Archibald Douglas Wolfe Keene 1885-1922

1885. Archibald Douglas Wolfe Keene was born on 6/5/1885 to Samuel Wolfe Keene, corn factor, & Jane Thomson at Mill Lodge, Barnes . He was baptised on 7/6/1885 in St Marys Barnes, his father a Merchant, address Mill Lodge - FMP Surrey Baptisms. He was the youngest of Samuel's 11 children, and the only one from his 2nd marriage to Jane Thomson


1891C Archibald D W Keene, 5, was living Mill Lodge, Lonsdale Road, Barnes, Richmond upon Thames, Surrey,

Samuel Wolfe Keene
Married Male 55 1836 Merchant corn j p councillor surrey city council Margate, Kent, England
Janie Keene
Married Female 46 1845 - Scotland
Grace Keene
Single Female 29 1862 - Hammersmith, Middlesex, England
Edward R Keene
Single Male 21 1870 Clerk corn trade Barnes, Surrey, England
Isabella Keene
Single Female 20 1871 - Barnes, Surrey, England
Eliza S Keene
Single Female 19 1872 - Barnes, Surrey, England
Archibald D W Keene
Single Male 5 1886 - Barnes, Surrey, England
Margaret Lawler
Single Female 42 1849 Cook domestic Ireland
Bessie Ireland
Single Female 29 1862 Maid domestic Ross, Herefordshire, England
Minnie Wells
Single Female 19 1872 Housemaid domestic London, Middlesex, England
Louisa Purdy
Single Female 16 1875 Kitchenmaid domestic Barnes, Surrey, England

1901C. His parents and 2 siblings were at Mill Lodge, Lonsdale Road, Barnes, Richmond upon Thames, Surrey, . The family no longer has any live-in servants

Samuel W Keene
Married Male 65 1836 Grain merchant j p Margate, Kent, England
Jane Keene
Married Female 56 1845 - Scotland
Lily A Keene
Single Female 20 1881 - Barnes, Surrey, England
Edward R Keene
Married Male 31 1870 Clerk "grain merchant" Barnes, Surrey, England
Clara K Keene
Married Female 28 1873 - Barnes, Surrey, England
Randall S R Keene
Grand son
- Male 6 1895 - Barnes, Surrey, England


whilst he, Archibald D W Keene, 15, b. Barnes, was at school at Hailbury College, Great Amwell, Ware, Herts . This Haileybury School


1903. His father died. leaving £ 32000. The family home of Mill Lodge was then sold

1907. He was described as a merchant's clerk, as executor for his mother Jane when she died at 10 Palewell Road, East Sheen on 14/1/1907


1911C. Not found on Ancestry. He would not be in the census if he were in the army

1912. Archibald Douglas Wolfe Keene, 27, married Mary Elizabeth Barry who called herself May Barrett , 22, on 8/5/1912 in Winchester Register Office. His address Market Hotel, Winchester, hers 21 London Avenue, Portsmouth. His father Samuel Wolfe Keene, corn factor, deceased; her, INVENTED, father a John Francis Barrett, warrant engineer Royal Navy



The following children were born to Edward & May: Edward H W Keene Winchester 3/12/1912; Archibald Harold W Keene Woolwich 29/1/1915;; Randell Bertrand W Keene Woolwich 8/9/1917 ; Frederick William W Keene Alverstoke 9/10/1919 & Samuel R W Keene Alverstoke Mar 8/2/1922 . , mother given as Barry for all the last 4 on freebmd!

1914-1919. He serves from 18/8/1914 until 16/1/1919, when he reenlists in Belgium . his service number as a Gunner in the Royal Regiment of Artillery being 1410190 ?OR 42292


1921. He was still in the army. His wife May Keene, 30, was living Alverstoke, Hampshire with 4 children . Son Edward MISTRANSCRIBED as Edith!!!. Here Randall is called Ronald and Frederick is called William!

Archibald Douglas Keene, b. 1885, is in the 1921C also in Alverstoke but obviously still in the army.

May Keene
Female 1890 30 Cork, Ireland Home Duties -
Edith Keene
Male 1913 8 Hampshire, England - -
Archibald Keene
Male 1915 6 Woolwich, Kent, England - -
Ronald Keene
Male 1917 3 Woolwich, Kent, England - -
William Keene
Male 1919 1 Gosport, Hampshire, England - -
Elizabeth Keene
Female 1880 41 Bermondsey, London, England Home Duties -
Marjjo Keene
Female 1913 8 Gibraltar - -
Robert Keene
Male 1917 4 Gibraltar - -
Cissie Hunt
Female 1886 35 Farnham, Surrey, England Home Duties -
Violet Cissie Hunt
Female 1914 6 - -

1922. His youngest son, Samuel was born Gosport on 8/2/1922 , the fifth son: this b.c. would be interesting to have, as it would show whether Archibald was livibg Alverstoke or Broclehurst .Gosport includes Alverstoke

Children of Archibald Keene & Mary Elizabeth Barry

2/8/1922. David has a postcard from his grandfather Archibald to a Miss Keene at 35 ColvilleGardens, London W 11. It simply gives his then address, 11B Married Quarters, Fort Brockhurst , Gosport, with the photo on the opposite side being of the married quarters. But interestingly one can just make out the date, which is 2/8/22, just 7 weeks or so before his death. . Miss Keene could be Henrie

PLEASE SCAN both sides of this card and send

1922 Archibald D W Keene, l/bombadier RGA, 37, dies on 26/9/1922 at the Royal Herbert Hospital, Woolwich .Their address 11b, Married Quarters, Broclehurst, Gosport . Cause of death, stomach cancer and a lung abcess



Buried 29/9/1922 Greenwich.