Catalonia March 2020


We drove to Xerta for our first night away

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We stayed at the Villa Retiro on the Thursday night. Reception was lack lustre, there were steps in abundance but the room was very spacious & ultra modern
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Grounds were lovely & a pleasant walk through town to the Ebro. It had a 1 star Michelin restaurant - mainly diasappointing apart from the 6 pre-entrantes


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Ambience was lacking;David's pasta starter was cold & rubbery;my fish salad was beautifully presented; passion fruit desert was good. Below average breakfast in the basement
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Friday we were bowled over by the Wine Cathedral at Pinell de Brai, designed by a disciple of Gaudi, In the next 2 days we saw several others of these buildings .
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We had a tour here with an auto guide, followed by a good tasting



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Then continued to Terra Dominicata in the Serra de Montsant. This was a marvellous Secret Escapes package & we had been upgraded to a Junior Suite
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The Welcome was excellent and we enjoyed a welcome cocktail beside the lounge gas fire before enjoying their unique bath and then a yummy dinner
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Breakfasts were even better- what a feast!


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Saturday night we enjoyed another cocktail by the fire and a slightly lighter dinner . Vivianna was a great asst to the hotel
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Sunday morning we prolonged our breakfast on the Terraza with another copa de Cava!. We hope to return there
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Enjoyed a pleasant - though a trifle parsimonious - wine tasting on Saturday


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Saturday afternoon we drove to Siurana, amidst glorious scenery. The high hamlet had long been abandonned; now just 4 hostelerias there
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On the Saturday we had a pleasant walk up behind the hotel- wondrous views


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Returning from Siurana we explored Escaladei, only 2 k from the hotel . Abandonned since ~1830s, in the 13th century it was a rich, thriving monastery
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We stopped at Falset on our way home on the Sunday, but were not over impressed. Their Wine Cathedarl was interesting


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