Slaney Callear 1843- 1901

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. Born Wellington. Started life as a miner, then became an Inn keeper & finally an "Accountant"? /Rate & Tax Collector/auctioneer


1843.Slaney (Male } Callear was born Madeley Jun 1843 to Joseph Callear & Eliza Powis

1851C. Have searched extensively for various family members on Ancestry & FMP - nothing!

1861C. Slaney, mistranscribed as Henry, Callear, 18, miner, was living Dawley Green Road, Dawley, Madeley , Shropshire . Bad mistranscription- original says Slaney and Callear!!

Joseph Caller Head Married Male 43 1818 Coal Miner Shropshire, England
Eliza Caller Wife Married Female 42 1819 - Shropshire, England
Emma Caller Daughter Unmarried Female 20 1841 Dressmaker Shropshire, England
Henry Slaney Caller Son Unmarried Male 18 1843 ...miner Shropshire, England
Alfred Caller Son Unmarried Male 15 1846 ... Shropshire, England
Enoch Caller Son Unmarried Male 11 1850 Scholar Shropshire, England
Joseph James Albert Caller Son Unmarried Male 1 1860 - Shropshire, England

1868. Slaney Gallear, Inn keeper, married Eliza Deakin on 17/10/1868 in Ketley Church, parish of Wellington. His father Joseph Gallear, hers Ralph Deakin. Wellington Dec 1868. Wellington Dec 1868. Both fathers had same  Rank or Profession Charter Master (contractor for working a pit or part of a pit)


1871C.Slaney Callear , 28, innkeeper, was living Dawley Green Lane, Ring of Bells Inn, Dawley, Madeley , Shropshire. All born Dawley . Original definitely written Gallear

Slaney Gallear Head - Male 28 1843 - Shropshire, England
Eliza Gallear Wife - Female 25 1846 - Shropshire, England
Ralph H S Gallear Son - Male 1 1870 - Shropshire, England


1881. Lucy Augusta Callear was born to Slaney & Eliza Madeley Mar 1881. She was their 2nd daughter, their 7th child

1881C. Slaney Callear, 38, was living Ring of Bells, Dawley Road, Dawley, Madeley , Shropshire

Slaney Callear Head Married Male 38 1843 Innkeeper & Genl Agent Wellington, Shropshire, England
Eliza Callear Wife Married Female 37 1844 - Dawley, Shropshire, England
Ralph U S Callear Son Single Male 11 1870 Scholar Dawley, Shropshire, England
Helena B G Callear Daughter Single Female 9 1872 Scholar Dawley, Shropshire, England
Enoch E Callear Son Single Male 7 1874 Scholar Dawley, Shropshire, England
Francis A Callear Son Single Male 5 1876 Scholar Dawley, Shropshire, England
Albert Callear Son Single Male 4 1877 Scholar Dawley, Shropshire, England
Oram A Callear Son Single Male 2 1879 - Dawley, Shropshire, England
Lucy A Callear Daughter Single Female 5 mths 1881 - Dawley, Shropshire, England

Slaney & Eliza had 8 children:

Urban 1869; Helena Bertha (Gertrude) 1872; Francis Arden 1873 ; Enoch Ernest 1874; Albert 1877; Oram Arthur 1879; Lucy 1880 & Edith Jane 1885. The first 2 were registered as Gallear


Slaney's family 1889, 8 children . Back row: Urban, Ernest, Frank

Middle row: Slaney, Lucy, Eliza, Edie

Front row: Gertie, Albert, Arthur

Do not think these names are correct


1891C, Slaney Callear , 48, licensed victualler & tax collector, was living Queens Head Inn, Dawley Bank, Dawley, Madeley , Shropshire . Original does read Slaney!

? Callear Head Married Male 48 1843 Licensed Vicutaller And Tax Collector Wellington, Shropshire, England
Eliza Callear Wife Married Female 47 1844 Assisting In The Trade Dawley Shropshire, England
Helena R G Callear Daughter Single Female 19 1872 Assisting In The Trade Shropshire, England
Albert Callear Son Single Male 14 1877 Scholar Dawley, Shropshire, England
Arthur Callear Son - Male 11 1880 Scholar Shropshire, England
Edith Jane Callear Daughter - Female 6 1885 Scholar Shropshire, England

Daughter Lucy was at a 1 pupil school in Madeley

1896. Slaney Callear was elected DSCR in the Forestry Commision - FMP newspapers DCR being District. chief ranger .Could this be why there was a headstone to him in Limekiln Wood??

1901C. Slaney Callear, 58, rate & tax collector, was living King Street, Dawley Magna, Madeley , Shropshire

Slaney Callear Head Married Male 58 1843 Rate & Tax Collector Dawley, Shropshire, England
Eliza Callear Wife Married Female 55 1846 - Dawley, Shropshire, England
Urban Callear Son Single Male 31 1870 Grocers Assistant Dawley, Shropshire, England
Gertrude Callear Daughter Single Female 29 1872 - Dawley, Shropshire, England
Frank Callear Son Single Male 25 1876 Draughtsman Apprentice Bridge Works Dawley, Shropshire, England
Arthur Callear Son Single Male 21 1880 Draughtsman Dawley, Shropshire, England
Lucy Callear Daughter Single Female 20 1881 - Dawley, Shropshire, England

1901. Slaney Callear was treasurer of Lawley Wesleyan Sunday School - FMP Newspapers Wellington Journal 12/1/1901

1901. Slaney Callear, 58, accountant, dies Birmingham Warwickshire 26/7/1901 - FMP Death Duties Index. Probate of £1521 to 2 of his sons: Urban Callear & Francis Arden Callear


Wonder where the middle name 'Arden' came from?



Seemingly a family vault existed in Lawley Church


On 12/4/2021 I received an email from Will Stone:

Yesterday I was walking through the forest and came across an upside down gravestone entitled with the names of Enoch, Joseph and Slaney Callear. Dated around 1901 and prior. Are you aware by any chance of this gravestone? If so great i just wanted to make sure as I thought it improper for an old gravestone to be left upside down in the forest as it seemed it had perhaps fallen or something of the like. It was around the Limekiln woods in Wellington, Telford

Limekiln Wood once formed part the medieval deer park of Wellington Hay but the kilns from which it takes its name were already present by at least 1240. However, the industrial forces that shaped the woodlands we see today did not really make their presence felt until the late 1600s, during the industrialisation of Britain. Carboniferous Limestone was a key ingredient in the production of iron and the remains of the limekilns from which the wood presumably takes its name can be found in its northeast corner at Steeraway (although great care should be taken when approaching these deep shafts).Old quarries and former mine workings litter the forest floor in Limekiln Wood, especially on its eastern border with Short Wood, where even the public footpath bisecting the area is the former track of a primitive railway used to carry mineral and coal traffic to local foundries. It is among the earliest examples in the British Isles. By the beginning of the Twentieth Century, these commercial enterprises had all but disappeared and natural regeneration has long since softened their hard edges.


Will has now emailed me more details of the gravestone - & on its reverse side it detailed his father, Joseph, & mother, another Eliza

gr1 .fr3 . gr2 .gr4 . map

In Loving Memory of

Son of Joseph and Eliza Callear who died July 26th 1901 aged 58 years.

(Peace, Perfect Peace)


Ernest Callear
Son of the above who Died November 6th 1900 Aged 26 years

(After Life's Fitful Fever, man rests well)

Also Eliza Callear
Wife of the above Slaney Callear Who died June 26th 1914 aged 71 years.

(Bless the Lord o' my soul)

1914 . His widow,Eliza Callear, 71, died 26/6/1914

1909. Son Albert Callear, 28, poultry farmer, marries May Elizabeth Potter, 23, on 16/6/1909 in Trinity Wesleyan Church, Roundhay Road, Potternewton, Leeds. His father, Slaney Callear, given as an Auctioneer



This second scan gives Slaney's profession

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