Mary Ann Martin 1874 - 1957

1874. Mary Ann Martin was born 14/8/1874 Walworth St Saviour Sep 1874 - Walworth in the borough of Southwark and St Saviour is Southwark . Parents James Martin & Charlotte Ann Birkett

1877. Amelia Charlotte Martin born St. Saviour Dec 1877

1877. Mary Ann & Amelia Charlotte Martin were baptised on 28/10/1877 at Walworth St John the Evangelist to James, milk carrier, & Charlotte Ann Martin, address 44 Westmoreland Road.



1881C. Mary Ann Martin, 5, is living 11 Anns Row Newington, St Saviour Southwark London with her parents and 2 siblings

James Martin Head Married Male 29 1852 Milk Carrier Surrey, England  
Charlott Martin Wife Married Female 28 1853 - Surrey, England  
Mary Ann Martin Daughter Single Female 5 1876 Scholar Surrey, England  
Amelia Martin Daughter Single Female 2 1879 - Surrey, England  
James Martin Son Single Male 1 1880 - Surrey, England

1891C. Missing from the family who are living in James Street, Newington, St Saviour Southwark. Almost certainly she is the

Mary Martin, 16, servant, b. Walworth, in Mount Pleasant Road, Lewisham

John D McClure Head Married Male 31 1860 Barrister University Local Lecturer Astronomy Wigan, Lancashire, England  
Mary J McClure Wife Married Female 30 1861 - Blackburn, Lancashire, England  
Kathleen M J McClure Daughter - Female 0 1891 - Lewisham, Kent, England  
Mary Martin Servant Single Female 16 1875 General Domestic Walworth, Surrey, England


1895.Mary Ann Martin married Percy Edwin West St Saviour Southwark Dec 1895- not on Ancestry London marriages- thus in a register Office or in a Catholic Church .On 2/10/1895 in St Saviour Southwark- familysearch tree. Thought I would need this m.c to ascertain her parents- but 99% certain now I have the correct family for her. Barbara & Susan: have you ever heard of grandaunt Amelia, Florrie, Hettie, May or granduncle James, Bertie. If you have, this great confirmation!!

1901C. Percy Edwin West, 33, Gate & Time keeper, , is living Waterloo Square, Camberwell, with his wife, Mary Ann, and 3 children

Percy Edwin West Head Married Male 33 1868 Gate & Timekeeper Engineering Works Hastings, Warwickshire, England  
Mary Ann West Wife Married Female 26 1875 - Walworth, Surrey, England  
Maude Winifred West Daughter - Female 4 1897 - Lee  
Herbert James West Son - Male 2 1899 - Brixton, Surrey, England  
Mabel Gertrude West Daughter - Female 0 1901 - Camberwell, Surrey, England

1905. Marguerite West is born 28/12/1905 , Camberwell, to parents Percy & Mary . No baptism on Ancestry London Baptisms 1813-1906! and no baptisms for any of the other 4 children born before her.

1911C. Percy Edwin West, 43, Assurance Agent, is living in 3 rooms at 125 Amity Road, West Ham with his wife, Mary, and 7 children. Married 16 years, 7 children, all still alive

Percy Edwin West Head Married Male Assurance Agent 43 1868 Sussex Hastings  
Mary West Wife Married Female - 36 1875 Surrey Nalwak/Walworth?  
Maude Winifred West Daughter - Female Cigarette Packer 14 1897 Kent Lee  
Herbert James West Son - Male - 12 1899 Surrey Buxton  
Mable Gertrude West Daughter - Female - 10 1901 Surrey Camberwell  
Jessie Ethel West Daughter - Female - 7 1904 Surrey Camberwell  
Margurite West Daughter - Female - 5 1906 Surrey Camberwell  
Frank Harold West Son - Male - 3 1908 Surrey Camberwell  
Phyllis May West Daughter - Female - 1 1910 Essex Stratford

Their children were:

1. Maude Winifred West Lewisham Dec 1896

2. Herbert James West Lambeth Dec 1898

3. Mabel Gertrude West Camberwell Mar 1901

4. Jessie Ethel West Camberwell Dec 1904

5. Marguerite West 28/12/1905

6. Frank Harold West Camberwell Jun 1907

7. Phyllis Mary West West Ham Dec 1909

Likely has 5/6 more children: George C D West West Ham Sep 1912; Constance B Beat/West West Ham Dec 1914; Mary E D West West Ham Jun1916; Rose H West West Ham Dec 1918, Donald A West West Ham Jun1921 . Thus 12 children in all .

Children of Mary Ann Martin/West


~1930?, since Donald looks about 9. Mary Ann West, née Martin, on the left, with children Phyllis, Jess and Donald (possibly)

1929. Percy E West, 63, dies West Ham Dec 1929 -- no probate

1930. Mary Ann West marries James C J Beat ( b.1882)- "Charlie"

1939 Register. Mary A and James C J Beat are living 80 Tyndall Road Leyton- this is where Charlie, fireman, and his wife Eliza(Witt) , and 4 children, John, James, Sydney & Gordon, aged 7-0 resp. were living in 1911C. Charlie & Eliza had 2 more children: Percy E Beat 1912 & Hilda R Beat 1913. Cannot find a death for Eliza Beat, nor a remarriage

Mary A Beat 14 Aug 1874 Female Unpaid Domestic Dutie Married 115 2
James C J Beat 05 Nov 1882 Male Boiler Attendant (Heavy Work) Married 115 1
Phyllis M West 28 Oct 1909 Female Shop Assistant (Boots And Shoes) Single

There is an Ancestry Hall tree with James C J Beat on it, just 8 people & no Hall!!- contacted this 9/12/2016

Barbara & Susan?? - did you know her?? Send me your memories of her PLEASE

1956.  She and Charlie then lived in Braughing, near Ware, Hertfordshire.- Barbara met her there, just the once

 I remember her in bed in Braughing, near Ware, Herts, when we visited in about 1955 - she was deaf (had an ear trumpet, which terrified me) and bedridden with osteoporosis, but her mind was still razor-sharp.  That was in a sizeable farmhouse, as far as I remember.

Her son, Don, wife and 3 boys also used to visit her on Don's bike and sidecar

1957. Mary Ann Beat dies, aged 82- familysearch tree - Bishops Stortford Sep 1957 - no probate. Died 3/8/1957 Braughing, Ware

1968. James C J Beat , aged 85, , died Waltham Forest Jun 1968 - no Ancestry probate records exist 1967-1972!!. He had returned to live with his step daughter, Mary 1916 and her husband