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A few people accidentally omitted from this[ Victor at the bottom & on the outer ring- Jelleys & wife of Thomas Smith-] Now know the surname of William Bacon's wife - it was Mary A Warden. Parents of Mary A Warden were William Warden & Elizabeth. So far I have not got further back on Harriett Turner, nor on Charles Longhurst.

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Victor Gunn 1946 . . John T R Gunn 1901-1977 . . Charles Edward Gunn 1870 -1927 .Charles Edward Gunn 1842-1881 .Nathaniel Gunn 1803-1868 . Nathaniel Gunn 1766-1845 Stephen Gunn 1733-1813 . Nathaniel Gunn 1700 . Stephen Gunn 1657 . Richard Gunn

Wife of Nathaniel Gunn 1700 . Abigail Braple 1701-1799 . .Thomas Brapple 1680

Wife of Stephen Gunn 1733-1813 . .Martha Killock 1731-1815

Wife of Nathaniel Gunn 1766 . Martha Bishop 1770-1849

Wife of Nathaniel Gunn 1803-1868 Sarah Westmer Pope 1806-1857 . . .William Pope 1778 . . Thomas Pope 1741

Wife of Charles Edward Gunn 1842-1881 Ann Elizabeth Longhurst 1847-1912 . . . Charles Longhurst 1810-1872

'Wife' of Charles Edward Gunn 1870-1927 Harriett Turner 1872-1949 . . . Charles Turner ~1856

Wife of JTR Gunn 1900-1977 Phyllis A Smith 1905-1998.... John Smith 1874-1943 . . Henry Smith 1813-1877 . Thomas Smith 1786->1851

Wife of John Smith 1874 , Emily Trelfer 1874-1943 . . George Trelfer 1856-1903 . .George Trelfer ~1821- 1894 . .David Trelfer ~1784- 1869

Wife of Henry Smith 1839 Eliza Bacon 1839- 1891? . . .William Bacon 1807- 1866? . . . .John Bacon 1777-1841 . Sarah Bacon


Wife of Henry Smith 1813 Mary Ann Jelley 1814- 1882 . Jonathan Jelley 1788 - 1861

Wife of George Trelfer 1856 Emily Hayllar ~1857-1900 . .George H Hayllar 1831-1914 . . .Thomas Hayllar ~1793-1868

Wife of George Trelfer 1821 Amelia Lower 1824-1880 . . .Jesse Lower ~1802-1872

Wife of William Bacon 1807 Mary Ann Warden 1807-1859 . . William Warden 1786-1861

Wife of Jesse Lower 1802 Kezia Coates 1803-1853 . . Edward Coates

Wife of George H Hayllar 1831 Susanna Washington 1833-1884 . . .James Washington 1788-1861

Wife of Thomas Hayllar Ann Macey ~1791-1854

Wife of James Washington 1810 Susannah Humphrey 1789 - 1858/9

Wife of Charles Longhurst 1810 Lucy Wilson 1810-1881 . . . Henry Wilson 1790-~1831

Wife of Henry Wilson 1790 Hannah Martin 1792-1873

A brief synopsis of some of these families.

The Gunn family have been in Brighton since the early 1600s at least. And from Nathaniel Gunn 1766-1845 - and quite likely before that - up to Charles Edward Gunn 1842-1880 they were fishermen. And quite wealthy at times: Nathaniel Gunn 1803 left around £1000 when he died in 1868. They have also sported two very colourful wives- Martha Killock, wife of Stephen Gunn 1733 was the great 'dipper' and Harriett Turner, common law wife of Charles Edward Gunn 1870, was a very well known Flower Lady on the streeets of Brighton for almost half a century, ~1900-1949.

The Turner Family are still an enigma- itinerants maybe, though a family myth says from Ireland - not so sure!

The Smith familywere living in Northamptonshire in the late 1700s, Thomas being an agricultural labourer. His son Henry Smith 1813 became a ribbon weaver in Coventry, then a publican. He married into the Jelley family, his father-in-law being a a watch maker. Younger generation Henry 1839 was a watchmaker and travelled widely in this profession - from Coventry, to Liverpool, to Locherbis and finally to Brighton, where his son John first worked as a pigeon fancier, then as a labourer on the pier and on the railways. Henry Smith 1839 married into the Bacon family, who were from Uttoxeter, Staffordshire from the mid 1700s. Father-in-law William Bacon 1807 moved to Coventry, then to Rugby & Huasband's Bosworth Leics, before returning to Coventry. He was a carpenter but 2 sons were watchmakers.

The Trelfer family seem to have led a miserable hand to mouth life, in Sussex from the 1770s at least. David Trelfer 1784 was a shoemaker, born in Lewes, maybe married a girl from Slaugham , but back in Lewes in 1821 & 1841, in Brighton by 1851 - & he 1851C gives him, his wife & son Thomas all as blind, deaf of dumb His son George Trelfer 1821 was born Lewes, a baker from 1841 to 1871 at least, likely moving to work in Brigton by 1844, but by 1881 and in 1891 was in the Brighton Workhouse, alongside a likely son and 2 brothers. He died in 1894, quite likely still in the Workhouse. Next generation George Trelfer 1856 , born Brighton, became a jeweller there, but was also in the Workhouse by 1901, a year after his wife died, with 3 young children Alice, William & Queenie. Surely all this haunted his daughter Emily Trelfer 1874, who married John Smith in 1899 ?

The Hayllar family were also from Brighton. Thomas Hayllarr ~1793 was a shoe maker who then owned property, so presumably better off than the majority of workers then. He died, deaf for the last 10 years at least, in 1868, but there was no probate. I wonder if any of his children inherited his land and houses? Son George Henry Hayllar 1831 was the last of 7 siblings and became a carpenter, married a brichlayer's daughter, Susannah Washington, & lived to the good age of 84, the last 14 years at least in boarding houses, his wife dying 30 years before he did . His daughter Emily Hayllar predeceased him, having married into the doomed Trelfer family!

The Longhurst family came from Wisborough Green Sussex, this ~ 25 m. NW of Brighton, and were desperate in 1841: 4 children in the Workhouse and the parents, Charles & Lucy, not recorded at all. Charles seems to have been in Kent 1843-1848 but then moved to Brighton as a labourer and died there 1872.. Charles' daughter Ann 1847 married Charles E Gunn1842.

The Pope family, Sarah Westmer Pope 1807 marrying Nathaniel Gunn 1803, went back to the early 1700s in Rottingdene, Cornelius Pope marrying there in 1721.