George Evill West 1841-1919

Born Bath. Then lives Hastings & around London, south of the Thames. Clarinet Teacher & Mathematical Teacher .

1841. George Evill West was born Bath Mar 1841 to George West & Mary Evill . 29/1/1841 Bath - from FS tree

1841C. George West, 4 mths, is living Margaret's Buildings, Walcot Bath . Father a baker, where is his mother??

George West Male 40 1801 Somerset, England  
William Butler Male 20 1821 -  
George Webber Male 15 1826 Somerset, England  
George West Male 0 1841 Somerset, England  
Mary West Female 2 1839 Somerset, England  
Jane Dunkerton Female 35 1806 Somerset, England  
Elizabeth Jennings Female 25 1816 -  
Rebbecca Humby Female 20 1821 Somerset, England


1851C. George West, 12, b. Bath, is one of 9 pupils at Devonshire House School, Bath. This likely he , although age is 2 years out . His father seemingly remarried and now a gentleman!- living in Frome with new wife, Amelia, and 12 yr old Mary and 2 new children

1860. George Evill West, born 1841, parents Mary & George, is baptised 30/9/1860 in Steyning - FMP & FS . This mighty odd!!. Maybe he had to be baptised to teach in the school in Grantham!! " either he converted to C of E  (he was born into a Baptist family) or he was obliged, because of his job, to be a baptised member of the C of E.  Many organisations were very strict as to the latter.  Children brought up LDS, who like the Baptists do not baptise children, had to be baptised C of E in order to join the Girl Guides even in the early 1930s!"

1861C. He is the Assistant Master at a school, with 7 pupils, in North Parade, Grantham, Lincs . His sister, Mary Evill West, 21, is a governess in Tewkesbury.

Edward M Browns Head Married Male 36 1825 Classical Teacher In... Wiltshire, England  
Mary Browns Wife Married Female 26 1835 - Grantham, Lincolnshire, England  
Mary C Browns Daughter - Female 2 1859 - Grantham, Lincolnshire, England  
Hannah W Browns Daughter - Female 0 1861 - Grantham, Lincolnshire, England  
George E West Assistant Unmarried Male 22 1839 Assistant Master Bath, Somerset, England  
Charles Thorpe Pupil - Male 15 1846 Scholar Northamptonshire, England  
Frank Grene Pupil - Male 16 1845 Scholar Bradford, Kent, England  
James Grene Pupil - Male 15 1846 Scholar London, Middlesex, England  
Claude Taylor Pupil - Male 16 1845 Scholar Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England  
Thomas Cochran Pupil - Male 15 1846 Scholar Leicestershire, England  
William Wright Pupil - Male 14 1847 Scholar Wanlip, Leicestershire, England  
William Marriott Pupil - Male 33 1828 Scholar Colston Bassett, Nottinghamshire, England


1863. George Evill West , 23, gentleman, married Emma Le Richeux, 28, on 22/9/1863 in St John the Evangelist, Brixton, Lambeth- Ancestry Select Marriages Lambeth Sep 1863 . Also London Marriages. His father, George West, [ not given as deceased] gentleman: hers John Le Richeux, gentleman [ some licence here: John Le Richeux was a warehouseman 1833-1861 at least!! ]. Address Sussex Road- this where her parents lived 1851-1871


1863-1866. He moves from Lambeth to Holloway and then to Hastings

1864.Charles Dickens wrote him a letter on 16/8/1864

1866. Percy E L West was born Hastings Dec 1866 to parents George & Emma

1869-1871. He moves back from Hastings to Brixton/Lambeth

1871C. G E West, 30, Clarinet Teacher is living Burgoynne Place, Lambeth with his wife, Emma, and 3 children

G E West Head - Male 30 1841 - Bath Somerset, England  
Emma West Wife - Female 35 1836 - Hoxton Middlesex, England  
George H West Son - Male 6 1865 - Holloway Middlesex, England  
Percy E West Son - Male 4 1867 - Hastings Sussex, England  
Kate A West Daughter - Female 2 1869 - Hastings Sussex, England

1875. Dora Ethel May West baptised Brixton 31/10/1875 to George & Emma -FS Christenings

1877-1881. He moves from Brixton to Camberwell

1881C. George Evill West, 40, mathematical tutor, is living with his wife, Emma, & 5 children at St Andrews Villa, 3 Underhill Road, Camberwell

George Evill West Head Married Male 40 1841 Mathmatical Tutor Bath, Somerset, England  
Emma West Wife Married Female 45 1836 - Middlesex, England  
George Harry West Son Single Male 16 1865 Clerk War Office Middlesex, England  
P E Le Richeux West Son Single Male 14 1867 Clerk Stationers Hastings, Sussex, England  
Kate A M West Daughter Single Female 12 1869 Scholar Hastings, Sussex, England  
Maude L West Daughter Single Female 7 1874 Scholar Brixton, Surrey, England  
Dora Ethel W West Daughter Single Female 5 1876 Scholar Brixton, Surrey, England  
Fred Geo Aldwell Boarder Single Male 19 1862 Clerk Government Brighton, Sussex, England

Kate, Maude & Dora West are thought to have been suffragettes - stated on Curious Fox

1888. His daughter Kate Ada Mary West married: he a Mathmatical Tutor formerly of Gothic House, Stockwell _ almost implies this was a school where he tutored but seems to have been an Orthopaedic Institution, in a very fine mansion!


Kate A M West 1868-1909. Dora Ethel West 1875-1922- FS

1891C. George E West, 40, mathematical master, is living with his wife, Emma, & 3 children at St Andrews Villas, Underhill Road, Camberwell

George E West Head Married Male 50 1841 Mathematical Master Bath, Somerset, England  
Emma West Wife Married Female 51 1840 - Middlesex, England  
George H West Son Single Male 27 1864 Civil Service P O S B Hastings  
Maud S West Daughter Single Female 17 1874 - Stockwell  
Dora E M West Daughter Single Female 15 1876 - Stockwell  
Frank Rathore Lodger Single Male 23 1868 French Master France  
Maria Woodman Visitor Widow Female 49 1842 Dressmaker Clapham

1901C. George E West, 54, visiting Math Master, is living 79 Sandmere Road, Lambeth

George E West Head Married Male 54 1847 Visiting Math Master Bath, Somerset, England


1911C. George Evill West, 70, widower, is living as a boarder at 24 Westwell Road, Streatham, Wandsworth

James Hitchcock Head Married Male Jobbing Gardener 64 1847 London Lambeth  
Eliza Hitchcock Wife Married Female - 62 1849 London Lambeth  
Edith Lousia Hitchcock Daughter Single Female - 35 1876 London Streatham  
Leon Victor Hammett Nephew Single Male Plumber 20 1891 London Streatham  
Caroline Tutt Friend Single Female - 48 1863 London Deptford Kent  
Henry Mitchell Boarder Widower Male - 87 1824 London St Pancras  
George Evill West Boarder Widower Male - 70 1841 London Bath Somerset  
Herbert Warrington Port Boarder Single Male Grocers Assistant 19 1892 London St Marys Relmver

1919. George E West, 77, dies Wandsworth Mar 1919- seemingly no probate. 7/2/1919 Wandsworth - from FS tree