Andrew Thomson ~ 1767-1814


likely a musician

1767. An Andrew Thomson was born to John Thomson, musician, and Ann Wight in Tron Kirk, Edinburgh . Might well be he as this father was a musician!

Andrew Thomson married Janet Millar. No m.c on SP 1772-1792 .

BUT . . an Adam Thomson married a Janet Millar on 29/6/1792. in Canongate: Do mot think this could be their marriage ! This m.c. on SP would not tell me anything!

An Andrew Thomson was born 21/8/1792 to Adam Thomson & Margaret Ainslie

1792 Andrew Thomson was born Edinburgh on 28/2/1792 to Andrew & Janet

1814. an Andrew Thomson, 46, of Coston Park, Edinburgh was buried 27/1/1814 in the cemetery of St Cuthbert, Edinburgh. He died of palsie-FMP

52 Queenbury Street

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