The Children of Slaney Callear & Eliza Deakin

Background details

1871C.Slaney Callear , 28, innkeeper, was living Dawley Green Lane, Ring of Bells Inn, Dawley, Madeley , Shropshire. All born Dawley . Original definitely written Gallear

Slaney Gallear Head - Male 28 1843 - Shropshire, England
Eliza Gallear Wife - Female 25 1846 - Shropshire, England
Ralph H S Gallear Son - Male 1 1870 - Shropshire, England


1881. Lucy Augusta Callear was born to Slaney & Eliza Madeley Mar 1881. She was their 2nd daughter, their 7th child

1881C. Slaney Callear, 38, was living Ring of Bells, Dawley Road, Dawley, Madeley , Shropshire

Slaney Callear Head Married Male 38 1843 Innkeeper & Genl Agent Wellington, Shropshire, England
Eliza Callear Wife Married Female 37 1844 - Dawley, Shropshire, England
Ralph U S Callear Son Single Male 11 1870 Scholar Dawley, Shropshire, England
Helena B G Callear Daughter Single Female 9 1872 Scholar Dawley, Shropshire, England
Enoch E Callear Son Single Male 7 1874 Scholar Dawley, Shropshire, England
Francis A Callear Son Single Male 5 1876 Scholar Dawley, Shropshire, England
Albert Callear Son Single Male 4 1877 Scholar Dawley, Shropshire, England
Oram A Callear Son Single Male 2 1879 - Dawley, Shropshire, England
Lucy A Callear Daughter Single Female 5 mths 1881 - Dawley, Shropshire, England

Slaney & Eliza had 8 children:

Urban 1869;registered as Gallear

Urban was registration officer in Dawley and Assit Overseer for the poor of the parish. Married Addie nee Boyce, the daughter of a wealthy contractor. Children 3 Ernest who served in the RAF in the war. Violinist. (Francis, his brother, gave me a violin - I wonder whether it came from him)

Mary and Ida who lived at King Street Dawley ( Ithink my father visited them)

Helena Bertha (Gertrude) 1872-1949;registered as Gallear

Never married but worked as a companion to a clergyman's family. Gifted musically ( the violin could have been hers !). Died as Gertrude Callear,77, Christchurch Mar 1949 Interred in the Anglican cemetery, Highcliffe, Hampshire  ( may be in Dorset now)

Francis Arden 1873-1960 ;

Where does Arden come from??

Never married known as Frank . Draughtsman at Hornshay Iron works nr Dawley. High Churchman. Man of frugal habits. Died Christchurch Sep 1960 Interred in Highcliffe Anglican cemetery ( I knew him - he was kind and very formal. Gave me half a crown always !)

Enoch Ernest 1874-1900;

A tailor. Died at age 26, Madely Dec 1900 , thought in a swimming accident.: from Newspapers this is not true: he died 6/11/1900 after a long illness at his parents' home. A keen sportsman Commemorated on a headstone in Limekiln Woods,Telford -see Slaney page

Albert 1877-1944

14 march 1881 WRONG Born 1877 , d, aged 67, Cheltenham 10/12/1944 Window dresser and draper for a London store. Poultry famer in Yorkshire in 1909 .

m, Mary Elizabeth nee Potter b 1885 d 1970 from Kirby Moorside, Yorks on 16/ 6/ 1909 at Trinity Wesleyan Church, Roundhay Rd, Potternewton, Leeds.Father Slaney Callear, auctioneer


2 children:   

   1. Lucy Augusta b 10/4/1910 m Horace Edward Broad at Cheltenham Methodist Church by Rev John Bedford( I visited Lucy Broad in 1977 - had been very close to Frank Bedford in their early days)

            Lucy & Horace had 3 children: Hugh Broad b 28/10/1937 in Cheltenham, inducted as Anglican Priest ion 29/9/1968 at Hereford Cathedral ( Rev Canon Broad ; Roger John b. 21/11/1944; &   Helen Elizabeth b. 22/6 /1947.

2.John(Jack) b 29/6/1913 Post office engineer Lived at 38c Stapleton Rd, Meole Brace, Shrewsbury



; Oram Arthur 1879-1960; registered with Oram as his first name

Married Elizabeth Edwards Madely Jun 1910. Joan Callear was born 1911 : she married A E Faulkner in 1936

Arthur Oram Callear (not Oram Arthur that I have seen somewhere) was the maternal grandfather of Miles Faulkner, 1943, with whom Cilla is in contact April 2021. "He was probably the most successful of the male offspring of Slaney. I believe he became an engineer and was in charge of the water/sewerage system of the Borough of Wenlock. This was probably the second oldest (after the City of London) and the largest Borough in England. It traced its history back to the eight century but was abolished in 1969. Arthur Oram by the 1920’s seemed to be a rich man with a large house, several live- in servants and a large collection of the local Coalport china. In 1934 my grandmother Elizabeth nee Edwards left him and ran away with a retired Royal Navy officer Thomas Marshall, who had fought at the First Battle of the Falkland Islands in 1914. She had waited until after my mother Joan Alice Slaney Callear had married Arthur Edward Faulkner - this not till 1936! - to do this (see photo of them below). Miles,merchant banker, m. Marie Mindlove in 1976
Arthur Oram was so upset that he sold his house and everything in it and went to live at the Tontine Hotel by the Iron Bridge for the rest of his life. He divorced in 1941. He was elected continuously as an Independent Councillor for the Borough and was the senior member of the Magistrates Bench. In 1949/50 he was Mayor of the Borough (see photo below of him, my mother who was his Mayoress and me aged 6). In 1959 he was made a Freeman of the Borough, a very rare honour in its centuries of history (see scroll below- but unfortunately the glass makes it illegible!).

Arthur O Callear, 80, died Bridgnorth Jun 12/6/1960(date from a Google search!).


oram1 .oram2 . .scroll

Joan Callear 1911 with husband Arthur Faulkner. . . , . . . .Joan his daughter & son Miles in the mayoral procession 1948/9

Lucy Augusta 1880 &

Edith Jane 1885-1944.(date from a Google search!)

Aged 59, died Shrewsbury Mar 1944- so did not marry

What does Cilla know about her??


Slaney's family 1889, 8 children . Back row: Frank, Ernest, Urban

Middle row: Slaney, Lucy, Eliza, Gertie

Front row: Eadie, Albert, Arthur

Slaney Callear

Eliza Deakin

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