Edward Hall 1906 -1991

1906. Edward Hall is born 2/7/1906 to George Henry Hall & Margaret A Beverley Stafford, Burton on Trent . An only child


edward-1908 .edward-boat

Edward aged 2or 3 . . Edward aged 7 maybe on a family picnic. Wonder if the man on the left is his father George Henry 1868

[ If the photo was taken in about 1911/1912, he would have been about 43.  My father also had dark hair and didn’t go bald, or even grey, even in his 80s (he had health issues, but kept his hair colour). I think the lady on the left, looking towards her husband and son (?), is my paternal grandmother, Margaret Hall (née Beverley).  I’m sending you a separate one of her (close resemblance- Chris agrees !) ]

1911C. Henry Hall, 42, carpenter, is living in 4 rooms at 89 Hollow/Hallow Lane, Winshill, Burton on Trent. Married 6 years, 1 child , Edward Hall, 4

Henry Hall Head Married Male Carpenter 42 1869 Warwick Birmingham  
Margeret Hall Wife Married Female - 42 1869 Stafford Burton on Trent  
Edward Hall Son - Male - 4 1907 Stafford Burton on Trent

1937 Edward Hall married Marguerite West Essex S W Jun 1937- includes Leyton, Walthamstow, Wanstead & Woodford



Edward Hall ~1926

My Dad was a journalist.  His address was 21, Garth Road, Mansfield, Notts.

I’m not sure when my Dad and his mother Margaret moved from Robert Avenue to the new house called “Amanda”, Garth Road (the house was first given the number 21 when I was about 12, I think - it was a new road, still without tarmac, when I was very small).  Clearly they moved after my grandfather’s death in 1930, but I’m not sure whether they were already in Garth Road when my parents married in 1937.  My mother seemed to know the house in Robert Avenue, so it’s possible she too lived there for a while


1938   John Edward Hall born Mansfield, 3 October 1938.  Died c. 7 October 1938. He was oxygen deprived at birth (breach delivery that went wrong (very traumatic for my parents - a long story)

1939 Register. Edward Hall , b. 2/7/1906, newspaper reporter, is living Amanda, Garth Road , Mansfield with his wife and mother- she dies in 1950, on his wife's 45th birthday

Edward Hall 02 Jul 1906 Male Newspaper Reporter Married 116 1
Marguerite Hall 29 Dec 1905 Female Unpaid Domestic Duties Married 116 2
Margaret A Hall 27 Aug 1868 Female Unpaid Domestic Duti Widowed 116

He worked for the Nottingham Guardian and was a music critic. He was also a gifted pianist and organist

1947 .Susan B Hall born Mansfield Mar 1947

1948. Barbara M Hall born Mansfield Sep 1948


From lhs: Barbara & Susan


barbara-15 .edward-garden

Barbara aged 15. . . . . .Edward Hall in his beloved garden


22 September 1979, taken by my sister Sue Connolly in the garden at 21 Garth Road.
From left:   Barbara's husband John Bernard Halloran, Anna Jane Derewicz (née Connolly), her father Victor John Roy Connolly, Mum, Dad, James Edward Connolly, me (then Barbara Halloran), Sarah Louise Connolly.
After a family friend’s wedding.

sue-parents. .garth-road

Sue & her parents 1968. . . . .Barbara & father in 1987 outside 21, Garth Road (on the rhs) - house put up for sale on her mother's death

1987. Marguerite Hall , born 28/12/1905, dies Mansfield, Notts 13/1/1987 - from a FS tree & Ancestry deaths

Edward Hall lived with Susan for a while in London, but then was in a care home in Mansfield

1991. Edward Hall, aged 85, , born 2/7/1906, died Mansfield Dec 1991.- Ancestry deaths