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In 2019, when he was seriously ill, David reflected on the fact that he knew virtually nothing abou, and had no photos of, his grandparents and beyond.: thus, in his hospital bed, so that at least his 5 grand daughters would not have the same blank about him. he spent 3 months writing an account of his life

Leaving the Arena, a story of Bar and Bench, was published in 2020.

This website (started 31/07/2022 . Site last updated 31/12/2022) will give these grand daughters more insight of their ancestors

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Paternal Side

David Wolfe Keene 1941 Q C & judge . . Edward Henry Wolfe Keene bank manager 1912-1987 . . .Archibald Douglas Wolfe Keene army 1885-1922 . . . Samuel Wolfe Keene corn merchant 1836-1903 . .. . William Charles Lever Keene barrister 1793-1843 . . . Samuel Keene solicitor 1764-1828

Mary Elizabeth Barry alias "May Barrett" wife of Archibald D W Keene 1890->1924 . . James Barry royal navy NCO ~1865-1914 . . Patrick Barry~1840-<1890 servant, coachman

Children of Archibald Keene & Mary E Barry

Children of Samuel Wolfe Keene

Mary Cronin wife of James Barry 1869-?1919?. . John Cronin carpenter ~ 1836- >1911

Children of James Barry & Mary Cronin

Jane Thomson1845-1907 2nd wife of Samuel W Keene 1845-1907 . . Andrew Thomson professor of music 1792-1860 . . Andrew Thomson snr ~ 1767-1814 . . likely John Thomson, musician

Charlotte Wolfe wife of William C L Keene ~1800-1850 . . maybe, but no proof!, Joseph Wolfe 1770-1835

Grace Lever wife of Samuel Keene snr 1765-1837

Isabella McKinley wife of Andrew Thomson 1809-1858 . . Alexander McKinlay tide waiter 1770s->1822 . Alexander McKinlay custom House Officer 1750s>1808

Mary Driscoll wife of Patrick Barry

Sarah Dickens wife of Joseph Wolfe 1770-1850

Mary McLea wife of Alexander McKinlay 1778->1822

Jannet Millarpwife of Andrew Thomson snr

Summary of the paternal ancestors :

The direct Keene line all came from around London, but Archibald Keene married a girl from Cork- so this quadrant presumably all Irish- and his father, Samuel W Keene married a girl from Glasgow. So 7( out of 16) Scottish ancesters here

Maternal Side

Lilian Marjorie Conway wife of Edward Keene 1915- 2000. . . Herbert Conway 1880 - 1918 mechanic .. Harry Conway omnibus driver1849-1922 . . . Charles Conway coachman ~1812-1893 . . Charles Conway snr stable keeper

Children of Herbert Conway and Annie Robb Thompson

Annie Robb Thompson wife of Herbert Conway 1876-1953 . . Mary Robb, single mother, 1852- 1928 . . . John Robb farm servant 1817-1874 . . . Charles Robb blacksmith . maybe 1779->1817

Jane Wise wife of Harry Conway 1855-1930 . . Edward Wise cow keeper 1826-1873 . . Thomas Wise cow keeper 1785-1850? . . William Wise

Caroline Cobb Preshus wife of Charles Conway jnr 1814 -1900 . . . William Cobb Preshus veterinary surgeon / farrier 1782-1820

David Gow, cited as father to illegitimate Annie Robb 1859-1921 . . William Gow agricultural labourer 1820-1892. . . Alexander Gow weaver crofter 1787-1864

Ann Robb wife of John Robb 1821-1883 . . . Thomas Robb ag. lab.1788-<1851

Janet Smith wife of Charles Robb ~1779->1817

Rebecca Dearling wife of William Cobb Preshus 1790~ -1848

Susan Paul wife of Edward Wise 1829-1906 . . William Paul Ag Labourer 1793-1867. . James Paul

Jane Spare cow keeper wife of Thomas Wise 1796-1857??

Martha Brown wife of William Paul 1796-1874

Betty McKenzie wife of William Gow 1833-1908 . . Alexander McKenzie Ag. Labourer 1804- 1880s

Helen Gow wife of Alexander Gow 17 -1855

Ann Melvill wife of Alexander McKenzie 1807-1881

Mary Coutts wife of Thomas Robb 1793-1874

Summary of the maternal ancestors :

Half of these- those of Annie Robb- were Scottish. The other half were mainly from around London, with the exception of Susan Paul who was born Dorset to Dorset parents , and Jane Spare who was born Essex

Thus David W Keene is roughly 3/8ths Scottish, 1/4 Irish and 3/8ths English

I wonder if his DNA confirms this!!!