John Cronin maybe 1838->1910


1818-1838!. John Cronin was born. Ages in 1901C and 1911C differ by 20 years!!

~1851 John Cronin married Mary ? : this year from the 1911C, but maybe it should have read 50 years married, leading to a marriage cerca 1861

1861~ A William Cronin was born to John Cronin & Mary

1868~ A Hannah Cronin was maybe born to John Cronin & Mary: but she could be their daut in law in 1901C!

~1869 Mary Cronin was born to John Cronin & Mary Have not found this in Civil births


1901C. Mary Eliz Barry, 10, is living with her maternal grandparents , John Cronin, 63, and Mary Cronin 62, in Castlemary, Cloyne


1911C. May Barry, 20, is living with her maternal grandparents, John Cronin, carpenter,and Mary Cronin in Castlemary, Cloyne . They have aged by 20/30 years in just 10 years!!! Their ages likely should read 72 and 74? . The form claims they have been married 60 years, and had 6 children, all still living. Also that they speak Irish & English


Cronin John 92 Male Head of Family Roman Catholic
Cronin Mary 84 Female Wife Roman Catholic
Barry May 20 Female Grand Daughter Roman Catholic

Have not found a death for either in Midleton 1911-1921 Grand-daughter May Barry is in Portsmouth ( with her mother and siblings likely) probably by late 1911/early 1912 and marries under the name of May Barrett in 1912

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