Edward Barrett 1835 - 1900 ?

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Painter & Decorator

1835. Edward Barrett was baptised to William Barrett , cordwainer, & Charlotte Cheshire 19/1/1835 in St Dunstans, Stepney- Ancestry London baptisms . Sibling Charlotte Barrett ~1827

1841C. Edward Barrett, 6, was living Westover Street, Mile End Old Town

William Barrett Male 40 1801 cordwainer -
Mary Barrett Female 15 1826 Middlesex, England
Sarah Barrett Female 12 1829 Middlesex, England
Joseph Barrett Male 7 1834 Middlesex, England
Edward Barrett Male 6 1835 Middlesex, England
Jane Barrett Female 5 1836 Middlesex, England

1851C. Edward Barrett, 15, was living Westover Street, Mile End Old Town

William Burrett Head Widower Male 57 1794 Docklabourer Essex, England
Joseph Barrett Son Unmarried Male 17 1834 Plumber Painter Middlesex, England
Edward Barrett Son - Male 15 1836 - Middlesex, England
Jane Barrett Daughter - Female 14 1837 - Middlesex, England

1860 Edward Barrett , house panter, married Jane Stevenson on 28/10/1860. His father William Barrett, shoemaker: hers Hen???( actually Enoch) Stevenson, silk weaver . Witnesses Daniel Bull & Emma Stevenson Hackney Dec 1860 . - London Ancestry marriages .


1861C. Edward Barrett , 26, painter & glazier, was living 4 Bridge Street East, Stepney, Mile End Old town

Edward Barrett Head Married Male 26 1835 Painter & Glarier House Stepney, Middlesex, England
Jane Barrett Wife Married Female 24 1837 - Bethnal Green, Middlesex, England

Children Emma Barrett 1865 & Edward Barrett 1867 were born

1869. Ellen Barrett was born 17/11/1869 at 31 Alfred Street, Mile End to Edward & Jane

1870. His wife Jane, was admitted to Friern Barnet Asylun in February: she stayed here until her death in 1882

1871C. Edward Barrett , 41, married , painter, was living Bridge Street East, Mile End Old town. His daughter Ellen, 1, is next door as a niece of Daniel Bull, a witness at his 1860 wedding . She, Ellen, was brought up by the Bulls

His wife, Jane, has been committed to Friern Barnet Lunatic asylum - where she died in 1882

"She was committed to Friern Barnet institution and died there aged just 44 poor lady, a horrible death I imagine. I have details".

Edward Barrett Head - Male 41 1830 painter- Hackney Middlesex, England
Emma Barrett Daughter - Female 6 1865 - Mile End Middlesex, England
Edward Barrett Son - Male 4 1867 - Mile End Middlesex, England

1881C.Edward Barrett , 45, married , painter, was living with his brother at 14 Green Street , Mile End

Joseph Barratt Head Married Male 47 1834 Plumber Stepney, Middlesex, England
Elizabeth Barratt Wife Married Female 41 1840 - Tottenham, Middlesex, England
Elizabeth Barratt Daughter Single Female 21 1860 - Stepney, Middlesex, England
William Barratt Son Single Male 17 1864 Painters Laborer Stepney, Middlesex, England
Thomas Barratt Son Single Male 14 1867 Scholar St George in the East, Middlesex, England
Eleanor Barratt Daughter Single Female 11 1870 Scholar Stepney, Middlesex, England
John Barratt Son Single Male 8 1873 Scholar Stepney, Middlesex, England
Edward Barratt Brother Single Male 45 1836 House Painter Stepney, Middlesex, England


Emma Barratt, 17, tie maker, likely a Boarder in the Tanner household in Mile End Old Town . His daughter, Ellen, 11, is still living as a Niece with Daniel Bull . Have not found Edward, father or son

1890 An Edward Barrett marries Emma Chaplin in West Ham Jun 1890- this seemingly NOT our Edward : as FMP gives his father as John Barrett & Ancestry London Banns say he is a batchelor( albeit of advancing years!)

1891C. So, NOT our Edward Barratt , 53, married , painter, was living at Skidmore Street , Mile End Old Town.

Edward Barratt Head Married Male 53 1838 Painter London, Middlesex, England
Emma Barratt Wife Married Female 24 1867 Tailoress London, Middlesex, England


No seeming death for Edward Barr*tt b. ~1835 in Mile End / Middlesex 1881-1901other than the 1900 death below

1900.Our Edward Barrett maybe dies, 64, Poplar Jun 1900. No parish burial on FMP and seemingly no Probate. Would have to purchase this d.c to ascertain whether he

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