Charlotte Wolfe ~1801/ 1791?? -1850


1791. A Charlotte Wolfe was baptised to Joseph Wolfe & Sarah Dickens on 16/9/1791 . No other baptism in London available nearer 1800, which the 1841C implies: OK, ages rounded down to the nearest 5 years there, so she could be up to 45 in 1841. Maybe she wanted her husband to think she was much younger than she actaully was! But there is a 1798 baptism in Cambridge to Robert Wolfe & Mary , but Charlotte has Middlesex for her place of birth in the 1 Census that exists for her

1792. A Charlotte Wolfe was baptised 20/5/1792 Camden to John & Sarah Wolfe - another possibility!!, still too early I do not feel there is eveb a 50% chance that Joseph was her father, and do not think there is any way we can ever know!!

1818.Charlotte Wolfe married William Charles Lever Keene on 27/8/1818 at Old Church,Saint Pancras, London. Witnsses were SJ?? Keene and Mary Ann Wolfe . Both bride and groom could write



William & Charlotte had the following 7 childrenL William Keene 1820- 1842 Charles Hansard Keene 1825- 1878, baptised Broadwater, Sussex, ; Charlotte Wolfe Keene 1826; Sarah Keene 1827; John Eidon Keene 1828-1917; Grace Keene 1832 -1870

The family were living Alfred Place on 24/3/1832 when John Eldon Keene was baptised in St Giles in the Field, Holborn, Father William a barrister at law - Ancestry


1836 Samuel Wolfe Keene was born to William Charles Lever Keene & Charlotte Wolfe , Margate


1841C William Keene, 42,barrister, was living Gower Street, St Giles in the Fields, St Giles, London & Middlesex with his wife, Charlotte, 40, and 2 children ( William , here given as 42, was born 1795 and here his wife is given as 2 years younger than he)

William Keene Male barrister 42 1799 Middlesex, England
Charlotte Keene Female 40 1801 Middlesex, England
William Keene Male medical student19 1822 Middlesex, England
Charles Keene Male classical student 16 1825 Middlesex, England
John Rumbull Male 25 1816 -
Joseph Maynard Male 20 1821 -
Mary Cross Female 25 1816 -
Emily Lamatar Female 20 1821

Samuel Keene, 5, was living with 2 servants & a slightly older sister at Garlinge Dent de Lion, St John Baptist Margate, Thanet, Kent. His parents were at their London, Gower Street, house

Mary A Keene Female 7 1834 -
Samuel Keene Male 5 1836 -
Eliza Sheppard Female 19 1822 -
Susanna Chandler Female 20 1821

1842-1843 William Charles Lever Keene is in the Electoral register for St Johns, East Kent . Also in the 1843 Westminster Rate book, his address New Square Coundary, St Clements Dane

1842. William Keene,21, eldest son of William Charles Lever Keene , died on 3/9/1842 at Dent de Lion, Thanet. - FMP Newspapers, Kentish Gazette 6/9/1842

1843. William Charles Lever Keene died Thanet Mar 1843. Aged 49, was buried on 10/1/1843 in St John in Thanet (Margate), St John the Baptist - FMP Kent burials, image available . Entry for him, of Lincoln Inn & Dent at Lion in Index to Death Duties Register FMP. His 5 page Will available on a Public member Ancestry tree, but indecipherable!!:

1850.It is likely that Charlotte Keene died Shoreditch Sep 1850 - Buried 15/9/1850 in St Leonard, Shoreditch , aged 55, abode Holywell Street- image on Ancestry , I feel I would need this d.c to be sure this is she and , if so, to see her age- not convinced she could have been born as early as 1791!

But she could have remarried Jun 1844 St Pancras or Sep 1846 W.London , though the 2 marriages I di find in Ancestry London marriages were not she


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