Grace Lever 1765-1837

1773. There is a burial of a Grace Lever in Ipswich on 25/5/1773 : FMP : she would be the mother of our Grace. There was a Grace Lver, a master Mantuamaker in Ipswich, who had several, all female, apprentices in 1789 . Then a Grace Lever marries Samuel Keene on 18/8/1792, the same date as the marriage is recorded in the Norwich Consistory Court, Norfolk, in Ipswich le Tower , his parish Holborn

1792 . Grace Lever married Sanuel Keane on 18/8/1792 in Norwich Consistory Court, Norfolk Ancestry England Select Marriages

1793. William Charles Lever Keane was baptised in St Marys Lambert to Samuel & Grace on 27/11/1793, the baby then aged 6 months

2 more children: Samuel Browne Keene, baptised 8/12/1796 St Andrew, Holborn, no image available & Mary Grace Keene baptised 23/9/1795 St Andrew, Holborn Ancestry London baptisms the one line entry adds Furnivals Inn

She wrote a Will , signed March 1828, maybe imolying that her husband had just died- this Will available on Ancestry family trees, but difficult to read!!. But seemingly just 3 children: William Charles Lever Keene, Samuel Browne Keene & Mary Grace Keene

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