Mary Cronin 1869->1914 , likely 1919


Map showing Casltemary, Cloyne

~1869 Mary Cronin was born to John Cronin & Mary ?. Her father a carpenter. Hane not found her birth/baptism on between 1865 and 1872 . There is an 1867 birth to Owen , labourer, and Mary Nasan? , but this in Churchtown

A William/John 1867 at Castlemartyr to John, labourer, & Mary Brooder . but Castlemartyr ~7k NW of Cloyne . I have searched, endlessly!, all Midleton births 1865-1869 on irishgen and none to John and Mary in Castlemary

1889. Mary Cronin married James Barry, seaman,on 16/9/1889 in the R C church of Cloyne. His address was H M S Duke of Wellington, Portsmouth; hers Castlemary, Cloyne .His father Patrick Barry, coachman,deceased probably; hers John Cronin, carpenter




1890. Mary Elizabeth Barry was born 11/7/1890 in Castlemary, Cork to James Barry, sailor, and Mary Cronin - b.c. on her page

1891C. Does not exist for Ireland and his family not in the British one

1892. Son James born to James & Mary in Castlemary

1894. Her husband extended his period with the R.N. - see service record below

~ 1894/5 Mary, comes to England: with son James, seemingly leaving their first born, Mary Elizabeth Barry, with her elderly maternal grandparents, John & Mary Cronin, in Cloyne. 2 children then born in Portsmouth

1895. Margarita Barry was baptised on 6/7/1895 in Portsmouth R C Cathedral . Born 11/6/1895 to Jacobi Barry and Mariae Cronin . Godparents Thomas Duffy & Brigitte Mahoney

1897. John Francis Barry was born Portsea Island Jun 1897 . No baptism found

1901C. Mary Barry, 32, and 3 children are living 15, Knox Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire' Her husband is still in the Navy

Mary Barry
Married Female 32 1869 - Ireland
James Barry
- Male 9 1892 - Ireland
Margaret Barry
- Female 6 1895 - Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
John F Barry
- Male 4 1897 - Portsmouth, Hampshire, England

1901. William Herbert Barry born 23/5/1901 Portsmouth. He signed on for 12 years as a boy recruit with the RN in 1914- his service record available on FMP

1903 Nov. Her husband is charged with 1. being absent without leave; 2. smuggling spirits aboard ship; 3. throwing overboard a bottle under the charge of the watch officer;4. being improperly dressed. He was sentenced to being deprived of his seniority of Boatswain and to be dismissed from the ship.his service record at the bottom of his page . Seemingly no mention in FMP Newspapers

1905 Arthur Frederick Barry born Portsmouth Mar 1905

1908. Eileen Beatrice Barry born Portsmouth Dec 1908

Children of James Barry & Mary Cronin

1911C. Minnie Barry, 32, and 5 children are living 54 London Avenue North End Portsmouth in 4 rooms. Married 22 years, 7 children, all alive .Her husband is still in the Navy. James Barry is registered as the Occupier of this house in FMP Portsmouth Rate books 11/4/1911. the owner a Mr Bone

Minnie Barry
Married Female 42 1869 Housekeeper Cork Ireland
Margaret Barry
Single Female 16 1895 Assistant in house work Portsmouth England
John Francis Barry
- Male 14 1897 Scholar Portsmouth England
William Herbert Barry
- Male 10 1901 Scholar Portsmouth England
Arthur Fradrick Barry
- Male 6 1905 - Portsmouth England
Eileen Beatrice Barry
- Female 2 1909 - Portsmouth England

1914. Her husband, James Barry, is killed on 26/11/1914 when HMS Bulwark exploded, killing 788 of the men aboard . Presumably she got a pension: he had served for ~34 years

1919. A Mary Barry, 48, dies Fareham Mar 1919 - Fareham includes Portsmouth . A high possibility this is she . Would confirm her birth year around 1869-1871. Buying this d.c is unlikely to help me

No death for a Mary Barry in Portsmouth on bmd 1911-1921

1921C. Eileen 12, William & Margaret Barry and 1 other are living Portsmouth

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