Jane Stevenson 1837- 1882

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Born 5th August 1839, Bethnal Green. Parents Susan Stroud and Enoch Stevenson (two spellings on one certificate) a Weaver.

Married Edward Barrett a house painter 28th October 1860 at South Hackney.

They had at least 3 children. Emma b1865? Edward b1867?, Ellen b1869 - maybe more?

The family home was at 31 Alfred Street, Mile End. This road still exists but not the house.

By February 1870 Jane was in Colney Hatch Asylum at Friern Barnet. This was just 3 months after Ellen was born (depression?) where it seems she remained until her death on 10th June 1882 from cancer of the uterus.

The youngest child Ellen was cared for by the Bull family who lived at 9 Bridge Street Mile End. Charlotte Bull was Edward Barrett's sister.


1834-1843 . No baptism of Jane nor her 3 siblings on Ancestry London Baptisms

1839. Jane Stevenson born to Enoch Stevenson, weaver, & Susan Stroud on 5/8/1839 in 12 Green Street, Bethnal Green. - Bethnal Green Sep 1839 -



1841C . Green Street, Bethnal Green . No marriage of any Stevenson to Susan Stroud 1824-1834 on Ancestry London marriages , but there is one to Susanna Dalton, widow, in 1834 in B.G.

Enoch Stevenson Male 30 1811 silk weaver Middlesex, England
James Stevenson Male 8 1833 silk weaver Middlesex, England
Henry Stevenson Male 6 1835 silk weaver Middlesex, England
Susan Stevenson Female 29 1812 silk weaver Middlesex, England
Jane Stevenson Female 1 1840 Middlesex, England

Her mother, Susan Stevenson, could die Bethnal Green Dec 1850 ?? A William Enoch Stevenson dies St Geo in the East 1858

Just possibly 1851C. Whittington Place, Islington

John Lamb Head Married Male 32 1819 Commercial Clerk Lanham Green, Middlesex, England
Eliza Lamb Wife Married Female 30 1821 Liner Draper Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
Elizabeth Lamb Daughter - Female 7 1844 - London, Middlesex, England
Jessie Lamb Daughter - Female 5 1846 - London, Middlesex, England
Ann S Lamb Daughter - Female 3 1848 - Holloway, Middlesex, England
Herbert J Lamb Son - Male 0 1851 - Holloway, Middlesex, England
Caroline Dawson Servant Unmarried Female 18 1833 Draper's Assistant Barton, Lincolnshire, England
Jane Amelia Stevenson Servant Unmarried Female 15 1836 Draper's Assistant London, Middlesex, England
Emily Bayliss Servant Unmarried Female 18 1833 Nursemaid London, Middlesex, England
Ann Baxter Visitor Unmarried Female 27 1824 No Occupation London, Middlesex, England
Catherine Baxter Daughter - Female 1 1850 - Edgware, Middlesex, England



1860. Jane Stevenson marries Edward Barrett , house painter, on 28/10/1860 in South Hackney . His father William Barrett, shoemaker: hers Henrick ?Stevenson, silk weaver . Witnesses Daniel Bull & Emma Stevenson Hackney Dec 1860 . - London Ancestry marriages


1861C. Edward Barrett , 26, painter & glazier, was living 4 Bridge Street East, Stepney, Mile End Old town with wife, Jane

Edward Barrett Head Married Male 26 1835 Painter & Glarier House Stepney, Middlesex, England
Jane Barrett Wife Married Female 24 1837 - Bethnal Green, Middlesex, England

& at 9 Bridge Street, Jane's sister, Emma Stevenson, b. Bethnal Green Dec 1842, is living with Daniel Bull , whose wife , Charlotte, is Edward's sister ( Daniel married Charlotte Barrett Stepney Jun 1850)

Daniel Issac Bell Head Married Male 32 1829 Painter & Logicor Stepney, Middlesex, England
Charlotte Bell Wife Married Female 34 1827 - Stepney, Middlesex, England
Daniel G Bell Son - Male 9 1852 Scholar Stepney, Middlesex, England
Charlotte Bell Daughter - Female 8 1853 Scholar Stepney, Middlesex, England
Susannah Bell Daughter - Female 6 1855 Scholar Stepney, Middlesex, England
William Bell Son - Male 4 1857 - Stepney, Middlesex, England
Henry Bell Son - Male 1 1860 - Stepney, Middlesex, England
Emma Stevenson - Unmarried Female 17 1844 Needlewoman Bethnal Green, Middlesex, England



1869. Ellen Barrett was born 17/11/1869 at 31 Alfred Street, Mile End to Edward & Jane. This street still exists but not the house.

By February 1870, her mother, Jane Barret, was in the County Lunatic Asylum, Colney Hatch, Friern Barnet.

1871C. Edward Barrett , 41, married , painter, was living Bridge Street East, Mile End Old town. His daughter Ellen is next door as a niece of Daniel Bull( a witness on the 1860 m.c.: his wife, Charlotte, was the sister of Edward Barrett ) .

His wife, Jane, "was committed to Friern Barnet institution and died there aged just 44 poor lady, a horrible death I imagine. I have details".


Edward Barrett Head - Male 41 1830 -painter Hackney Middlesex, England
Emma Barrett Daughter - Female 6 1865 - Mile End Middlesex, England
Edward Barrett Son - Male 4 1867 - Mile End Middlesex, England


1871C & 1881C. Jane Barrett seemingly in the County Lunatic Asylum, Colney Hatch, Friern Barnet. Patients only had intitials in the censuses!

1882. Jane Barrett , 44, died at Lunatic Asylum, Friern Barnet of "Exhaustion from Cancer of the Uterus, ???" om 10/6/1882 Barnet Jun 1882.


Jane Barrett was buried in Tower Hamlets cemetery, grave D402

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