Life in 2020

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Within a day of returning from Malta we went to a special dinner at the Dauphin


dau4 dau5
dau1 dau2 dau3 dau6
6 wines were supplied by a Valencia bodega. Once it started, the food was great. Bert & Caterina were welcoming hosts

Then on January 21st we went to the Opera in Valencia


lau1 lau2 lau2
We sorrowfully said goodbye to Lausanne Ted, purchased on 1/1/1973- he had become just too frail. And there was a rockfall down the road

Margaret & Sally came to stay for a few days at the start of February

Valentine's Day was celebrated at the JBC

Then the following week we went to Berlin for 5 days

An AGM was held on 29/2/2020 at JBC: Maria stood down and Pat took over the Presidency again

agm1 agm4 agm3
Fraser presenting flowers to Maria
Chris Batt & Pat in the kitchen
2 delicious soups for lunch afterwards

A 3 day visit to the Serra de Montsant, Catalonia in late February

Paichi's men cleared a bit of greenery!

Then the world turned mad and we were put in strict Lockdown here in Spain from the 14/3/2020 due to the worldwide spread of the Coronavirus, Covid 19 : unable to leave the house other than to go to the supermarket or chemist, and then only one at a time . We were the only house occupied of the 14 in Media Luna.

Planned breaks: in Asturias, later in March, for a 10 day Intensive Spanish course; Malta for 2 weeks over Easter: from Lisbon to Dublin on the Silver Cloud in May: and, finally, St Petersberg in July - all abandonned

Eventually, even though Coronavirus had still not been defeated, interprovincial travel was allowed again on June 21st- alias Lockdown 99 or the New Normal 1- and the following day we travelled to Asturias for a 10 day Spanish Immersion course

I subscribed to Bernard Magee's new website ( for £12/ month) , which went live the last week in June. Our Javea bridge Club, JBC, reopened for twice weekly games on 8/7/2020, but, for me, there was too great risk of catching Covid19 there, so I just continued to play online

Come New Normal 45- otherwise 4/8/2020 - we set off for Carcassonne enroute for our annual visit to Gaynor's & Vic's

Then back to Moraira for the rest of a somewhat hot August, doing a little genealogy, lots of Online bridge and taking lots of dips . Met up with Maria several times for a coffee- taking advantage of David's enforced trips to Javea to visit the dentist!

Also met Nick & Marcela for coffee


A helicopter spent a day taking loads to and fro from Moraira carpark to over near the Torre . Then Ted came to dinner on a harvest moon night

heli. ted1 .moon

David celebrated his birthday at Le Dauphin

birth1 birth2 birth3 birth4 birth5


And we had lunch with Brenda & Bill at 'Food at the Republic' in Denia . . .


bill1 . bill2

Carol introduced us to Bites & Bubbels, a new Dutch cafe near her house. We met there several times for breakfast or tapas and David and I took to going there by ourselves as an extra outing each week

bites1 bites2 bites3 bites4  

We then discovered a good new restaurant - well, actually one that had changed owner - Amante : the food was good, the position and vista superb, and we felt really safe from the virus in its fresh air. So we visited every 2or 3 weeks, once with Carol

am1 am2 am3 am4 am5



A pirate ship off Moraira !

blue1 . blue2 .



One Saturday we went back to the Michelin starred Casa Pepe in Ondara- we had been there once many years previously

casa2 casa3 casa4 casa5

Then we were invited to a delicious lunch, along with Maria & Carol, at Daniel's and Genevieve's, just down in San Jaime

dan5 dan4 dan6
After lunch we had a delightful tour of his garden
dan1 dan2 dan3  
Daniel & Genevieve
Carol, Daniel, Genevieve, Chris
Carol, Daniel, Chris

Met up with Ted for lunch ( he breaking a lifetime habit!!) at Sensatez, where they, reluctantly, served him a vegetarian meal!

moon1. . .moon2

We visited Tula, another Michelin starred restaurant, in Javea on November 15th- we had booked it a month earlier, this being the first availability


tula2 tula4 tula5

With my pool swimming halted after November23rd- water temperature under 18 degrees- the occasional walk was added to the calendar

Played bridge a couple of times with Chris, Kjell & Carol in Carol's old house in Moraira: it was great to be social again, but, despite wearing a mask and there being zero cases of Covid inMoraira, I did worry that I might be taking an unnecessary risk

Then got a huge Christmas present when Carol loaned me all her Christmas decorations from 2019- we had never been so well decorated, not that we has spent Christmas in Moraira since about 2010!!.



c-d-1 . cdec4. cdec3;

cdec1 . . cdec2 . . c-d-2

Meanwhile she decorated JBC clubhouse in 2020 mode

decor3 decor4 decor2 decor1

We walked to Casa Marco for lunch one windy Sunday - an additional lunch day, but how could |I refuse as it involved a walk !

marco3 . marco1 . marco2

Sunday December 6th, Constitution Day here in Spain, saw yet another "gasto de dinero" in Moraira on fireworks!!

fire1 . fire2 . fire3

The gardeners eventually pruned the rubber tree next to the shower, whilst someone? was taking a lot of photos from up above us!

gard . heli

I finished knitting a 'Sloppy Jo' for Jessica - the first knitting I had done for about 25 years ! Had Christmas Tapas and mulled wine with Carol & Paul before they went back to England for Christmas

.carol-tapas .


jess2. knit1. .jess1

Mid December we met up with Bill & Brenda again for an outdoor lunch at Amante

bil1 bil2 bil3 bil4 bil5

Then our last visit to Vespa's before Christmas: as usual their yummy Burrata and Tiramasu.

ves1 ves2 ves3 ves4

Met up with a slightly dispirited Ted just before Christmas. Then on a sunny, cold & blustery Christmas Day, we had an invigorating coastal walk from Bassetes beach to Fustera beach, with a welcome coffee at Cafe Mandela at the latter. before the walk back. Then mulled wine and a mince pie before a light lunch followed by Christmas pudding and a good brandy cream. For the evening a duck breast accompanied by a bottle of Chateau Latour 1969{ slightly past it's best: it had not gone into the 2012 auction of the Corisande Manor wine cellar due to a damaged label!!)

mo89 mo-duck mo-duck2 chris
Sometime a bottle of Chareau d'Yquem snook in !. The magnificent duck platter is conveyed to the table


Lots more coastal and campo walks continued until well into the New Year

The Boyzz enjoyed a chocolate log tren which tasted even better than it looked and lasted many days !


My 'Christmas present' was a long awaited email from Stephen banishing my long held worries that he was jobless and had been deprived of contact with Oscar!

osc1 osc2 osc3 osc4 stephen



Photos from Jo and friends


Jo with her birthday cake and then at Christmas, with Yvonne
jo-1 jobirth jotree jo2 joxmas


man-1 man2
Manuelita's house in Texas- difficult repairs during the pandemic that ravaged there this year


On into 2021 .


Chris Grant