Enoch Stephenson ~1811

Cannot find his baptism on FS/Ancestry . A William Enoch Stevenson was born 1812 to William, cooper, & Elizabeth in Wapping- FMP

No marriage of Susanna Stroud 1827-1833 to a Stevenson or a Dalton on FMP/FS/Ancestry , but

Marriage of Enoch Stevenson B G 20/1/1834 to Susanna Dalton, widow - image below from Ancestry, so Stroud could have been her maiden name



No baptism of James/Henry/Jane/Emma on FMP /Ancestry

1839. Jane Stevenson born to Enoch Stevenson, weaver, & Susan Stroud on 5/8/1839 in 12 Green Street, Bethnal Green. - Bethnal Green Sep 1839 -



1841C Enoch Stephenson , 30, weaver, was living . Green Street, Bethnal Green . No marriage of any Stevenson to Susan Stroud 1824-1834 on Ancestry London marriages

Enoch Stevenson Male 30 1811 silk weaver Middlesex, England
James Stevenson Male 8 1833 silk weaver Middlesex, England
Henry Stevenson Male 6 1835 silk weaver Middlesex, England
Susan Stevenson Female 29 1812 silk weaver Middlesex, England
Jane Stevenson Female 1 1840 Middlesex, England

1842. Emma Stevenson was born Bethnal Green, Dec 1842, mother Stroud . She marries in 1863

Children of Enoch Stevenson

his wife, Susan Stevenson, could die Bethnal Green Dec 1850 ?? . Cannot find a burial.

A William Enoch Stevenson dies St Geo in the East 1858

No death in B G for Enoch Ste*enson 1841-1891


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