Patrick Barry ~1840-<1890

Servant, coachman

1864 August. Pat Barry married Mary Driscol on 6/8/1864 in Cloyne. Witnesses: Charles Driscol & James Brown


1865 According to his Naval Record -at rhe end of his page - James Barry was born Cloyne on 27/5/1866. No such birth exists in Irish Genealogy records, but there is a birth in Cloyne on 29/5/1865 to a Patrick Barry, servant??, & Mary Driscoll !


I have not find any other baptisms to patrick & Mary- but do not think I am using correctly!!

No burials recorded on Irish for 1864-1940 for this name!!

1889. On the marriage of his son, James, 22/9/1889, he, the father is described as Patrick Barry, coachman,deceased probably. So seems as though father and son had lost contact

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