George West 1793-8 - 1876

Stated often as born Bath. Baker, then gentleman, then Baptist Minister, then a wandering lifestyle

February 2018 :I have been contacted by Rosalie West, wife of Paul West, Barbara's cousin

Originally thought, like Rosalie's FS tree also does that

1793. A George West was baptised 10/12/1793 to William West 1748 and Elizabeth Barnfield, 1762-1820, at Quedgeley, Gloucs; they had married on 30/5/1793 in Quedgeley - FS tree . This does not tie up with him being born Somerset in 1841C nor in Bath in 1851C . And a Gloucester born George West is in 1871C with son William born 1840 Bath.

This- unlikely!- father, William West, was born to Thomas West & Elisabeth Oning, who had married 12/9/1742 in Painswick, Gloucs - FS tree

Rosalie: If I have got the right George West son of William, then the family go back through Painswick and other beautiful villages of Gloucestershire.  Their time in Quedgeley was very short, none of George's siblings married or died there.

So , I thought that the George below is our George West BUT NO , father is not William

1798. A George West is baptised 25/12/1798 to John West & Ann in St. Michaels, Bath. Likely a brother John Charles West, baptised 1800 to this couple

There is a George West, ~1797, born Walcot - this a suburb of Bath -, cordwainer, in the Army 1816-1837

Comment from Rosalie :

I have never been able to find his first wife, with any degree of certainty, but a burial in 1826 in the Baptist graveyard in Bath of a Mary Ann West age 29, would suggest that is her.  In which case she could be the Mary Ann Stockman who married a George West in Bath Abbey in 1817.  There don't appear to have been any children.

1838. George West, 40, widower, baker, married Mary Evill 34, 19/5/1838 Baptist Chapel, York Street, Bath -IGI Contributed. Bath Jun 1838. This m.c would give me both fathers!! Have got the cert. and George's father is William West, cabinet maker , seemingly still alive in 1838 .Mary's father is George Evill, brewer. His address 5 Margarets Buildings, hers 2 Duke Street.

1839. Mary Evill West was born Bath Sep 1839

1841. Son George Evill West was born Bath Mar 1841 to George & Mary on 29/1/1841. His wife, Mary West, died 3 weeks later, on 17/2/1841- from FStree

1841C. George West, 40 , just widowed, baker, is living Margaret's Buildings, Walcot Bath .Where is his wife??: Mary West died giving birth to George Bath Mar 1841 . Ages rounded down, so George actually 40-44. Could he have been the George in the Army??, with a change in profession??

George West Male 40 1801 Baker Somerset, England  
William Butler Male 20 1821 -Baker  
George Webber Male 15 1826 Baker Somerset, England  
George West Male 0 1841 Somerset, England  
Mary West Female 2 1839 Somerset, England  
Jane Dunkerton Female 35 1806 Somerset, England  
Elizabeth Jennings Female 25 1816 -  
Rebbecca Humby Female 20 1821 Somerset, England

Last 3 all Female Servants

1846. George West marries Amelia Atherton Bedminster, Jun 1846. Or could there be 2 George West ~1800 b. Bath?? There is one, 40 in Frome in 1841C, he an ag labourer! , no children. The actual marriage cert. not on Ancestry, IGI, FS nor FMP, nor any one asking questions on Google , nor do I think Rosalie has purchased it.


1851C. George West, 53, is living North Parade Frome with second wife, daughter Mary 1839, and 2 new children. Where then is son George 1841?- He is listed on the census for that year as a pupil at Devonshire House, Bath

George West Head Married Male 52 1799 Gentm Bath, Somerset, England  
Amelia West Wife Married Female 38 1813 - Somerset, England  
Mary West Daughter - Female 11 1840 Scholar Bath, Somerset, England  
Charles West Son - Female 6 1845 Scholar Bath, Somerset, England  
Susan West Daughter - Female 4 1847 Scholar Bath, Somerset, England  
Jane Cooper Servant Unmarried Female 21 1830 General Servant Bath, Somerset, England  
Jane Billing Servant Unmarried Female 20 1831 General Servant East Pennard, Somerset, England

Comment from Rosalie: George's marriage to Amelia Atherton is a bit of a mystery.  I admit I haven't spent a lot of time on it as it is not my husband's direct line, but I can find no Susan or Charles West born in Bath with a mother whose maiden name is Atherton.  The fact that George and Amelia are not living together for the last two census they appear on, would suggest there may have been some marital difficulties.  That may have been where all his money went - his will says he had assets of less than £100.

1861C A George West, 64, marr., visitor, b. Bath, baptist minister, living Bath , with James W Palmer?, hatter, and family - Ancestry. Mary Evill West, 21, is a governess in Tewkesbury.

meanwhile his wife, Amelia,and daughter Susan are boarders in Nursery Garden St Peters St Albans Hertfordshire

John Watson Head Married Male 37 1824 Nursey Garden St Albans, Hertfordshire, England  
Elizabeth Watson Wife Married Female 41 1820 - St Peters, Hertfordshire, England  
Alexander Watson Son Unmarried Male 18 1843 - St Albans, Hertfordshire, England  
Jane Watson Daughter Unmarried Female 15 1846 - St Albans, Hertfordshire, England  
John Watson Son Unmarried Male 3 1858 - St Albans, Hertfordshire, England  
Rebecca Jackson Niece Unmarried Female 1 1860 - St Peters, Hertfordshire, England  
Charles Sharp Boarder Unmarried Male 15 1846 Agricultural Labourer Sandridge, Hertfordshire, England  
Alfred Sharp Boarder Unmarried Male 12 1849 Agricultural Labourer Sandridge, Hertfordshire, England  
Amelia West Boarder Married Female 46 1815 - Somerset, England  
Susan West Boarder Unmarried Female 12 1849 - Bath, Somerset, England  
Elizabeth Potten Boarder Unmarried Female 17 1844 Servant St Peters, Hertfordshire, England


1871C.George West, 70, married, no occupation, living with the Andrews family, Henry an Iron Moulder, at The Green Passenham, Pottesbury, Northants- has Deanshangar at top of page!

Henry Andrews Head - Male 30 1841 - Northamptonshire, England  
Mary Andrews Wife - Female 32 1839 - Northamptonshire, England  
Francis Horice Andrews Son - Male 10 1861 - Northamptonshire, England  
Selina Elizabeth Andrews Daughter - Female 6 1865 - Northamptonshire, England  
George West Visitor - Male 70 1801 -

Bath Port of Wales Somerset,


Meanwhile his wife, Amelia, head, married, no occupation, and daughter Susan are living Well Street, Buckingham

Amelia West Head - Female 56 1815 - Ditcheat Somerset, England  
Susan West Daughter - Female 22 1849 - Bath Somerset, England  
Mary Ann Yates Visitor - Female 59 1812 - Buckinghamshire, England

1872. Amelia West ,56, likely dies Buckingham Jun 1872 - no probate

1875. A George West, 84, dies Pottesbury Jun 1875: 30/4/1875 Probate

1876. A George West, 77, dies Pottesbury Dec 1876 - no probate BUT

from Rosalie: There's also one dying in Pottesbury the previous year age 84.  Now age wise your finding seems right, BUT!  I found a will for George West who died 30 April 1875 in which he is described as a dissenting minister of Deanshanger formerly of Buckingham, which would fit in with information on the various census, with the exception of age. Also, one of the executors of this Will was Henry Porter, tailor, of Abbey Street, Bath : the other executor Edwin Roberts, iron moulder, from Deanshangar




1871C . This is the George West b. Gloucestershire and almost certainly the one buried 8 months later in Bathwick

William West Head - Male 31 1840 - stonemason Bath Somerset, England  
Sarah A West Wife - Female 40 1831 - Somerset, England  
Mary J Ashman Step-Daughter - Female 11 1860 - Somerset, England  
William H West Son - Male 5 1866 - Somerset, England  
Alice M West Daughter - Female 3 1868 - Somerset, England  
Gertrude West Daughter - Female 2 1869 - Somerset, England  
Samuel G West Son - Male 0 1871 - Somerset, England  
George West Father - Male 72 1799 - labourer Daynton Gloucestershire, England


1871. A George West, 72, buried Bathwick on 23/12/1871-FMP