Lucy Amy Collier 1874 - 1957

1874. Lucy Amy Collier was born to Arthur Collier & Mary Ann Davies Westbury Sep 1874. Record entry says CollieE. Her sister Laura was baptised in 1872 in Preshute, but certaily no baptism for Lucy Amy on that register up to 1876 . . . Had mistakenly thought her mother was actually Sarah Williams- but FMP birth entry, actually as Lucy Amy Colliee, does not give a mother at all, so no reason to suppose not Mary Ann

1876. Her mother, Mary Ann Collier , 33, dies Bradford W Sep 1876 .

1877. Her father, Arthur Collier, 37, widower, labourer, married Sarah Yarnold , 34, widow

Mother of Thomas Yarnold 1867 & Ada Yarnold 1873 was Williams . Sarah Williams married George Yarnell Bradford on Avon Jun 1864. George Yarnold dies Bradford W Sep 1873

1881C. Lucy Amy Collier, 6, was living Manton Village, Preshute, Marlborough, Wiltshire

Arthur Collier Head Married Male 41 1840 Algr Labourer Berkshire, England
Sarah Collier Wife Married Female 38 1843 - Bradford Leigh, Wiltshire, England
Thomas Yarnold Step Child Single Male 14 1867 Ploughboy Bradford Leigh, Wiltshire, England
Mary Jane Collier Daughter Single Female 11 1870 Scholar Beckhampton, Wiltshire, England
Fanny Yarnold Step Child Single Female 9 1872 Scholar Bradford Leigh, Wiltshire, England
Ada Georgina Yarnold Step Child Single Female 7 1874 Scholar Bradford Leigh, Wiltshire, England
Lucy Amy Collier Daughter Single Female 6 1875 Scholar Westbury, Wiltshire, England
Louisa Collier Daughter Single Female 3 1878 - Bradford Leigh, Wiltshire, England
George Collier Son Single Male 2 1879 - Bradford Leigh, Wiltshire, England

Maybe Fanny is Laura? Louisa 13 a servant in Marlborough

1891C. Lucy Amy Collier, 16, was likely working as a servant: cannot find her in FMP

1901C. Lucy Amy Collier, 27, kitchenmaid, was living White Hul Lane, Bletchingly, Godstone, Surrey . Her sister, Laura Collier, a housemaid in the same household

Charles Augustus Verner Head Married Male 53 1848 Living On Own Means Ireland
Violet Emily Verner Wife Married Female 45 1856 - London, England
Amelia E V Verner Daughter Single Female 24 1877 - London, England
Rose Verner Daughter Single Female 22 1879 - London, England
Guy William H Verner Son Single Male 20 1881 Undergraduate Cambridge Oxfordshire, England
Violet B Verner Daughter Single Female 19 1882 - Dorset, England
Charles Geo Verner Son Single Male 7 1894 - Surrey, England
Harriett Berry Servant Single Female 30 1871 Cook Domestic Saxmundham, Suffolk, England
Henrietta Smith Servant Single Female 28 1873 Housemaid Domestic London, Middlesex, England
Laura Collier Servant Single Female 30 1871 Housemaid Domestic Wiltshire, England
Jessie Lewisham - - Female 30 1871 Parlor Maid Scotland
Lucy Amy Collier Servant Single Female 27 1874 Kitchenmaid nr Washbourne? Wiltshire, England
Fanny Snelling Servant Single Female 19 1882 Nurse Shottermill, Surrey, England


1902. Lucy Amy Collier, 28, married William Marshall, 24, coachman, in St Matthews Church, Hammersmith on 23/12/1902 . His address Holy Trinity, Barking Side: hers 39 Gratton Road. His father Aaron Marshall, hers Arthur Collier, both labourers Witnesses Laura Collier and ?? Marshall .Fulham Dec 1902


1907. Elsie Louise Marshall was born to William & Lucy Amy on 19/12/1907 in Woodford Bridge

1911C. Lucy Amy Marshall, 36, was living the Stables, Claybury, Woodford Bridge, Ilford, Essex in 5 rooms. She had been married 8 years, 3 children.

William Marshall Head Married Male 33 1878 Chauffaur Domestic Prittlewell Essex
Lucy Amy Marshall Wife Married Female 36 1875 - Westbury Wilts
Lucy Amy Marshall Daughter - Female 6 1905 - Woodford Bridge Essex
Frederick William Marshall Son - Male 5 1906 - Woodford Bridge Essex
Elsie Louise Marshall Daughter - Female 3 1908 - Woodford Bridge Essex

1912. Her last child, Ernest A Marshall, was born Romford Mar 1912

Children of William & Lucy Amy Marshall

1930, 1935, 1939, 1945 . William Marshall living 26 Hesper Mews, Kensington with his wife and 3/4children / just daughter Lucy Amy . - Ancestry Electoral rolls

1939 Register Lucy A Marshall, born 30/5/1874, married, was living 26 Hesper Mews, West Brompton, Kensington with her eldest daughter. Where was her husband??

Lucy A Marshall 30 May 1874 Female Unpaid Domestic Duties Married 6 1
Lucy A Killick (Marshall) 17 Aug 1904 Female Head Shorthand Typist Retail Food Estate Single 6 2

1954. She celebrated her 80th birthday



1957. Lucy A Marshall, 82, of 227 Wellington Buildings, Ebury Bridge Road, Kensington, died 19/2/1957 in St Mary Abbots Hospital, Kensington Kensington Mar 1957. Probaye of £ 489 to her son, Frederick William Newman, art framer


Margaret- your memories of her please. Photo??

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