A journey to France in August 2020

during Covid19 days


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On Tuesday, 4/8/2020, the New Normal 45, - after a state of alarm lasting 98 days - we drove for 7+ hours to Carcassonne



Hotel de la Cite, where we stayed for 2 nights, can be seen inside the walls, bottom right . A Secret Escapes package

carc1 carc2 carc5 carc4  
We were upgraded to a junior suite with a private terrace overlooking the cathedral. Enjoyed tapas & a bottle of
carc4 carc6 carc13 carc7  
wine in the gardens. Next day a Michelin starred lunch - very reasonably priced- in the scenic grounds
carc32c carc33 carc35


carc18 carc19 carc43d carc10
The hotel was picturesque, but suffered with bimbos as receptionists. The surrounds of its pool were over crowded, especially in Covid times
carc11 carc9 carc8 carc14
& we were surprised at the presence of a buffet breakfast


carc16 carc17 carc20 carc21 carc22
carc23 carc25 carc27 carc24 carc26
We took a long walk on the Wednesday morning down to the new town and the Canal du Midi- an old friend
carc28 carc25a carc29 carc30 card34

. .

carc31 carc12 carc36
And several strolls in the walled Cite, visiting its cathedral, listening to its musicians, tourist watching, ..
carc37 carc37 carc38
A pleasant stay, but then problems with 4 successive bills on check out!

. .

cast47 cast48 cast49 carc35  
Then on to Castigno for another Michelin starred lunch: excellent, though they had mislaid our reservation
cast3 cast51 cast50 cast52  
The same room as in 2019 but receptionists now from Bimbo Central! Breakfast as wondrous as before

cast55b. carc44c .casr55a


cast53 cast54 cast55 cast56  
Enjoyed a couple of walks and also a couple of swims. Then onto St Priest Les Fougeres & Uncle Vic's




vic1 vic2 vic90 vic85 vic3
David demonstrated to Vic that he could listen to cricket better on an Ipad than onlong wave. The food was as scrumptious as ever
vic58 vic86 vic89 vic88 vic87
The Boyzz reclaimed their tractor and Chris was shown a new place to enter the lake for her evening swim


On the Saturday we decanted ourselves to the Lascaux IV Caves- to get out of Gaynor's hair whilst she effected a Changeover at the Gite


las59 las60 las61 las62 las63
We were impressed by these (not being cave lovers!). It was well organized and the guide on our English tour was excellent
las64 las65 las68 las69 las70
las71 las72 las73 las74 las75

las66 . .las-pan...

Then on Sunday morning we went to the farmer's market at nearby Jumilliac


vic80 vic81
Due to Covid19 there were few stalls here

Tuesday we set off back to Spain, via the Bordeaux traffic jams, arriving at Brinas, near Haro, around 5pm.




ton98 ton93
We had stayed here in 2019, in the Palacio Tondon, next to the river Ebro. This year's room had a better balcony, & I sat there reading before
ton94 ton95 ton96 ton97
a walk along the river & then a drink. We dined, by mistake!, inside. Breakfast was excellent- and NOT a Buffet!! - less risk of the virus!!


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