Samuel Keene 1764- ?? 1822?? & further back Keenes

Furnivals Inn in 1795

a solicitor of Grafton Street, Middlesex.- David where did this come from ????

1764. Samuel Keene was baptised on 20/5/1764 to Samuel Keene & Anne in St Marys Lambeth.

1792. Sanuel Keane married Grace Lever on 18/8/1792 in Norwich Consistory Court, Norfolk Ancestry England Select Marriages

1793. William Charles Lever Keane was baptised in St Marys Lambeth to Samuel & Grace on 27/11/1793, the baby then aged 6 months

2 more children: Samuel Browne Keene, baptised 8/12/1796 St Andrew, Holborn, no image available & Mary Grace Keene baptised 23/9/1795 St Andrew, Holborn Ancestry London baptisms the one line entry adds Furnivals Inn

1825 A Sanuel Keene, 52, was buried in St Geoges Hanover Square on 13/10/1825, his abode St James. BUT, he should be ~61. So a SUSPECT Samuel: we know that one was baptised 1773, to a Henry Keene: , and this fits perfectly

1822. A Samuel Keene 58, was buried Lambeth on 3/4/1822- FS

1828. A Samuel Keene buried Holbonr many Ancestry trees state this 'fact', BUT, then include the 1825 burial record. I can find no evidence of a 1828 death!! = only circumstantial in that his wife, Grace, writes a Will in March 1828.!!

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Going further back:

1758. Samuel Keene married Anne Foster on 17/10/1758 in St Lukes Chelsea- image available, both of the parish

1736.a Samuel Keen was baptised 4/7/1736 to Samuel Keen & Mary in St Marys Lambeth

1718. A Samuel Keen married Mary Hennis on 10/2/1718 Southwark St Mary, faded image exists!

1692. a Samuel Keen was baptised Egham, Surrey pn 3/4/1692 to William Keen & Mary

William Keene baptised 1660 to Phillippi and Elizabeth, St Clement Dane

Back to Philip Keen, a woollen draper, 1620-1685 who married Elizabeth Baker . The Will of Phillippi exists

If the above is correct, then the Keenes have been in England since 1620 at least