Marguerite West 1905-1987

1905. Marguerite West is born 28/12/1905 to parents Percy Edwin West & Mary Ann Martin , almost certainly at 62 Waterloo Square, Camberwell - this where her father was then living from Electoral Registers. Registered Southwark Mar 1906

Barbara- do you have her b.c., or m.c or d.c??

1911C. Margurite West, 5, is living 125 Amity Road, West Ham with her parents, father an Assurance Agent, and 6 siblings

Percy Edwin West Head Married Male Assurance Agent 43 1868 Sussex Hastings  
Mary West Wife Married Female - 36 1875 Surrey Nalwak  
Maude Winifred West Daughter - Female Cigarette Packer 14 1897 Kent Lee  
Herbert James West Son - Male - 12 1899 Surrey Buxton  
Mable Gertrude West Daughter - Female - 10 1901 Surrey Camberwell  
Jessie Ethel West Daughter - Female - 7 1904 Surrey Camberwell  
Margurite West Daughter - Female - 5 1906 Surrey Camberwell  
Frank Harold West Son - Male - 3 1908 Surrey Camberwell  
Phyllis May West Daughter - Female - 1 1910 Essex Stratford


Marguerite West ~1930?

She always admired and defended her father.  I remember her telling me how well-spoken he was (and so was she).
She was in awe of her mother, however!  Mary Ann was a very strong character and apparently very strict

Marguerite West, worked as a telephonist for a time - auditioned for the Speaking Clock, no less (I think she almost got the job, but you never know!).  She also worked for Clarnico in London - I have letters of thanks sent to her by the company for saving the building from a fire!  

Did she live with her mother until she married?

1937 Marguerite West married Edward Hall Essex S W Jun 1937 - includes Leyton, Walthamstow, Wanstead & Woodford

1938   John Edward Hall born Mansfield, 3 October 1938.  Died c. 7 October 1938. He was oxygen deprived at birth (breach delivery that went wrong (very traumatic for my parents - a long story) . Do you have either certificate ??

1939 Register Edward Hall is living Amanda, Garth Road , Mansfield with his wife, Marguerite, b. 29/12/1905, and mother

Edward Hall 02 Jul 1906 Male Newspaper Reporter Married 116 1
Marguerite Hall 29 Dec 1905 Female Unpaid Domestic Duties Married 116 2
Margaret A Hall 27 Aug 1868 Female Unpaid Domestic Duti Widowed 116

1947 .Susan B Hall born Mansfield Mar 1947

1948. Barbara M Hall born Mansfield Sep 1948

She had a good contralto voice - sang in choirs in Mansfield at one time.  She was a good bridge player (but my Dad always refused to take part in that!  He was a bit of a social recluse, unlike my Mum).  Later she worked as a nurse on the children’s ward at Harlow Wood Orthopaedic Hospital near Mansfield.  After retirement my parents distributed meals on wheels, often to people younger than themselves.  

1987. Marguerite Hall , born 28/12/1905, dies Mansfield, Derbyshire 13/1/1987 - from a FStree & Ancestry Jan

1991. Edward Hall , aged 85, , born 2/7/1906, died Mansfield Dec 1991.

Marguerite had at least 6 siblings:

1. Maude Winifred West Lewisham Dec 1896

2. Herbert James West Lambeth Dec 1898

3. Mabel Gertrude West Camberwell Mar 1901

4. Jessie Ethel West Camberwell Dec 1904

6. Frank Harold West Camberwell Jun 1907

7. Phyllis Mary West West Ham Dec 1909

Any more?? Yes, 5 more; see Children of Percy & Mary Ann West

Lots of these must have married and had children, first cousins of Barbara & Susan- can you contact them: they might know more and have PHOTOS!!