Children of Archibald Keene & Mary E Barry

DAVID. Please read this page carefully and rack your brain for any other details, and ask PETER to do the same

The following children were born to Archibald Keene & "May" Barry :

1.Edward H W Keene Winchester 3/12/1911 - 1987; mother given as Barrett on his b.c.

2. Archibald Harold W Keene Woolwich 29/1/1915;;

Archibald Harold W Keene 1915-1948, married Mary Louise Donelan, 1909-1978, in Sydney 1940 and died, aged 33, 30/6/1948 in Horribay, Bombay- Allender/Burke/ Ancestry tree. Contact Lisa Burke - no, just a Donelan connectio . He was brought up, after 1922-25, by relatives . He joined the merchant Navy in 1930, serving on various ships 1930-1936, being an officer by 1935 -FMP & FS . He was in SouthEast Asia during the war and died, aged 33, still in the European merchant navy, of cardiac failure, in Bombay on 30/6/1948. Buried in Sewree Cemetery, Bombay . David does not think he had any children


3. Randell Bertrand W Keene Woolwich 8/9/1917 ; No result on an Ancestry search. An R B Keene arrived brisbane on 15/9/1936 on the Ormonde from London: his address there- Council of C of E, Empire Sett. - FMP. . Randall Wolfe Keene married Jean Doris Martha Davey in 1943 Stockton, NSW

Randall Bertrand W Keene, was thought to have been care for by a relative from 1925 -who?? . He went to Australia, married a woman called Jean and  his son Peter now lives in Sydney. He does not appear in the 1939 Register so likely went to Ausrtalia before then. ASK Peter if he has his father's b.c., and or m.c., with Barry on it And for any photos of him/ . What was his profession? When did he die, etc, etc

4.Frederick William W Keene Alverstoke 9/10/1919- 1984. known as Bill

Frederick William W Keene ( brought up in an orphange) is in the 1939 register at 38 Foxley Road, Croydon, clerk in coal office with a couple Frederick 43 & Bessie 42 Canston

Frederick W Wolf-Keene married Irene D Snelling Croydon Dec 1942 Bill had a daughter, Jennifer M Keene Surrey SE Jun 1945. Jenny may have married Christopher Heasman Battle Jun 1970. She died a few years ago, though she herself had a daughter- .maybe Julia Mary Heasman Lambeth Sep1973 and also John Christopher Heasman Lambeth Dec 1979 . Alternatively Jenny could have married Ortega in 1970 .

David will see if he can make contact. PLEASE

Frederick William W Keene, 65, died Hastings Mar 1984- same place where David's father, Edward H W Keene, died 3 years later!

5. Samuel Richard W Keene Alverstoke Mar 8 /2/1922-1990 . Seemingly did not marry: but , maybe, as plain Samuel, to Evelyn Connors Surrey N Dec 1949: and no children David does not think he had any children , Mother given as Barry for all the last 4 on freebmd!- see image below

Samuel R W Keene born 8/2/1922( brought up in an orphange) died , maybe, as plain Samuel Keene ,Bournemouth 1990. As he was under 21 in the 1939 Register, he does not appear there!


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