The 6 Children of Herbert Conway and Annie Robb Thompson

1911C.. Herbert Conway, 31, laundry engineer, was living 14 High Street Wallingford, St Peter, Berkshire with his wife, Annie, and 3 children

Herbert Conway
Married Male 31 1880 Laundry engineer washhouseman Pimlico London
Annie Robb Conway
Married Female 35 1876 - Glenisla Pertshire
Kenneth Conway
- Male 4 1907 - Windsor Berks
Walter Conway
- Male 3 1908 - Wallingford Berks
Herbert Conway
- Male 1 1910 - Wallingford Berks


1. Kenneth Conway 19/7/1906; Wundsor . Likely dies, aged 15, Wandsworth Sep 1922

2. Walter Conway 18/12/1907 Wallingford -1984

1939 Register . living The Pantiles Thames Street, Sunbury-On-Thames, Sunbury-On-Thames . Married Hilda E Pique Dover Jun 1934. He died Surrey N in 1984 . probate details?

Walter Conway 18 Dec 1907 Male Motor Cycle Repairs & Turning Married 52 1
Hilda E Rowlands (Conway) 14 Nov 1910 Female Unpaid Domestic Duties Married 52 2

Would appear that hsi wife later remarried . Also that there were, according to freebmd, no children 1934-1958

David remembers Walter (“Wal”), who was a motor cycle fanatic.

Wal had about six children, who I last saw at Edie’s funeral and hadn’t previously seen for about 40 years. I’ll rummage around and see if I can find contact details for any of them.

3. Herbert Conway 7/3/1910 Wallingford .. cannot find in 1939 register.

David emembers Herbert (“Bert”), who at some stage conducted a military band. So far as cousins are concerned, Bert had a daughter, Penny, who emigrated to Canada and was several years older than me, so may no longer be alive.

4. Edith Conway 10/1/1912 Wallingford- 1992. . Edie remained a spinster and childless. In the 1939 Register she is a Civil Servent Counters Clerk & Telegrapher, living with her mother, Annie, in Sunbury. Edie treated me (David) with great kindness.  Years later, when I was about 12, she took me on my first foreign holiday to a small hotel in Dinard in Brittany.  Using my limited knowledge of French, we hired a couple of bikes with fat red tires, and the locals were treated to the sight of one large lady and one small boy pedalling against the wind along narrow coastal roads.  She died as Edith May Conway, b. 10/1/1912, on 12/1/1992 at 28 Westlake Gardens Worthing, probate not exceeding £125,000 ( but only sums larger than this seem to get noted, so she could have had less than £1000 I suppose)

5. Lilian Marjorie Conway 21/11/1915 Hertford. - June 2000 Croyden

6. Violet M Conway 22/8/1917 Sunbury Vi married Horace A Farley Staines Mar 1942, a member of an RAF Bomber crew.  He, sad to say, went missing in action, leaving a widow and a small daughter.Violet had a daughter, Margaret, b. Sraines Mar 1944 but we’ve lost touch..There might also have been a daughter Ethel born Staines Mar 1943m died the same quarter, but up in Salford!


Herbert Conway

Annie Robb Thompson

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