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Anthony Hill 1944 . Thomas Rice Hill 1918-1992. . Rowland Elliott Hill 1889-1981 . . William Hill jnr 1858-1934 . William Hill 1803-1887 . John Hill ~1758-1819

Wife of Rowland Elliott Hill was . Frances Mary Rice 1892-1943 . . William Bernard Rice 1865-1914 . .Thomas Rice 1837-1914 . Bernard Rice ~1804-1868

Wife of William Hill jnr was Maria Sproston 1853-1902 . .William Sproston 1824-1878 . . James Sproston <1800-<1837

Wife of William Hill snr was Mary Ann Elliott ~1816->1887 . . John Elliott 1777-1852

Wife of John Hill was Mary Thursfield 1765-1854

Wife of William B Rice was Fanny West 1870-1900 . .William West 1828-1891 . .Thomas Barnet West 1807-1877 . .Michael West 1783-1861

Wife of Thomas Rice was Mary A Fleming 1843-1909 . .Edward Fleming 1803-1863

Wife of Bernard Rice was Martha Pole ~1800-1872

Wife of William Sproston was Ann Hassall 1815-1865 . .Joseph Hassall ~1790-1827

Wife of James Sproston was Hannah Unknown 1788-1865

Wife of John Elliott was Lydia Unknown 1788-1858

Wife of William West was Sarah Arliss 1832 -1913 . John Arliss 1790-1847 . John Arliss ~1745-1819

Wife of Thomas Barnet West was Frances Swaine 1810-1898 . .John Swain 1769-1852

Wife of Joseph Hassall was Elizabeth Garratt ~1790-1842

Wife of John Arliss was Sarah Hockney 1788-1864 . Thomas Hockney. . John Hockney and back to Richard Hockney 1676-1724, Lincs

Wife of John Swain was Thomasine Parker 1774-1853 .


Grace Barbara Whincop 1923-1963 . Philip William Whincop 1880-1947 .Philip Whincop 1856-1916 . Philip Whincop 1802-1876 . Richard Whincop 1777-1823 . . George Whincop 1740-1792

Wife of Philip William Whincop was Gertrude Annie Stuart 1882-1960 . .George Barker Stuart 1849-1931 . James Stuart 1818- 1898 . James Stuart 1797-1862

1st Wife of Philip Whincop 1856 was Amy M A Howe 1859 - 1905. William Howe 1824-1860 . Joseph Howe

Wife of Philip Whincop 1802 was Maria Shimmon ~1819-1861 . . Robert Shimmon ~1790 - ~1825

Wife of Richard Whincop 1777 was Elizabeth Baldrey 1781-1858

Wife of George Barker Stuart was Grace Jewitt 1856-1930 . . Cressy Jewitt 1819-1873 . .John Jewitt 1775-1840

Wife of James Stuart was Jane Cooper 1820-1859. . . William Cooper ~1795-18xx

Wife of William Howe was Sarah A Moore 1831-1912 . . Peter Moore 1803-1874

Wife of Robert Shimmon was Sarah Gibbs 1791-1855

Wife of Cressy Jewitt was Mary Ann Water ~1822-1900 . .William Water

Wife of John Jewitt was Mary Burton 1777-1859 . . Robert Burton m. Mary Creasy in 1775

A brief summary of their lives - a social history

On Anthony's father's side

The Hill family can be traced back to John Hill, ~1757-1819, butcher, and his wife Mary in Audlem Cheshire . Their children seemed to be comfortably off graziers in the 1841 and 1851 censuses. Son, William senior,1803-1887, had 2-3 servants from 1841 onwards and left £ 4500 in 1887, a considerable sum for those days. His son, another William 1859-1934, continued with this lifestyle until ~ 1897 but then loses this affluence, since no servants in 1901C when he has 6 children, still in Audlem. And by 1911C he is a Cake Manure agent and does not leave a will in 1934. His son, Rowland E Hill, had moved to Wolverhampton by 1911 and then - I wonder why? - to Grimsby by 1914, where he married into the well to do Rice family and had a successful life

The Rice family go back to Bernard Rice born around 1804 in Ireland. who came over to Louth, Lincolnshire, by 1831, quite likely newly married, presumably for a better life, but he dies there in 1868 as the hawker he was on arrival . His son, Thomas Rice 1837, starts life as a an ag. labourer, then becomes a hawker, progressing to marine store keeper and then wool & metal merchant by his death in 1914, dying very comfortably off, as does his son William B Rice just 4 months later .

The Sproston family has been traced back to Wybunbury, Cheshire in 1795. Like the Hills they were prosperous farmers, their 89 acres in 1851 increasing to 166 acres by 1871, and William Sprotson left around £3000 on his death in 1878 . It was his daugher, Maria, who married into the similarly prosperous Hill family in 1878, 10 months before her father's death .

The West family have their roots in Barton, Lincolnshire, but Michael West married in Grimsby in 1805. He was a master tailor, as was his son, Thomas Barnet West, who died leaving just under £100 in 1877, still a good sum for those days. But son, William 1828, soon gave up tailoring, became a fishmonger, then just a labourer for more than 10 years, dying in 1891 as a beer house keeper, but still managing to leave £85. His daughter, Fanny, marries into the Rice family in 1890. This Rice family really prospers 1890-1914.

Less can be ascertained on some of the families who comprise Anthony's 4 paternal great great grandmothers, the Elliotts, Hassalls, Flemings and Arliss'

John Elliott, 1777, was a cheese factor born in Hartingdon, Derbyshire who moved ~ 30-40 miles to Cheshire, first Middlewich then Haslington, 1810-1816. Probably reasonably successful - had a servant. His daughter, Mary Ann,~1816, married into the prosperous Hill family in 1851.

Although Ann Hassall was born in Shropshire, Joseph Hassall was from Cheshire , and it was back in Stapely, Cheshire, 1849, that she married the comfortably off farmer, William Sproston

Edward Fleming and his wife came from Ireland but was in Louth by 1834, moving to Horncastle by 1851. His daughter Mary Ann, married into the Irish Rice family in 1862, back in Louth

The Arliss family were in Middle Rasen and Louth back to 1620. John Arliss 1787 was a butcher in Louth but when he died in 1847 his widow became a washer woman, bringing up just 1 ot the seemingly 4 illegitimate children that were born to his daughter Martha. But his daughter Sarah 1832 had children with William West, seemingly not actually marrying him

Summing up, 4 of these ggggrandparents came over from Ireland, 4 from Lincolnshire and 8 from Cheshire

Jobwise, several were farmers, wealthy in those days, others were labourers, tinkers, but we also have a master tailor, a fishmonger and a 2 butchers, one in Cheshire, the other in Louth

On Anthony's mother side

The Whincop family seemed to originate in CoveHithe Suffolk in 1801 but were in Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk, by 1825. They were men of the sea, the first generation Merchant navy, the 2nd generation a fisherman, with his own boat, who left £437 in 1916. His son, Philip William Whincop 1880, became a primary school teacher and then the headmaster at Wintringham Grammar School , where he also taught Latin , dying in 1947, he left £843. His daughter, Grace, joined the Hill family in 1943.

The Stuart family came from Barnsley,Yorkshire, at the start of the 1800s. They seemed to be trapped in poverty. Both James Stuart~1797, a linen weaver, and his son James 1818, a linen dyer, end their lives in Barnsley Workhouse. The next generation, George Barker Stuart, fares much better, becoming a marine engineer, moving to Hull and then Grimsby, and accumulating £700 by the time of his death in 1931. His daughter, Gertrude Annie Stuart, joined the Whincop family in 1904.

The Howe family were fishermen from Barking, Essex, moving to Grimsby when Barking ceased to be the main supplier of fish to Billingsgate by 1860. Amy M A Howe, 1859, born Barking, married into the Whincop family in 1880 in Grimsby

The Jewitt family came from either Boston or Grimsby, Lincolnshire. Nothing is known of John Jewitt 1775-1840 other than he married Mary Burton in Boston in 1797, lived there until 1813 and then moved Grimsby. His son, Creasy Jewitt, so named after his maternal grandmother, did well as a blacksmith, then was employed in the merchant Navy as an engine smith/engineer, and died in 1873 with £450, still in Grimsby. It was his daughter Grace Jewitt that married into the Stuart family in 1873 in Hull, though both she & her husband were from Grimsby, and then returned to live in Grimsby.

Going back to Anthony's 4 maternal great great grandmothers:

Maria Shimmon may have been born Gt Yarmouth Norfollk or in London , her father Robert married in Swardeston Norfolk, but he may have been from London. She married into the seafaring Whincop family

Sarah Ann Moore was born Barking, Essex, to Peter Moore, gardener, also born Barking. She married into the Howe fishermen family and had moved, widowed, to Grimsby by 1866 when she remarried - another fisherman.

Jane Cooper, & likely her father William Cooper, came from Yorkshire, marrying into the Yorkshire Stuart family

Mary Ann Water came from Grimsby, Lincolnshire, and married into the local Jewitt family

Summing up, 2 of these ggggrandparents from Suffolk, 2 from Norfolk , 4 from Essex, 4 from Yorkshire and 4 came from Lincolnshire.


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