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Several Ancestry tree contain some of Lorraine's maternal, germanic, ancestors

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Paternal Side

Lorraine Dey 1944 . . Frederick Arthur Dey 1908-1982 . . . Frederick Dey 1864-1930. D o not think we can go back any further but Lorraine & family may well be able to tell us more about their lives

Marciana Wagner wife of 1864 Frederick Day 1872 -1939 . . Frederick Wagner 1840-1888 . . Rudolf Wagner 1819-1884

Anna Jacubowski wife of 1864 Frederick Wagner 1840-1922

Marie Elisabeth Harms wife of 1864 Rudolf Wagner 1822-1887


Correction: Lorraine Dey was born 1944!. Her Dey ancestors can be filled in on your own printed out fanchart, men in the blue boxes, their wives beside them in a pink box

Maternal Side

Eleanor Freda Schlotthauer wife of Frederick Dey 1914-2007. . . Henry Schlotthauer /Slater 1889- 1965

Barbara Goebel wife of Henry Schlotthauer 1892 -1980 . . . Johann Friedrich Goebel 1844-1918 . . Jakob Goebel 1808-1873 . . Jakob Georg Heinrich Gobel( with an umlaut!) 1773-1854

Children of Johann Goebel & Elizabeth Hollinger

Elizabeth Hollinger 2nd wife of Johann Friedrich Goebel 1860-1902

Margaret Heinrich wife of Jakob Goebel 1808-1879

Katharina Ritthaler wife of Jakob G H Gobel 1788-1841