Fylde Sep 1864 . Fylde is the area around Blackpool, I think