William Marshall 1878- ?1948??


1878.William Marshall was born to Aaron Marshall & Mary Ann Battle Rochford Dec 1878. Baptised 27/10/1878 in Prittlewell, his father a Coachman, residence Prittlewell

1881C. William Marshall, 2, was living Hill House, Nth Street, Prittlewell, Rochford, Essex, his father a coachman

Aron Marshall Head Married Male 42 1839 Coachman Writtle, Essex, England
Mary A Marshall Wife Married Female 39 1842 - Stebbing, Essex, England
Elizabeth Marshall Daughter Single Female 13 1868 Scholar Sandon, Essex, England
Emily Marshall Daughter Single Female 11 1870 Scholar Great Baddow, Essex, England
Walter Marshall Son Single Male 6 1875 Scholar Prittlewell, Essex, England
William Marshall Son Single Male 2 1879 - Prittlewell, Essex, England
Frederick Marshall Son Single Male 0 1881 - Prittlewell, Essex, England

1891C. William Marshall, 2, was living Hill Cottages, Nth Street, Mundon, Rochford, Essex, his father now a groom & gardener

Aaron Marshall Head Married Male 57 1834 Groom & Gardener Domestic Writtle, Essex, England
Mary A Marshall Wife Married Female 49 1842 - Stebbing, Essex, England
William Marshall Son - Male 12 1879 Scholar Prittlewell, Essex, England
Frederick Marshall Son - Male 10 1881 Scholar Prittlewell, Essex, England
Alfred Marshall Son - Male 8 1883 Scholar Prittlewell, Essex, England
Ernest Marshall Son - Male 6 1885 Scholar Prittlewell, Essex, England


1901C. William Marshall, 22, was living?? Cannot find him on Ancestry or FMP. Not still with his parents


1902. William Marshall, 24, coachman, married Lucy Amy Collier, 28, in St Matthews Church, Hammersmith on 23/12/1902 Fulham Dec 1902 Witnesses were Ernest Clifford Harding - likely the best man, Laura Collier - her sister, & Frederick Marshall - his brother



1907. Elsie Louise Marshall was born to William & Lucy Amy on 19/12/1907 in Woodford Bridge


Elsie as a baby with her parents & siblings, Lucy~3 & Fred ~1

1911C. William Marshall, 33, chauffeur, was living the Stables, Claybury, Woodford Bridge, Ilford, Essex in 5 rooms. He had been married 8 years, 3 children.

William Marshall Head Married Male 33 1878 Chauffaur Domestic Prittlewell Essex
Lucy Amy Marshall Wife Married Female 36 1875 - Westbury Wilts
Lucy Amy Marshall Daughter - Female 6 1905 - Woodford Bridge Essex
Frederick William Marshall Son - Male 5 1906 - Woodford Bridge Essex
Elsie Louise Marshall Daughter - Female 3 1908 - Woodford Bridge Essex

1912. His youngest son, Ernest A Collier, was born Romford Mar 1912

Children of William & Lucy Amy Marshall


1918. Aged 40 he was serving with the British Expedotionary Forces on 15/8/1918. In the letter below- presumably to Elsie-, he praises her writing and her marks. He talks of Ernest & Frederick, but does not mention his wife





By 1930 he had moved from Claybury to Kensington with his family

1930, 1935, 1939, 1945 . William Marshall living 26 Hesper Mews, Kensington with his wife and 3/4children / just daughter Lucy Amy . - Ancestry Electoral rolls

1939. His daughter, Elsie L Marshall , 31, civil servant, married George Edward Newman, 29, clerk, on 29/4/1939 in St Jude's Church, Kensington .Her father William Marshall, chauffeur, his ???James Burton Newman ???, publican. Her address 26 Hesper Mews, S W, his Belmont, Hillier's Lane, Beddington, Surrey . Witnesses were William Marshall, K.G. Marshall & Elizabeth Morley - his mother

Although he appears to witness the wedding, he does notseem to appear in their wedding photo- or is he behing George??

1939 Register . Cannot locate him: have searched using Sep and Oct as his birth month . His wife, married, and eldest daughter are at Hesper Mews, Kensington

1939 Register Lucy A Marshall, born 30/5/1874, was living 26 Hesper Mews, West Brompton, Kensington with her eldest daughter

Lucy A Marshall 30 May 1874 Female Unpaid Domestic Duties Married 6 1
Lucy A Killick (Marshall) 17 Aug 1904 Female Head Shorthand Typist Retail Food Estate Single 6 2

Could die, aged 69, Kensington Mar 1948 : no probate for this death . Feel he died by 1950 as Margaret has not spoken of him . Last record I have of him is 1945 in Kensington

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