Percy Edwin West 1866 - 1929

Born Hastings . Assurance Agent, timekeeper, stationers clerk

"Assemblyorder" Ancestry Family tree- 120000 people!! - for him- does not go further back!

1866. Percy E L West was born Hastings Dec 1866 to parents George Evill West & Emma Le Richeux

1869-1871 . His parents leave Hastings and settle in Lambeth

1871C. Percy E West, 4, is living Burgoynne Place, Lambeth with his parents and 2 siblings. His father a Clarinet Teacher

G E West Head - Male 30 1841 - Bath Somerset, England  
Emma West Wife - Female 35 1836 - Hoxton Middlesex, England  
George H West Son - Male 6 1865 - Holloway Middlesex, England  
Percy E West Son - Male 4 1867 - Hastings Sussex, England  
Kate A West Daughter - Female 2 1869 - Hastings Sussex, England

1880. Percy Edwin West, parent Lericheux, b. 12/9/1866, address 25 Chesterfield Grove, was admitted to Jessop Road School, Lambeth on 8/10/1880, left 21/12/1880 , his last school being private, 9 years school - Ancestry School Admissions & Discharges

1881C. Percy E Le Richeux West, 14, clerk's stationer, is living with his parents, father now a mathematical tutor, and 4 siblings at St Andrews Villa, 3 Underhill Road, Camberwell

George Evill West Head Married Male 40 1841 Mathmatical Tutor Bath, Somerset, England  
Emma West Wife Married Female 45 1836 - Middlesex, England  
George Harry West Son Single Male 16 1865 Clerk War Office Middlesex, England  
P E Le Richeux West Son Single Male 14 1867 Clerk Stationers Hastings, Sussex, England  
Kate A M West Daughter Single Female 12 1869 Scholar Hastings, Sussex, England  
Maude L West Daughter Single Female 7 1874 Scholar Brixton, Surrey, England  
Dora Ethel W West Daughter Single Female 5 1876 Scholar Brixton, Surrey, England  
Fred Geo Aldwell Boarder Single Male 19 1862 Clerk Government Brighton, Sussex, England

Kate A M West marries their boarder, Fred. Geo Aldwell, in 1888

1884. Percy Edwin West, 18, b. Silver Hill Sussex, joins the 2nd Dragoon Guards, reg. number 2638- FMP: cannot actually see his Chelsea pensioners Record , that is on Fold3, another subscription site!. Cannot decipher his trade. He is 18 yrs, 6 mths, almost 5ft 8 in, weighs 126 lb- just 9stone, brown hair, hazel eyes, C of E . Was discharged 30/12/1890 .During this tine frudently enlisted in the Yorkshire Regiment!. Was imprisoned and lost pay due to this. Then was in India March 1887-end of 1890 FMP

1891C. Percy E West is not living with his parents in Camberwell : he is a Porter,one of at least 20, aged 25, b. Hastings , Newington Causeway- pages and pages in the census here connected with Drapery . Almost looks as though his family have abandoned him, even before he makes a seemingly lowly marriage

1895. Percy Edwin West married Mary Ann Martin St Saviour Southwark Dec 1895- not on Ancestry London marriages- thus in a register Office or in a Catholic Church . On 2/10/1895 in St Saviour Southwark Register Office - familysearch tree- Rosalie

1898. Percy Edwin West, grocer's assistant, of 160, Ferndale Rd Ballham, was sentenced to 21 days imprisonment for embezzling on 23/11/1898 - London Evening Standard report . The infant in arms would have been 2 yr old Maude Winifred West


1901C. Percy Edwin West, 33, Gate & Time keeper, is living Waterloo Square, Camberwell, with his wife and 3 children

Percy Edwin West Head Married Male 33 1868 Gate & Timekeeper Engineering Works Hastings, Warwickshire, England  
Mary Ann West Wife Married Female 26 1875 - Walworth, Surrey, England  
Maude Winifred West Daughter - Female 4 1897 - Lee  
Herbert James West Son - Male 2 1899 - Brixton, Surrey, England  
Mabel Gertrude West Daughter - Female 0 1901 - Camberwell, Surrey, England

1905. Marguerite West is born 28/12/1905 , Camberwell, to parents Percy & Mary . No baptism on Ancestry London Baptisms 1813-1906!

1902-1905. Percy Edwin West is living 62 Waterloo Square, Camberwell - FS, Electoral Register

1906-1907. Percy Edwin West is living 88a Rodney Place Walworth- FS, Electoral Register

Cannot find him in the Electoral Register after this . Leyton was in Essex, mabe Stratford too, so not covered in the London Electoral Registers

1911C. Percy Edwin West, 43, Assurance Agent, is living in 3 rooms at 125 Amity Road, West Ham with his wife and 7 children. Married 16 years, 7 children, all still alive

Percy Edwin West Head Married Male Assurance Agent 43 1868 Sussex Hastings  
Mary West Wife Married Female - 36 1875 Surrey Nalwak  
Maude Winifred West Daughter - Female Cigarette Packer 14 1897 Kent Lee  
Herbert James West Son - Male - 12 1899 Surrey Buxton  
Mable Gertrude West Daughter - Female - 10 1901 Surrey Camberwell  
Jessie Ethel West Daughter - Female - 7 1904 Surrey Camberwell  
Margurite West Daughter - Female - 5 1906 Surrey Camberwell  
Frank Harold West Son - Male - 3 1908 Surrey Camberwell  
Phyllis May West Daughter - Female - 1 1910 Essex Stratford

He seemed to have earnt a decent professional income?. His daughter, Marguerite, always admired and defended her father and said how well-spoken he was.

1914. His wife's address is given as 56 Carpenters Road, Stratford on his Army record when he joins up in 1914.

1914-1918. Seemed to have been in the army, but was actually 48 when war broke out! Several pages exist for Percy Edwin West , Crpl 13292 , on Ancestry WW1 Pension Records. His wife given as living 56, Carpenters Rd Stratford. Was on the Essex Reg up till 1916, then in the Royal Defence Corps

1919. His discharge papers show him as living at 80 Tyndall Road in 1919, with his wife and the 6 children, listed with their dates of birth, born 1903-1918 . He had been in the army 4 yrs and 278 days, discharged medically unfit . H received a pension of 28s per week for Emphysema, for just 9 months. The army reckoned this was aggravated slightly due to his servivce but was maily due to him being extremely obese He does not seem to have been a good soldier! - hearsay, but from some records I think

Thus at least 7 children, & then 5 more - his daughter Marguerite implied that his wife left him- at some undefined date - to live with Charlie ( James C J] Beat, who she indeed married after Percy's death in 1929. But it is not known where he might have lived- were this to have been true. And he would rather have left her, as the family were living with Charlie's family at 8 Tyndall Road from as far back as 1919

Children of Percy E West & Mary Ann Martin

1. Maude Winifred West Lewisham Dec 1896 -1924, died in childbirth

2. Herbert James West Lambeth Dec 1898-1977

3. Mabel Gertrude West Camberwell Mar 1901[1900] - 1994

4. Jessie Ethel West Camberwell Dec 1904 - 1974

5. Marguerite West 28/12/1905 Southwark Jan 1906[1905] -1987. Known as Madge

6. Frank Harold West Camberwell Jun 1907 - 1995

7. Phyllis Mary West West Ham Dec 1909 -~2000

8. George C D West 1912-1979

9. Constance B West 1914-1989 - child of Charlie Beat , this from her b.c. . But in fact 2 b.cs. seem to exist! , one as Beat, one as West

10. Mary E D West 1916-1989

11. Rose H West 1918-~2000

12. Donald A West 1921-1996, father of Paul

Lots of these must have married and had children, first cousins of Barbara & Susan- can you contact them: they might know more and have PHOTOS!!

1929. Percy E West, 63, dies West Ham Dec 1929 - no probate