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Garry Whincop 1940. .William Hugh Whincop 1915- 1991. . Philip Whincop 1856-1916 . .Philip Whincop 1801-1876 . .Richard Whincop 1777 -1823.. George Whincop 1740-1792

Wife- his 2nd- of Philip Whincop 1856 was Mabel Bucknall 1880-1959 . . William Bucknall 1850-1932 . . William Marshall Bucknall 1820-1900 . . Samuel Bucknall 1790-1841

Wife- his 2nd- of Philip Whincop 1801 was Maria Shimmon 1819-1861 . .Robert Shimmon ~1785-1820

Wife of Richard Whincop was Elizabeth Baldrey 1781-1858

Wife of William Bucknall 1850 was Mary Brocklesby 1854-1930 . . William Brocklesby 1813-1892 . John Brocklesby 1786-1863/5

Wife of William Marshall Bucknall 1820 was Ann Goodhand ~1823-1909

Wife of Samuel Bucknall was Ann Marshall ~1793-1870

Wife of Robert Shimmon was Sarah Gibbs 1792-1855 . George Gibbs 1763-1816

Wife of William Brocklesby was Charlotte Spendley 1819-1900

Wife of John Brocklesby was Elizabeth East 1789-1868

Wife of George Gibbs was Ann Minns 1763-1838



Correction & additions : Mary Jane Searle died Oshawa, Ontario, Canada in 1925.

Parents of Jacob Hansford are Edward Hansford 1772 & Elizabeth Denison 1776

Parents of John Cassell are James Cassell & Elizabeth Grimsey


Wife of William Hugh Whincop was Lettie Searle Harvey 1917 - 1969 . . George Searle Harvey 1877 -1928 . George Harvey 1849 -1916 . .William Henry Harvey 1812-1895 . . Robert Harvey 1786-1859 . . William Harvey 1745

Wife of George Searle Harvey was Kate Martha Cassell 1880 -1966 . . Cornelius Joseph Cassell 1843- 1880. . John Cassell 1800- 1844

Wife of George Harvey was Mary Jane Searle 1852-1925 . . Charles Searle 1811-1876

Wife of William Henry Harvey was Frances Kemp Hollis 1819-1901 William Hollis 1790-1852. . Joseph Hollis 1760-1835

Wife of Robert Harvey was Elizabeth Cass 1795-1861

Wife of Cornelius Joseph Cassell was Martha Hansford 1846-1923 . . Jacob Hansford 1809-1893 . .Edward Hansford 1772 & Hansfords going back to 1550!

Wife of John Cassell was Jane Mathews 1817-1895 . . Joseph Mathews ~1780-1831

Wife of Charles Searle was Mary Ann Butcher 1810->1871

Wife of William Hollis was Deborah Faulkner 1792-1827

Wife of Joseph Hollis was Elizabeth Kemp

Wife - his 2nd- of Jacob Hansford was Ann Mitchel 1815-1853 . . Joseph Mitchell 1787-1846

Wife of Joseph Mathews was Mary Jownson ~1784-1857?

Wife of Joseph Mitchell was Mary James 1785-1876

Summary of their lives:

The Whincop family were in Suffolk from the start of the 1700s. Philip Whincop was born in CoveHithe Suffolk in 1801 but was in Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk, by 1825. They were men of the sea, Philip 1801 was in the Merchant navy; his son, another Philip 1856,was a fisherman, with his own boat, working out of Grimsby, Lincolnshire, who was drafted into the RNR in 1915. And although his son, W Hugh Whincop broke with a seafaring life as a career, he was in the RN on minesweepers in WW2.

Mabel Bucknall, who married into the Whincop family in 1906, becoming the 2nd wife of Philip Whincop 1856, came from Lincolnshire farming stock. Samuel Bucknall 1790 was a reasonably well off farmer in East Halton, to the NW of Grimsby, and his son, William Marshall Bucknall, takes this over from 1841- ~1854 , when he moves some way south to Fulstow, to the N of Louth , stilll farming about 200 acres. Then ~ 1823-1871 he moves back up to South Killingholme, about 2 m south of the original East Halton farm, with considerably less land, before moving south again, this time to Swallow by 1877 and getting more land . Feel life must have proved difficult for him, and then, in 1878 he was prosecuted for selling infected animals. By 1891 he had moved east to Bigby an died back up in Stallingborough in 1900. His son, William Bucknall 1850, Mabel's father, was a joiner and also moved around a lot - but this comprehensible with such a trade - mainly just around the north of Lincolnshire, but Mabel would still have known of the farming way of life from her grandparents. Thus she was happy for 2 of her Whincop sons to be taught farming in the N Z Flock House scheme in the 19200s

Maria Shimmon may have been born Gt Yarmouth Norfollk or in London , her father Robert married in Swardeston Norfolk, but he may have been from London. She married into the seafaring Whincop family

Mary Brocklesby was born North Killingholme, Lincolnshire, adjacent to East Halton where she started married life with farmer William Bucknall . Her father, William Brocklesby1813, became a reasonably prosperous farmer there from 1841 until his death in 1892. But he came from a poor agricultural labourer, John Brocklesby, who had been born in Swallow in 1786, but lived in Appleby from his marriage in 1813 until his death around 1863.

Little is known about the families of Garry's 4 paternal gggrandmothers:

Elizabeth Baldrey was from Suffolk; Sarah Gibbs from Norfolk; Ann Goodhand & Charlotte Spendley from Linolnshire.

On the maternl side:

Garry's Harveys were in the Isle of Wight back in the early 1700s. There was a mass exodus of them in the early 1900s, 2 boys and 2 girls going to Canada and the eldest son, George Searle Harvey branching out to New Zealand: we do not know what attracted him to go there . 3 girls of this family stayed in England . Robert Harvey had been a publican: his son William Henry Harvey became a stone mason: his son George Harvey a printer & stationer, which profession his son George Searle Harvey continued in Havelock, New Zealand as a stationer. George Searle Harvey married into the Cassell family from nearby Portsea, on the mainland

The Cassell family likely originated Portsea Isle, Hampshire at the start of the 1800s. John Cassell was a painter; his son Cornelius Joseph Cassell was a clicker-bootmaker. Tragically both these Cassells died within a year of their last child being born & in each case this last child was Garry's direct ancestor! Kate Martha Cassell moved from Portsea to Portsmouth between 1891 and 1901- likely in 1894 when her widowed mother remarried - but had obviously gone over to work on the Isle of Wight by 1905- as she is seen in a Harvey wedding photo, 2 years before she herself marries into the Harvey family

The Searle family came from Middlesex, London. but Mary Jane Searle was born to Charles Searle, a journey man saddler, in Brighton before he moved over to the Isle of Wight - there Mary Jane Searle married inti the local Harvey family in 1876.

The Hansford family came from Dorset but Jacob Hansford 1809, a cabinet maker & upholsterer, was on the Isle of Wight by 1835. He left there after his second wife died in 1853 and settled in Portsea. And it was in Portsea that Martha Hansford married into the Cassell family

About the families of Garry's 4 maternal gggrandmothers:

The Hollis family go back to the 1780s on the Isle of Wight- Francis Kemp Hollis being born there in 1819 & marrying into the local Harvey clan . Less is known of the others: Mary Ann Butcher was from Middlesex, London: Jane Mathews & her father Joseph Mathews were from Alverstoke- just N across the water from the I of W ; Ann Mitchell & her father Joseph Mitchell were both from the Isle of Wight and Ann Mitchell married the Dorset born Jacob Hansford there